Gift Giving Made Easy: Ideas For Employee Appreciation   

Ideas For Employee Appreciation   

As a boss, you care about the welfare of your employees. You want them to have the best experience possible at work so that they feel at home there and want to stay for many years to come. One of the best ways to keep employees and prevent employee turnover is to also give gifts every once in a while.

If you are stuck on the best way to reward your employees, take a look at these fun ideas that will show that you appreciate them. 

Goody Bags

When there is a need for some good vibes in the office, the gift of goody bags to your employees is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. These goody bags can have snacks, stationery, fun pens or pencils, and other things to help your employees through their day. 

This kind of gift can be made even more special if the goody bags have different themes and include fun puns or inside jokes from the workplace. Goody bags are also a great welcome gift for any new employees to help them feel welcome in a new environment. 

For higher-end businesses, goody bags can include reusable travel mugs, gourmet chocolates, other gourmet foods, or flowers. 

Treat Them With A Spa 

Who doesn’t love a spa day? If you have employees that have been at the company for quite a long time, a wellness spa gift card can be a great gift. The gift of a spa experience is sure to show that you appreciate the hard work that your employees do. 

This is a once-per-year kind of gift that can be reserved for the hardest workers in the office. Not only is it a way to show you care about their well-being, it also serves as an incentive to get employees to stay motivated throughout the year.

Employees who return from a lovely spa day will come back more ready than ever to work and be productive.  

Free Lunch In The Office

If morale seems low in the office, try planning a once-monthly catered lunch in the office. This allows employees to gather together and take a break from their day. It is also a great time to sit down and socialize with them to show them that you care about their lives. 

Free lunches can be arranged by sending out a survey to the whole office to see what kind of food they like. Then you can know about any food allergies or intolerances so that everyone can enjoy the meal. 

A Day Off At A Planned Activity

Let your employees feel like kids again by letting them loose in a venue made for fun. Here are a few suggestions for team-bonding activities:


If you have a more active group of employees, this activity is both energetic and entertaining for all involved. Splitting up into teams based on departments adds a sense of competitiveness that your employees will love. 

You can even add an incentive that whoever wins gets a free dinner on the company’s dime. 

Ceramics Class

This is a great option for a more mellow crowd of employees as they are able to sit in a calm room and learn something together. If you have an office that has a mix of personalities, try sending out a survey to see who would like to do what kind of activity. Some people could do something more active like paintball, while others can learn how to shape clay and make beautiful art pieces.

Ice/Roller Skating

This activity is not only fun but hilarious. Watch your employees bond over losing their balance or falling over. It is a great stress reliever and a way to let your employees get to know each other better.

What’s even better is if you yourself get involved on the rink. Employees love to see the human side of their bosses. Letting loose and showing that you can have fun too will remind your employees that work isn’t just about serious things.

Holiday Bonuses

This gift is an obvious choice and one that is always very appreciated. If your employees have been working really hard this year, make sure you let them know by adding a little extra to their paychecks at the end of the pay period. 

Throw An Office Party

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or the beginning of summer, an office party is always a fun opportunity to let your employees relax and mingle with their coworkers and significant others. 

The fun of an office party is that your employees can hang out in an environment outside of work where they can talk about their lives and get to know each other better. A big part of a thriving office environment is that employees get along. An office party can be an event to show your employees your appreciation and let them mingle without talking about their job. 

Give Fun Workshops

Fun and engaging workshops offer your staff an exciting way to break up their weekly routine and can also benefit their professional development. 

Workshops can include bringing in professionals in the field to give presentations, new employee workshops, financial planning workshops, inclusivity workshops, and even relaxing workshops for things like meditation or mindfulness. 

These can be implemented sporadically and you can even ask employees through a survey which types of workshops would appeal to them. Some employees may even have their own outside skills that they can bring into the office and run their own workshops. This gives employees a feeling of purpose and usefulness.

Personalized Cards

Nothing shows appreciation like a heartfelt, handwritten card. I great way to boost morale in the office is to first get to know your employees and demonstrates that you are a considerate boss but to also write them personalized notes of encouragement. 

These cards can also contain their favorite snack or a gift card for a coffee or any other drink they like. A card that shows appreciation can go a long way in letting employees know that you acknowledge how hard they work.  

Remember that any small gesture of kindness to your employees can go a long way, but if you really want to make them feel special, follow these ideas, personalize them for your company, and enjoy the look on your employees’ faces when they feel appreciated.


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