6 Reasons Why You Should Be Wary Of Large Vehicles On The Road

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Wary Of Large Vehicles On The Road

Truck accidents are catastrophic because they usually cause severe injuries or loss of life and damage to property. Accidents involving trucks and small vehicles are common in different places, which is why it is important to know how you should prevent them. Here are 6 reasons why you should be wary of large vehicles on the road. 

1. Slow Braking System

Trucks are incredibly big, and they often carry huge loads, which directly impact their turning and stopping times. Therefore, they are required to maintain slower speeds than cars, but this is not always the case. When drivers are in a hurry to meet tight deadlines, they may fail to adhere to this requirement, and the results can be disastrous. The main issue with trucks is that they have a slow braking system. If you are driving a small car ahead of a truck and intend to turn or change a lane, it is vital to signal your intention earlier to give the driver sufficient time to react to avoid a crash. 

If you suddenly change a lane or stop in front of a loaded truck, a crash will be inevitable. Therefore, you need to maintain a distance of about five seconds between the truck and yourself to give the other driver enough time to respond. If you are driving behind a dumper, you need to maintain a safe distance.   

2. They Cause Severe Injuries And Fatalities

Huge commercial trucks can be unstoppable under certain conditions like poor weather or bad roads. When it collides with a car, a motorcyclist, or a pedestrian, the chances of severe injuries or loss of life will be very high. If you are involved in an accident with a lorry, you should immediately call a truck wreck attorney to help you deal with the case. In most cases, if you are injured in an accident, you are entitled to get compensation, but this can be challenging, especially if you have no legal background. 

It is essential to enlist the services of an accident lawyer to handle your case, so you get time to recover from your injuries. Experienced attorneys know how to file a compensation claim and deal with insurance companies to ensure you get the settlement you deserve. Most insurance companies are interested in protecting their business interests, and this is where a professional attorney comes in handy. 

3. Truck Driver Fatigue

Drowsy driving is one of the major leading causes of truck collisions because drivers usually spend longer periods on the roads. Most of them don’t get enough time to sleep, and this leads to crashes. Therefore, if you are driving on a public road also used by heavy trucks, you must always be alert to avoid a crash. 

You should know that fatigue diminishes focus, decreases awareness, slows down reaction time, and often impairs judgment. All these are recipes for serious accidents on the road. It is never a good idea to drive too close to a big rig because the results can be catastrophic. You can avoid crashes by staying clear of haulage trucks, especially when you know that the driver may not be alert behind the wheel. 

4. Larger Blind Spots

Commercial trucks have larger blind spots compared to smaller cars, and this makes it difficult for the driver to see you when driving too close. The blind spots for big rigs range up to 30 feet behind and 20 feet in front. You can avoid these spots by maintaining a safe distance ahead of the lorry or when trailing it to allow the driver to see you. If you can’t see the truck in your rearview mirror, it means the truck driver cannot see you, and this can lead to an accident. 

While trucks have big mirrors, the drivers may not see everything in blind spots. If you are driving too close, the chances of being side-swiped will be high. Try to stay away from the blind zones to avoid a crash. You should avoid tailgating or driving too close to a truck.

5. Wider Turns

Trucks take more space when they turn, especially when towing two or more trailers. You will realize that when a truck driver wants to turn left, they will move to the other side of the road to get enough room to maneuver. Therefore, when the driver signals that they want to change a lane or turn from the road, make sure you maintain a safe distance to give them enough space. 

Attempting to pass a turning truck can lead to an accident because your vehicle will get trapped between the truck and the lane. Always check the road signs and the signals given by the driver to be on the safe side. When driving close to a haulage truck, your reaction time must be five seconds. 

6. Overtaking

The length, size, and weight of a commercial truck make it dangerous on the road because it causes serious injuries and damage when it crashes with a small car. You should exercise extreme caution when overtaking a truck. It will take you longer to overtake a bigger rig, so you should make an informed decision before you change the lane to pass it. The main problem with overtaking big trucks is that it may be impossible to cancel the process midway since this will cause a crash. 

You should always check the truck’s turn signal before overtaking it. You should have more space between your car and the truck when you pass it and make sure the road is clear ahead. Don’t cut in front of the truck when you complete the maneuver. Wait until the entire vehicle is visible in your rearview mirror to return to the ideal lane. 

Maintaining safety when driving around trucks is vital to avoid crashes. The weight and size together with other factors like blind spots, driver fatigue, and poor roads make it challenging to navigate huge rigs. Therefore, you must always be alert on the road and have an attorney in case anything can happen. 


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