Is Terry Flenory Still In Jail? Latest Update On Southwest T


The question, “Is Terry Flenory still in jail?” has been gaining traction lately. People are eager to know where the Black Mafia Family (BMF) ex-boss is. 

Terry and Demetrius Flenory headed the BMF, an international cocaine and money laundering empire. The two brothers ran the illegal business for several years, using other genuine businesses and celebrities as decoys. 

Terry and his brother, Demetrius, were finally caught in 2008 and sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. However, there have been rumors about Terry’s release from prison. 

Has Terry been released, or still languishing in federal prison? Here is all you need to know. 

Is Terry Flenory Still In Jail?

Terry is no longer in jail. He was released on May 5, 2020. The Black Mafia Family boss was granted a compassionate release. 

The fact that Terry has been released doesn’t mean he is free. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement with the notorious BMF group and drug trafficking. So, he will serve the rest of his sentence at home, as he’s under house arrest.

Why Was Terry Flenory Released?

There were two reasons the Federal Prison Bureau decided to release Terry. 

Terry’s ailing health:

Terry’s health condition was one of the reasons for the approval of his compassionate release. The prison record released in 2020 claimed the 50-year-old had hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia (high blood cholesterol). 

Terry also has partial blindness. He’s blind in one eye, a situation caused by retinal detachment. However, he may require surgery to fix the eye. 

During Terry’s time in prison, he was taking several medications and was prescribed suppression stockings. 

There was a chance Terry’s health could deteriorate further and become life-threatening if he stayed incarcerated. So, there was a need to release him. 

So, Terry’s ailing health was one of the reasons his compassionate release got approved by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). But he’ll remain under home confinement throughout the remaining period of his sentence. 

Fear of COVID-19:

The Coronavirus threw the world into confusion. It forced governments to re-plan and even gave the BOP a reason to consider decongesting prisons.

Federal prison data showed the number of deaths and infected prisoners, including staffers. The report showed the Coronavirus claimed 40 prisoners’ lives and infected over 2,300 prisoners and staffs. 

So, the BOP decided it would be best to release some inmates to decongest the prison and stop or slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The BOP released Terry Flenory following the guideline issued by the attorney general under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

A Handy Tip: Terry was lucky to have had his application for compassionate release granted. Demetrius “Big Meech” applied 2.5 weeks before his release but didn’t get a positive response. 

Demetrius wanted the BOP to treat him like they treated his brother. He claimed he had ailing health like his brother, and his condition could even be worse. 

Unfortunately, Big Meech’s plea for compassionate release was brushed aside. The BOP didn’t think it was necessary to release him. Big Meech also played a part in making his release to home confinement difficult.  

Where Is Terry Flenory Now?

The end of Terry Flenory’s 15-year crime spree didn’t come as a shock to many. What shocked people was the fact that he acted genuine. No one suspected him or his brother for over a decade.

Cocaine dealers know it’s only a matter of time before the security agency catches them. So, Terry, his brother, and other BMF gang members knew their days were numbered.

Terry has been released from prison and placed on house arrest. He’s in Detroit, Michigan, USA, serving the remainder of his sentence. 

He’s living with his family and friends but has to wear an ankle monitor, a popular gadget that inmates under house arrest wear.   

Is Terry Flenory Still Alive?

Yes, Southwest T is alive and active. He’s living peacefully with his family in Detroit and serving the remainder of his sentence. 

An unfortunate incident almost took his life. In 2021, Terry was attacked by individuals suspected to be rival gangs. They opened fire on the ex-BMF co-founder, but he was lucky to survive the attack. He only sustained a minor gunshot wound to one of his eyes. 

The 2021 incident that almost took Terry’s life was the only attack he has received since leaving prison. He’s also threading carefully, as he knows members whom he might have snitched on would be after his life. 

What Is Terry Doing Now?

One can only do a handful of things when wearing an ankle monitor. That is the case with the ex-BMF co-founder, Terry Flenory. But one thing is sure: he won’t be going back to his cocaine and money laundry business for the rest of his life. He knows he won’t be lucky with the sentence next time and will be caught easily too. 

There’s not much happening around Terry besides playing the “big brother” role to hip-hop stars and family members. He spends most of his time with family, friends, and hip-hop stars. And when he gets an opportunity to promote artists or their music, he uses it. 

He’s currently not engaged in any legal business besides his clothing brand. He uses social media to connect with his family, friends, and fans and to sell his apparel. 

Did Terry Flenory Have A Disagreement With His Brother?

Terry and his big brother, Demetrius Flenory, were more than blood relatives. They were best friends. They started BMF together and did almost everything together. 

Unfortunately, after running the BMF and their illegal businesses for over a decade, both brothers started having challenges agreeing on things. In 2003, their dispute became too big to manage, resulting in both brothers parting ways. 

Terry Flenory decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to continue his drug trafficking business. His brother, Demetrius Flenory, moved to Atlanta. 

While running their separate businesses, Demetrius worried about his younger brother’s extravagant lifestyle. He knew his lifestyle would attract the attention of security agents. 

In 2008, five years after the Flenory brothers parted ways, their cover was blown open. They were caught and imprisoned for drug trafficking and money laundering crimes.

When Will Terry Flenory Complete His Sentence?

Southwest T’s earlier release date is August 17, 2026. That’s when he will be officially free and the ankle monitor taken off him. 

He was lucky to have his sentence reduced from 360 to 292 months. In addition, he has a clean prison record compared to his elder brother’s.

Terry and his brother were lucky to have such a light sentence. Their crimes ordinarily should have earned them life imprisonment. 

Both brothers pleaded guilty under the plea agreement to continuing criminal enterprise and conspiracy to launder monetary instruments. Judge Avern Cohn then sentenced both to 30 years in prison. 

In addition to the 30-year sentence, which was the bottom of the applicable sentencing guidelines, the Flenory brothers agreed to forfeit millions of dollars made from their illegal business. 

Is Terry Flenory Active On Social Media?

Southwest T is on social media. He is fond of uploading videos and pictures of himself with friends, family, and numerous celebrities. 

He’s active on Instagram and has 629k followers. His quote, “Walk by faith, not by sight,” is a verse from the Holy Bible, indicating that he must have repented from his evil ways. 

Terry Flenory’s Instagram handle is Southwest263. 

Does Terry Flenory Have Children?

Terry hasn’t officially revealed if he has children or who his children are. There’s a chance he might be hiding their identities to protect them from rival gangs.

There’s a possibility of rival gangs attacking Terry’s children to get at him. But we hope that doesn’t happen, as the father’s sins shouldn’t be visited on the children. 

So, there isn’t much information about Terry’s children’s real identity or whether he has children. While some claim he doesn’t have, a boy named “Demetrius Flenory Jr. Has been named Terry’s son. There are also claims that he may have other children from other women.

Terry Flenory’s Net Worth

There are reports that Terry has a net worth of around $40 to $50 million. But how is he so rich when he forfeited most of the money he made from the drug-tracking business? Here is something you need to know. 

Unlike Big Meech, Terry was smart enough to invest some of the proceeds of his drug-tracking business in legal businesses. He invested handsomely in a clothing line and car wash business. 


Is Terry Flenory still in jail? No, he’s no longer in jail, though he still serves his sentence. The BOP decided to release Terry because of his ailing health and the need to decongest the prison during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Terry was released but placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor strapped to his ankle. He will also serve his 360-month sentence (later reduced to 292 months) at home.

Terry is currently in Detroit, Michigan, USA, with his family. He’s also active on social media and busy interacting with friends and family daily. 


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