Is The Backrooms Real? This Is What We Know

Is The Backrooms Real

Do you fancy horror stories or movies? If so, are the backrooms real or just another horror story from a creative mind? 

We’re in the digital age where anything is possible. We wake up daily to different news, stories, and scary stuff. But while some of these stories are real, some aren’t. 

The attention the Backrooms have had over the years will easily convince anyone that we’re dealing with a real-life story. So, what are the backrooms all about? Is it real or just a made-up story? Here is what you need to know.

Are The Backrooms Real? 

The Backrooms aren’t real but a fictional story. The story around the Backrooms developed from a Reddit thread and took off from there. However, the original Backrooms image was published in a 4chan thread on May 12, 2019. 

The main aim of the 4chan thread was to solicit unsettled images from users on the platform. Many users responded by posting several photos of empty or abandoned properties, but only one became famous. 

The image classified as the Backrooms includes an abandoned office space with yellow-tinged walls and fluorescent lights. The rooms look like abandoned and creepy places. 

The images captivated internet users, and what made it even more prominent was the description one of the users provided. The user claimed the photo was captured from “The Backrooms,” which featured 600 million square miles of old and moist carpet, including a poorly wallpapered maze. 

The user’s description of the image captured the attention of many. But what even made it creepier was that the user claimed that anyone in the Backrooms would feel that something was lurking in the dark or that something terrible was about to happen, like in horror movies. 

The Backrooms have been quite popular since 2019. The concept was captivating, while the image was creepy enough to live up to the hype. 

As soon as film theorists and writers jumped on the story, the rest was history. A short horror film called “The Backrooms” was released.

Is The Backrooms Image Real? 

Many claimed the original image posted on 4chan was real. Unfortunately, nobody knows the actual source of the picture. 

The fact that the image was assumed to be real made people conclude that the Backrooms are real. By the way, look at the image in your quiet time. Doesn’t it look like one of those eerie places you have been to at some point? 

Chris Frewerd shared the original story behind Backrooms to Reddit’s CreepyPasta thread. He even acknowledged that the image reminds him of the library in Kansas, his hometown, old school, and the weird play area you’ll find in the middle of shopping malls.    

The Backrooms grew in popularity in the first year of its release. The creepy description of the image gave internet users something to build on. Thus, people started creating new entities and levels from the original idea.

In addition to movies, people have made fan-inspired video games credited to the Backrooms, YouTube videos, and collaborative fiction projects.  

How Big Are The Backrooms?  

First and foremost, the Backrooms aren’t real. All we have is an image of an abandoned office and nothing more. In addition, it’s unclear how much space the Backrooms have. 

Some realm astrologists may claim that the Backrooms is 700 trillion miles. Anything is possible. It could be more or less. 

Who Made The Backrooms? 

Nobody knows the Backrooms’ creator. An unnamed and unknown user posted the original image on 4chan, which is all we know. 

The image was later uploaded on Reddit under the tag r/CreepyPasta. At first, the image received a few upvotes, which increased over time. 

Chris Frewerd uploaded the image on Reddit after discovering it on 4chan at 16. He also accompanied the image on Reddit with a unique, creepy, and captivating story. 

The image uploaded on Reddit and the title “Backrooms” captured the attention of many. People started jumping on the image, creating Photoshop images, stories, and fan-motivated games.  

What Is The Backrooms Actual Location? 

The actual location of the Backrooms image is unknown, just like the original publisher. An unnamed user uploaded the image on 4chan and hasn’t given any clues regarding where to find the image.  

Even though followers of the trend believe the Backrooms might exist in a different reality, the fact remains that the Backrooms photo could be real. 

Why this? Well, there are two theories regarding the Backrooms image. Either the photo is computer-generated or a photo of an actual place.   

Have people made attempts to find the Backrooms location? Yes, they have. 

People have been trying so hard to know the actual location of the image to no avail. Some individuals have even proposed diverse locations in Canada and the United States as possible destinations, but the Backrooms location remains a mystery. 

YouTuber David Crypt is one guy who has been on this case for as long as the Backrooms started trending. He has worked harder than anyone interested in finding the location. 

Crypt even challenged people through Discord to find the Backrooms photo’s location, and those interested complied. 

People have gone to different locations in the United States of America and Canada in search of the Backrooms, but couldn’t find it. David Crypt also tried figuring out if the photo was a recreation but couldn’t arrive at a reasonable conclusion. 

Crypt believes the photo is real and not computer-generated, as many claim. He believes the photo exists somewhere but is so unfortunate that it hasn’t been located. 

As the Backrooms story grew, people started posting various hallways, parking lots, and offices that were as dreadful as the original photo. So, the original photo may not matter much to the hardcore fans of the story. 

Therefore, as time passes, people may forget about the original photo. The new photos created will even make the original ones obsolete. 

Are There Monsters In The Backrooms?

Yes, there are creepy monsters in the Backrooms. By the way, what’s a horror story without a monster? 

Creatures and deadly monsters haunt the premises, intimidating anyone who crosses paths with them. The monsters and creatures feed on anyone that enters their territory. 

What monsters and creatures are in the Backrooms?

The idea behind the backrooms is that creepy and scary monsters occupy the area. They don’t speak. You cannot see them, but they can see you. 

The creatures in the backrooms are scary and deadly. They can harm anyone who trespasses. 

Here are the monsters you’ll encounter in the backrooms. 


These monsters live on the premises of the backrooms. While there are good Gigachads, bad ones still exist. You won’t be harmed if you’re lucky to meet the good ones. On the other hand, the bad Gigachads are terrifying creatures. They attack whoever crosses their paths.   


Deathmoths are also one of the creatures that live in the Backrooms. They are giant moths that have inhabited the Backrooms and can cause severe damage to their victims. 

There are male and female Deathmoths, though both are hard to differentiate. While the males are quite smaller, harmless, and tamable, the females are the opposite. 

The female moths are multiple times larger and deadlier. They can spit acid on their targets, too. 

Eerie creatures:

You’ll also find these creatures in the Backrooms legend. They are one of the creepy things lurking in the dark. 


Hounds are among the creatures living in the backroom premises. They are best described as four-legged humanoid beings with long and black hair.

These are not creatures anyone can toy with. They are scary and deadlier than they look. According to the legend, Hounds boast claws that could be sharper than knives. 

They have huge mouths and sparkling white teeth. If you’re lucky, you may spot their shiny white teeth in the dark, but that is if they decide to display them before striking. 

Hounds boast a sickly appearance but don’t take them for granted. These monsters pack such a massive punch when they eventually launch an attack. 

These creatures have normal vision. Thus, they can even spot intruders from afar in the dark. The saliva of this creature is to be feared. It boasts an illness called “Hound Virus” that doesn’t only infect but transforms victims into hounds.  

Skin Stealers: 

Skin Stealers are one of the creatures that exist in the Backrooms. They are creepy, dangerous, tricky, and deadly. 

Just as the name implies, Skin Stealers can mimic human forms. They can take the form of a human and quickly change into the monster they are to cause mayhem.

These creatures’ actual form is a grotesque and monster-like form. They eat human flesh and steal skins. 

Another area of the Backrooms legend describes the Skin Stealers as creatures who can steal human skin. They can peel off their victims’ skins and wear them to look like humans.

Peeling off their victims’ skins and wearing them enables Skin Stealers to avoid detection and blend with the human population. In addition, these creatures can control and manipulate their prey and are highly intelligent. They can do things you never thought were possible. 

A Handy Tip: The Backrooms is packed with creatures, ranging from friendly and harmless creatures with superhuman intelligence to heartless and deadly beasts. These creatures also range in size, shape, appearance, and intelligence. They are called Entity

Does The Backrooms Have Levels?   

The online community has varied views on topics around the Backrooms levels. While some claim Backrooms are levelless, others claim otherwise. Some claim the Backrooms have infinite levels. Others claim they have three levels. 

What does the online community that claims the Backrooms have infinite levels believe? 

Kane Pixels is the most vocal individual who believes people are wrongly interpreting the Backrooms. Pixels think the Backrooms levels are infinite. He even claimed the Backrooms are a clear manifestation of the things he has experienced in the past.

Infinite means no one can describe or know the end of the Backrooms. Nobody can describe the color of each room or has seen it all. 

What is the position of the people who claim the Backrooms have three levels?

According to proponents of this theory, the Backrooms have only three levels. The first is “Level 0.”

You’ll find yourself in level 0 after no clipping. With humming fluorescent lights and moist carpets, you’ll likely disapprove of your stay in the Backrooms Level 0. 

Another thing that makes this level worse is the creature you’ll encounter. You’ll come across Hounds, which are human-like, dangerous, and heartless. 

The best thing to do when you encounter Hounds is to walk quietly and try escaping. Otherwise, you’ll become prey to the deadly creature.  

Level 1 is the next, and where things can get messy. You’ll encounter bone-chilling noises, frequent blackouts, and more hounds here. 

The Hounds in this level aren’t friendly, so stay out of sight. Hounds kill for fun.  

Level 3 boasts narrower walls. However, you won’t experience frequent blackouts. At this level, the lights are bright, while heat is debilitating.  


So, is the Backrooms real? No, the Backrooms aren’t real. There are debates on whether the picture published in the Backrooms online is real. While some believe the picture is real, others believe it could be computer-generated. 

No one knows the exact location of the picture of the Backrooms that was first published on 4chan in 2019. The user that published the picture on the platform is also unnamed and unknown. 


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