4 Major Benefits Of Hiring A Bike Accident Lawyer For Your Case

Major Benefits Of Hiring A Bike Accident Lawyer For Your Case

The benefits of cycling cannot be underplayed, among the many reasons New York City is falling ever more in love with riding bicycles. NYC has been building a ton of cycling infrastructure throughout, and so far, the local government has installed over 1,400 bike lanes in the city. But while this is good for people’s health and the environment, bikers are not safe with rising cycling accidents. 

If you have suffered serious injuries on your bicycle in New York, consider pursuing compensation from the at-fault party. For those accidents within any of New York’s boroughs, you should hire a Manhattan bike accident lawyer for the following reasons:

1. Sorting Out Liability

Knowing who is liable for the accident and proving it is all it takes to unravel the mystery of a bicycle accident lawsuit and secure compensation for your losses and damages. But that is easier said and done. Owing to the hefty consequences to be borne afterward, no one will willingly admit liability, even if it is crystal clear to both parties.

Proving liability requires enough evidence as to what transpired on that fateful day, the involved parties, and who witnessed the accident. This means lots of work gathering and sifting through evidence implicating the defendant. An attorney helps secure police reports, doctor’s reports, and affidavits from the witnesses and photos and video footage of the crash site.

Your bike accident lawyer also needs to have a keen eye for detail. They can easily smell foul play and identify a piece of indisputable evidence when they see one. Afterward, they sit and consolidate the gathered evidence ensuring it is admissible before the court and proves your innocence.

2. Shields You From Insurance Companies

You may already have received it by now or will receive a call from the other party’s insurers, probably asking for your side of the story so that “we know how to help you.” This is just the beginning, and the communication from cunning insurance adjusters will come in volleys until they find a way to shift liability to you and deny liability.

At this point, you’re still in shock and pain and in no clear presence of mind to make a statement or decision about the case. You need time to rest and focus on full recovery before you can recall whatever happened or even properly value your claim. The presence and help of a lawyer at this point is more than welcome.

A bike accident lawyer handles all the communication with the insurance adjusters, relieving you of this tedious duty. This leaves no room for them to trick you into accepting lowball offers or unknowingly accepting liability. They have handled solicitors and insurance adjusters countless times and know the best way to counter them, even if it includes securing court orders to protect you.

3. Drafting, Filing, And Serving Legal Documents

Pursuing compensation from insurers and filing personal injury lawsuits involve a lot of paperwork. Composing various legal documents per the law is an uphill task for a novice. A small error in drafting or filing the wrong document can jeopardize your claim or lawsuit.

For example, New York allows the plaintiff to file a notice of claim, making their intention to sue official. It also extends the deadline for filing a claim when you need extra time to connect the dots and collect evidence. Having never written one before, you need a bike accident attorney to do it for you. The attorney will also answer your questions and address your concerns while guiding you through the legal process. 

Not all courts have jurisdiction over bike-related personal injury lawsuits. You need to know the relevant courts to file to, how to do it, correctly serve the accused, and the required legal fees. A bike accident lawyer is more suited for those tasks, which saves you time and resources.

4. Legal Representation

Apart from collecting evidence and filing legal documents, you must appear in negotiations, case mentions, and eventually, trial if insurers don’t give in to your demands before then. This is most difficult in your unwell condition. Furthermore, these negotiations with insurers and presenting your case before a jury require in-depth legal knowledge and years of experience. Your lawyer can represent you and successfully secure maximum settlement, which is usually almost impossible if you choose self-representation.

Final Word

Four major benefits of hiring a bike accident lawyer for your case include sorting our liability protection from insurance companies and sorting legal documents and representations. After surviving a bike crash, you should concentrate on recuperating while leaving the legal matters to the lawyer.


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