10 Reasons To Think About A Medicare Advantage Plan

10 Reasons To Think About A Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare, a nationally financed initiative, offers health insurance to anyone over 65. There are three primary alternatives if you qualify for Medicare: Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Prescription Drug Plan. Before choosing, it’s crucial to know what each alternative offers because each has advantages and disadvantages. The choice of whether or not to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan is a significant one. It might be challenging to know what to think about and where to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of several justifications for why you ought to consider purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan. It’s crucial to make the greatest choice possible given everything at stake.

1. You Can Save Money On Your Premiums

You should seriously consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan since it can enable you to reduce your premium costs. If Original Medicare is still in effect, you’re probably already paying monthly rates for both Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B. (medical insurance). Your Part B cost may be included in your overall premium with a Medicare Advantage plan, which might result in considerable monthly savings. An additional excellent financial reason to think about this coverage choice is the possibility of paying $0 in premiums with a Medicare Advantage plan.

2. You Might Have Lower Out-Of-Pocket Costs

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you could also be able to lower your out-of-pocket expenses in addition to saving money on your monthly payments. You are responsible for paying Original Medicare’s deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance for covered treatments. These expenses can quickly mount up, especially if you require considerable medical attention. However, you might be able to get some or all of these expenses covered by a Medicare Advantage plan, which could help you save a sizable sum of money over time. Additionally, if you suffer from a chronic illness, you may be eligible for exclusive benefits like yearly restrictions on out-of-pocket expenses, which can shield you from hefty medical expenditures.

3. You Might Be Able to Get More Comprehensive Coverage

Only essential medical expenses are covered by Original Medicare. You must enroll in a supplemental insurance plan if you want more extensive coverage. However, you might be able to acquire the same level of coverage as Original Medicare along with extras like dental and eye care with a Medicare Advantage plan. Even better, you may be able to save money on your prescription meds with certain plans’ coverage of prescription drugs. Additionally, it offers you the chance to obtain coverage for services like routine physicals and chiropractic treatment that Original Medicare does not.

4. You Might Get Extra Benefits

There are frequently additional benefits included in Medicare Advantage plans that are not included in Original Medicare. Dental, vision, and hearing insurance are a few examples. Some plans also provide wellness services like free access to a health coach or gym memberships. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these extra benefits differ between plans, so you should shop around before signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you read the plan’s yearly notice of changes to determine whether any of the extra advantages formerly granted have been eliminated.

5. Some Plans Include Transportation Benefits

Some Medicare Advantage plans also provide transportation benefits, which is something else to think about. If you don’t have a car or live in a place with few alternatives for public transit, this may be useful. Having this benefit will help you save a lot of money on transportation charges if you regularly visit the doctor or need to go to the hospital. Many people consider this to be one of the best features of their Advantage plan.

6. You Can Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs And Budget

You have the option to select a Medicare Advantage plan that satisfies both your demands and your budget because there are several different Medicare Advantage plans available. To determine the best choice for you, you may compare plans online or chat with a professional. Be careful to enquire about any additional perks that may be provided by some plans as well. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that each year at open enrollment, you have the option of switching your Advantage plan.

7. You May Be Eligible For A Zero-Premium Plan

You might be relieved to learn that there are certain Medicare Advantage plans with no premiums if you’re on a limited budget. This indicates that you won’t have to make any out-of-pocket expenses for your insurance. Obviously, these plans often offer less coverage than other alternatives, but if you have a fixed income, you should take them into consideration. Additionally, you might be surprised to learn that certain Medicare Advantage plans provide considerable discounts on your prescription medications if you suffer from one or more chronic conditions.

8. There’s More Than One Type Of Plan

Most people picture the HMOs that were popular in the 1990s when they think about Medicare Advantage plans. However, a wide range of plan types, such as PPOs, POS plans, and even private fee-for-service plans, are now offered. Before deciding which plan is best for you, you should weigh all of your possibilities. There might be substantial variances across Medicare Advantage plans, despite the common misconception that they are all the same.

9. You’ll Have One Insurance Company To Deal With

You will have to deal with two distinct insurance providers if you have Original Medicare: one for your hospital coverage (Part A) and one for your medical coverage (Part B). This can take a lot of time and be complicated. But with a Medicare Advantage Plan, everything is housed in one location. You’ll just need to work with one insurance provider for all your requirements. This is supposed to greatly simplify and increase efficiency.

10. No Annual Deductible Or Copays For Doctor Visits

There is often no annual deductible with Medicare Advantage Plans that you must pay out-of-pocket. This means that, unlike Original Medicare, where you must pay the full cost of care until your yearly deductible has been reached, your insurance will begin paying for approved services as soon as you need them. Furthermore, the majority of Medicare Advantage Plans don’t impose copays on visits to your primary care physician. So, if you frequently see the doctor or are concerned about your ability to pay for it, a Medicare Advantage Plan may be able to help you save a lot of money.


In conclusion, the factors listed above should prompt you to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan can be the best option for your healthcare requirements if any of these factors apply to you. To determine if a Medicare Advantage Plan is the best option for you, do some research and speak with your doctor.


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