5 Questions To Ask While Deciding Your Accommodation In Memphis? 

5 Questions To Ask While Deciding Your Accommodation In Memphis 

Memphis is a busy city. It attracts a lot of tourists by its beautiful museums. If you love art, you can’t miss out on Brooks Museum; in contrast, if music is your thing, then Rock n’ Soul and Stax museum are waiting for you here.

Moreover, there is so much more to see in Memphis than may take weeks to cover. And that begs the question-what, what options do you have regarding vacation rentals Memphis?

The good news is that Memphis has both short-term rental and hotel options. But to choose the right one, you need to ask five important questions. 

Let’s discuss what those questions are:

1. Do You Want A Vast Living Space Or A Compact One?

Many people like to have ample space under their control. They want separate drawing rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. 

Well, for such people, short-term rental accommodation is the best option. It gives them the liberty to arrange their bed the way they want. Moreover, they can cook anything they want and sit anywhere they feel like. 

After a great outing, going back to the same old closed hotel room can be mentally disturbing to some people. That is why staying in short-term rentals keeps the vacation kick alive. 

2. Do You Want To ‘stay’ Somewhere Or ‘live’ In A Home Away From Home?

Hotels do not give a homey feeling. After all, they are designed for short stays where people have limited access to things. That is why hotel accommodations are suitable for staying but not for living. 

In contrast, short-term rentals give a ‘lively’ feeling. It makes you feel like you are at a different home away from your home. You can hunker down anywhere you like inside the premises. 

3. Do You Prefer Self-Service Or Room Service?

Staying in a hotel, you don’t have to worry about food and cleaning services. The hotel’s staff will be taking care of all your needs. 

But most people want to be left alone on vacation. They don’t want someone to surveil them all the time and compromise their privacy. Short-term rentals are your best bet if you are one such person. 

You can choose what you want to eat and cook in an STR. Kitchens are often equipped with all the amenities that you may need. All you need to do is get some groceries from the supermarket. 

4. Do You Want To Comply With The Rules Or Stay Free From Them?

While choosing a rental accommodation, you must know their rules and regulations. 

Hotels generally have rigid rules involving strict check-in and check-out times. They have fixed times for meals and room service. 

But short-term rentals are comparatively more flexible. People can choose when they want to go out or come in. They can cook in the middle of the night without any interference. Moreover, they can play music, dance or sing without any objection from anyone.

5. Do You Want To Compromise On Price Or Comfort?

Both hotels and short-term rental accommodations have their benefits and limitations. In hotels, you may have to pay a fixed price and rent separate rooms for your group. Whereas in short-term rentals, you can negotiate on price with the owner, and your entire group will be charged an overall rent. 

The cost of staying, room service and other amenities add up to make a significant amount. In contrast, you are only required to pay the property rent to the owner without additional charges. 

Final Thoughts

You must look at what suits you the best. Our recommendation is that short-term rentals should be your go-to option as they provide a vivid experience of staying away from home.  


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