Key Considerations For A Stunning Outdoor Space

Key Considerations For A Stunning Outdoor Space

The exterior design of a property plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and visually appealing environment. Whether it’s a residential or commercial space, thoughtful design decisions can transform the exterior into a beautiful and functional area. However, sometime when faced with a space that needs overhauling it can feel overwhelming. Our guide below will help to clarify your thought processes and lead you to a better decision making process when working on the regeneration of your outside space.

Understanding The Function And Purpose Of The Different Exterior Zones

Are you looking at the space for residential or commercial purposes? Is this a private domain for yourself where you can create a true haven, or does it need to be practical and easy to maintain for multiple people? 

How will the outdoor space be used? Is it for entertaining, relaxation, gardening, or a combination of activities. Do you need to make provision for a commercial driveway? This understanding will guide your design decisions, ensuring that the exterior design aligns with the needs and preferences of the property owner. From creating designated seating areas to incorporating functional elements like outdoor kitchens or play areas, tailoring the design to suit the intended purpose is paramount.

Take The Local Surroundings Into Account

There is nothing more grating to the eye than a space that is so out of context and out of synchronisation with its local surroundings – it can make people feel so uncomfortable that it affects the way they feel and function in the world. Creating peace and harmony is an essential element of the design process.

Your exterior design should harmonise with the architectural style of the property and its surroundings. Any contrast or conflict should be thought out as an element of the design.

Take into account the building’s materials, colours, and overall aesthetics to create a cohesive visual appeal. Consider the natural landscape, neighbouring structures, and the character of the surrounding environment. By integrating elements that complement the existing surroundings, such as indigenous plants or materials, the exterior design can seamlessly blend with the natural and built environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Planning The Layout And Functionality

No matter how large or small your space is, creating different ‘zones’ within that space will ensure you optimise your use if it without compromising the aesthetic appeal. Determine the optimal layout that maximizes functionality and flow. Create distinct areas for different activities, such as seating areas, dining spaces, or outdoor recreation zones. Consider the orientation of the property and take advantage of natural light and views. Take into account any wheelchair or disabled access that might be required, and ensure this is incorporated into the design of the pathways, steps, and ramps.

Incorporating Landscaping And Greenery

Once you have got the overall shape and structure sorted, you can then drill down into the fun bit – planting.

This is when you can really express your personality and weave it into the exterior space.  Incorporate a mix of trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover to add visual interest and create depth. It is also important to consider the maintenance and sustainability aspects of your outside space, balancing cost and time. 

This is why choosing the right materials and finishes is so important. You need to take into account the long term sustainability of the area – your investment is probably going to be quite significant, and you need to make sure that the products you choose are durable and long lasting for optimal cost effectiveness. 

Designing the exterior of a property requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning. By understanding the purpose and lifestyle, harmonizing with the architecture and surroundings, planning the layout and functionality, incorporating landscaping and greenery, and choosing the right materials and finishes, you can create a stunning outdoor space that is both attractive and functional


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