Myron Gaines Net Worth: The FreshandFit Enigma

Myron Gaines Net Worth

Regarding successful entrepreneurs, podcasters, and savvy investors, Myron Gaines stands out as one of the most influential figures in the industry. 

With a career spanning over two decades, Myron has built a reputation for his keen business understanding and ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities. As a result, many are curious about Myron Gaines’ net worth and how he has accumulated such wealth. 

In this article, we will get into details of Myron Gaines’ net worth, uncovering the secrets behind his financial success and revealing the figures that have propelled him to the top of his field.

Early Life and Career

Myron Gains is an American born in New Britain, Connecticut, USA, on the 22nd of September 1987. Myron is a stage name, and his real name is Amrou Fudl, which has brought a lot of interest to his personality. 

Despite being an American, many people have curiosities about his ethnicity, but most assume he is Indian owing to his appearance. 

His name is African American, and he is a Christian raised person, which is the root of most of his beliefs.

Myron has kept his family out of social media, and there is very little information about them, their names, or their careers. 

According to the little information he shared, Myron was raised in a traditional home, with his father being the breadwinner and his mother taking care of the house.

There is little to know about his siblings because he keeps them private, but multiple sources suggest he has a younger brother and a sister. 

Most people think he might have an unhealthy relationship with his mother because of his hatred towards women.

This is the opposite of what he says because, according to Myron, he loves his mother, and she is the one who instilled all his values in him. This is all the information about his childhood; maybe someday he will open up and share more.

He went to school, graduated, and later joined Northeastern University to earn a Criminal Justice and Corrections Degree. He graduated in 2013 and joined Homeland Security, where he worked for the Secret Service for several years.

He worked in Texas and Florida before deciding it wasn’t his life, and he entered the fitness industry. According to his LinkedIn account, he founded a fitness company in 2019 called Unplugged Fitness.

Most people believe that Walter Weekes (FreshPrinceCEO), a partner on Myron’s podcast, was also part of the fitness company business. He uses this platform to offer various fitness-related services to his followers.

You can book a call with him or his team through the company’s website to get a personal trainer or other services. He even posted YouTube videos and workout tutorials before going into FreshandFit. 

Myron is still unmarried, and there aren’t any signs that he will get married soon. His platform is about staying single and exploring masculinity, so he will likely remain single for a while.

Myron has become a massive online presence worldwide, owing primarily to his podcast FreshandFit. The podcast came online when the roles of men and women in marriages and relationships were a hot topic that drew a lot of interest.

He hosts other YouTube personalities, influencers, and even high-profile people on his podcast to talk about the modern dating world. 

He is a bold individual who speaks up for men who, according to him, are receiving the worst end of the contemporary dating scene. 

Breakdown of the Net Worth 

According to Myron, he estimates he has a net worth of around 2 or 3 million dollars. He gave this value on another podcast where he was a guest along with Sneako, a YouTube personality.

When he worked for the government, he made about $100,000 to $130,000 per year and paid close to 40,000 in taxes, which didn’t give him the financial freedom he wanted. He then went into YouTube and other businesses, making about a million dollars annually.

He also bought real estate properties that contributed to his growing wealth since fewer taxes were imposed on them. 

He also made a lot of money on his podcast and YouTube, but he was demonetized owing to his sensitive and borderline misogynistic comments and arguments. 

Income Sources

Myron is intelligent and has taken up several businesses to create his net worth after working for the government. 

He has used his position, popularity, and connections with other online personalities to make much money.

One of his sources of income is his book, “Why Women Deserve Less,” which was a source of much controversy. The book details advice and how men can survive in the current dating market full of “delusional women with unrealistic demands.”

The book goes for  $18 on Amazon, and it has made a lot of sales primarily because of the current situation and the ever-changing dating market. 

The men’s mental health crisis made this book more appealing to readers, and it was a significant contributor to his wealth. 

Unplugged fitness is another source of Myron’s wealth. He started This fitness company with Walter, and it is doing reasonably well. 

There is an increase in the gym culture, so there are thousands of people looking for personal trainers and fitness coaches, and Myron offers both.

He also offers people advice on being more successful with women, making money, and taking more control of their lives. 

The subscriptions from such services give him a lot of money, and his online presence boosted his publicity and subscribers. 

His presence online is also a source of money. He has a podcast and various social media platforms where he makes a lot of money from endorsements and views. 

He is getting demonetized on different platforms owing to his content, but it is still a big part of his wealth. 

Myron also went into real estate immediately after he left the Secret Service. He had about 7 real estate homes as of 2022, which seemed promising, so chances are he will double down as he loses his social media accounts. 

There are most likely other sources of income, but he has not revealed them to the public. Myron has proven to be intelligent and flexible, able to adapt and make riches in almost any situation.

Public Image and Personal Life

Myron Gaines falls in the same category as Andrew Tate regarding public image; the two are close. Andrew has come to the FreshandFit podcast, and they all seem to have the same point and principles regarding women and modern dating.

The public sees Myron in two significant ways, as a men’s activist or a misogynist, and both sides have relatively strong arguments. For most men and young men, Myron is a good example that helps them improve their value and life as men.

He advocates for traditional masculinity and encourages them to do their best in business and personal life. 

He advocates for gym culture and proper mental health for young men, along with advising them on how to avoid being taken advantage of by women.

He is an outspoken figure who is openly against promiscuity in women and seems to encourage it in men. He has kept his relationships private, and it isn’t easy to know whether or not he practices what he preaches. 

On the other hand, he has gone a bit overboard in his attempts to uplift young men, and this has made him come off as misogynistic. 

He is known for his line, “Single mothers are for recreational use only,” which has caused a lot of controversy.

He seems to have much to say regarding the dating market and how men and women should interact. His extreme traditional views have become the core of all of his activities, and they have brought him a lot of cancellations and bans from online platforms.

He wrote a book, “Why Women Deserve Less,” detailing why modern women shouldn’t be given as much respect as they claim they want. He claims that women today are promiscuous and selfish in their needs, so men should do the same thing.

If you follow his conversations, he says many true things, but sometimes, he phrases them in ways that could be offensive to most women. Love him or hate him, he is a significant influence on many young men and they are embracing the values he promotes.


Myron Gaines has become a familiar name on social media, especially with the Red Pill movement and men’s mental health crisis. He has worked for the government and created businesses that allowed him to make a net worth of about 3 million dollars.

Myron is a role model to many young men in the West and has many platforms to reach his fans. He has shared his extreme conservative views on social media through his podcast, FreshandFit, and there is a big divide on the internet on whether he is right or wrong. 


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