Florida Crime Rate Vs New York: A Must-Read Comparison

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This Florida crime rate Vs New York crime rate comparison is important for anyone who plans to relocate to either state. While crimes across the United States have subsided, most cities’ crime rates are still above the national average.

Moving to an area with a high crime rate is a big risk. That’s why you must conduct proper research about the state, city or neighborhood you’re moving to before packing your bags. 

Here, we will focus on the crime rates in Florida and New York. After reading, you should be able to make an informed decision. 

Florida Crime Rate Vs. New York

When you compare the crime rate in Florida to New York, you’ll discover that New York is safer. 

In 2022, New York’s violent crime rate was 3.6 incidents per 1000 persons, which is lower than the U.S. rate of 4.0. Unfortunately, the state’s property crime rate didn’t improve. Instead, it increased from 13.9 incidents per 1000 individuals to 14.1. 

The U.S. property crime rate is 19.6, so New York’s property crime rate is less than the U.S. average.  

On the other hand, Florida’s 2022 violent crime rate is higher than New York’s. It reported a crime rate of 3.8 incidents per 1000 individuals. 

The Sunshine State’s property crime rate is below the U.S. average but higher than New York’s. It reported 17.7 incidents per 1000 individuals. In contrast, New York had 14.1 incidents per 1000 individuals. 

Florida Vs New York Happiness Index

It is crucial to consider the happiness index before moving to any state. A merry heart is like medicine, so it’s crucial to consider how happy and satisfied you and your family will be in the new destination. 

The Happiness Index is a comprehensive survey considering several factors determining happiness and well-being, including resilience and sustainability. 

So, how do the Happiness Index of Florida and New York compare? Which state are you most likely to be happy in? 

A comprehensive research conducted by WalletHub to determine the happiness index of states in America placed New York 17th on the Happiness Index ranking. 

In the study, Florida appeared 27th on the happiness index. The researchers consider several factors in the research. These include financial development, depression, and other internal and external factors. 

Prominent Cities In Florida With High Crime Rates

Florida’s thrilling theme parks and picturesque beaches are indescribable. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll be stunned by the charm of the numerous attractions across the state.

Unfortunately, beneath the captivating edifices and parks lies a dark reality. In other words, when you stay longer in some of the cities in Florida, you’ll understand that the Sunshine State isn’t what it claims to be.  

Most cities in Florida are grappling with high crime rates. They are always appearing in the news for the wrong reasons.

So, if you plan to relocate to Florida, here are the dangerous cities to note.

1: Lake City:

Lake City’s population was 73,914 in 2023, as it grew by 2006. The city looks peaceful and welcoming but has a dark side that even residents are ashamed to speak about.

The high crime rate has overshadowed the hype around this city’s picturesque landscape and vibrant history. It boasts a violent crime rate of 72.7, which is high compared to the national average (22.7).

The property crime rate in this city is also alarming. It boasts a 95.2 rating, whereas the country’s average is 35.4.

So, before you relocate to Lake City, keep in mind that you’re moving into the most dangerous city in Florida. Its violent crime rate and property crime rate are more than twice the national average.

2: Riviera Beach: 

Riviera Beach is another charming city in Florida that should have no business with crimes. It has everything to be the city of choice for visitors. Unfortunately, the high crime rate is a major concern for security agencies and residents.

Like Lake City, Riviera Beach does occasionally appear on the front cover of newspapers and the media for the wrong reasons. It is considered the second most dangerous city in Florida.

Statistics from 2019 show the city has been wallowing in crime. It had 248 aggravated assaults, 20 rape cases, and 1,141 thefts.

The crime rate is troubling for a city as promising as Riviera Beach. It is unimaginably high. Its crime rate is 208% above the national average.

3: Cocoa:

Cocoa is another popular city in Florida that is ravaged by a high crime rate. It has a surprisingly high property and violent crime rate.

Cocoa’s crime rate is 199%, placing it above the U.S. average rate. While the country’s crime rate is 2,489 per 100,000 residents, Cocoa boasts a rate of 5,934 per 100,000.

Cocoa’s population is 19,805 people. It grew by 1.2%. Many families also live in the city.  

Public schools in Cocoa are highly rated. So, it’s unfortunate that crime overshadows this city’s good side.

4: Florida City: 

Florida City was once labeled the most dangerous city in Florida in 2020. But today, it has managed to pull itself out of that category. However, the job isn’t done yet. The security agencies still have work to do.

Florida City has a population of 12,386 people in 2023 but is experiencing a -1.03% decline annually.

Today, the crime rate is 2,908.8 per 100,000 residents, just slightly above the national average. What’s the cause of the increasing violent crime in Florida City?

Like the majority of the cities we will be listing here, Florida City’s high crime rate is related to the high poverty rate. Other socio-economic factors are responsible for the crime rate in this city, but poverty is one of the major contributors.

5: Lake Worth Beach:

Lake Worth Beach, FL, with an estimated population of 43,183, is another promising city whose high crime rate has been overshadowed. A city with one of the most captivating beaches attracting residents and tourists should be the center of attraction in Florida.

In 2019, Lake Worth Beach’s violent crime rate was 5.2%, and its overall crime rate was higher than the United States national average by 67%.

6: Daytona Beach:

Daytona Beach is another city in Florida with a high crime rate. It boasts the Daytona International Speedway, a popular route for the Daytona 500 NASCAR racing event, usually organized in February.

The 500 NASCAR is a popular event that attracts motorsport enthusiasts and racers worldwide.

While the various events, beaches, and entertainment this city offers make it an attractive location, the crime rate is a put-off. The violent crime rate and property crime rate are 1,006 per 100,000 and 29.73 per 1000 residents, respectively.  

If the authorities can fix Daytona’s crime problem, the city would attract more tourists and sport-lovers than it currently does. People enjoy peace just as much as they enjoy sports.

7: Lauderhill: 

Lauderhill, Florida, is one of the places worth visiting if you’re seeking the best recreational activities.

Unfortunately, the crime rate in this city has been a major problem, preventing people from seeing the true potential it wields. Gossip about the high crime rates has overshadowed talks regarding what the city can offer regarding recreation and sports.

How high is the crime rate in Lauderhill? For starters, keep in mind that the violent crime rate is slightly lower than the property crime rate, though both are a menace in this city.

The property crime rate is 52.1, while the violent crime rate is 40.4. So, both crime rates are higher than the national average, making Lauderhill a dangerous city to live in.

The possibility of being a victim in this city is 1 in 30 people. So, watching your back whenever you visit this city to have fun or reside permanently is important. Stay out of trouble and keep monitoring your environment.

8: Orlando:

Orlando, a city with a captivating name and side attractions, is another popular city with a high crime rate.

The FBI report of Orlando’s crime rate doesn’t look too good. 

It boasts a high property crime rate and a fairly high crime rate.

Orlando’s property crime rate is 40.24 per 1000 residents, while its crime rate is 8.30 per 1000. The U.S. average is 22.7, so Orlando’s is almost double the national average.

Orlando’s potential as a tourist destination is evident for the world to see. It is ranked the 4th most visited city in America, next to New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Every year, this city receives over 4.4 million visitors from the United States and the rest of the world. It boasts one of the fastest tourism industries in the country.

Orlando, Florida, also hosts several events that attract people from every corner of the earth. But its crime rate isn’t encouraging. Most people will think twice before embarking on a journey to this city.

9: Pahokee:

Pahokee, with a population of 5,537, shouldn’t have anything to do with crime. It boasts a small population that shouldn’t be an issue to manage.

How dangerous is Pahokee? Its violent crime is higher than the national average. It boasts a violent crime rate of 54.4. On the other hand, the property crime rate is also higher than the national average.

Pahokee boasts a property crime rate 42.6, whereas the national average is 35.4.

Given its population size, this city’s crime rate shouldn’t be an issue to curtail. Cities with larger populations have had their crime rates reduced massively.

10: Belle Glade: 

Belle Glade is a blessed land. It boasts a highly fertile soil, ideal for the cultivation of crops. So, it’s an important city and an agricultural hub in the United States of America.

Belle Glade is a promising city and a place that should serve as one of the nation’s food baskets. Its winter vegetables, ornamental cane, and sod farms are among the crops farmers in this city cultivate.

The high crime rate has been a major threat to the stability of this city. It was named the city with the second-highest violent crime rate in the United States in a 2003 FBI report. It reported 298 incidents of violent crime per 10,000 residents.

So, consider your safety if you plan to relocate to Belle Glade. The chance that you can become a victim of violent crime is 1 out of 24 persons. So, you must be extremely careful and take precautions when you visit this city.

Top Cities with High Crime Rate in New York

What is the first place that comes to mind when you think of violent cities in New York? We all know the answer: New York City.

In all honesty, New York City used to be one of the cities with the highest crime rates in the country. It was ranked among the highest for property and even violent crimes in the past.

Today, New York City has been transformed. New York City’s violent crime rate has dropped by 56% compared to a 28% drop in the country.

Here, we will list the most violent cities in New York. But if you’re thinking about NYC, you better not. It’s no longer the most violent. So, change your thoughts about the city.

1: Buffalo: 

By comparing the number of crimes committed per person in each city, Buffalo’s crime rate will be higher than New York City’s.

NYC’s total crime was 194,355, but it has a population of over 8 million. On the other hand, Buffalo has a population of 258,789, but its crime rate in 2013 was 15,740.

In the same year, Buffalo reported 3,249 violent crimes. But surprisingly, 47 of them were murders. So, if Buffalo is on the list of dangerous cities in New York, it deserves it.

2: Rochester: 

Sitting as the second most violent city in New York is Rochester, a city on Lake Ontario. In 2013, Rochester’s murder rate was the highest, with a total of 42 people killed that year.

It also reported a total of 2,107 violent crimes, with assaults (1,055), rapes (92), and robberies (918) topping the chart.

3: Syracuse:  

Syracuse is another city that shouldn’t have any business with crimes, let alone violent crimes. But that’s just our perfect imagination of what we expected the city to be. In reality, violence carries the day.

So, how dangerous is Syracuse, an education and culture hub in the United States of America? Here is what the report states.

If you live in Syracuse, your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 19 people. So, you must be extremely careful when relocating to this city. Keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid being a victim of a crime that can change your life.

Syracuse reportedly had 6,473 property crimes, while violent crimes were 1,192. But compared to Rochester, those murdered during the period the violent crime rate was extracted were only 21.

4: Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls’s total crime index is 6, with 100 being the safest. The score indicates that Niagara Falls is safer than 6% of all neighborhoods in the United States of America.

This city’s annual crime rate is 1,817, with violent crimes being 396, while property crime is 1,421.

Niagara Falls’ population is 47,993. And of the total violent crime rate reported, only 5 were murders, assault (308), rape (13), and robbery (70).

5: Schenectady:

Schenectady’s total crime index is 5, with 100 being the safest. The total crime index insinuates that Schenectady is safer than 5% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The total crime index or crime rate changes from time to time. While some cities will experience a reduction in crime rates, others may suffer a high crime rate. In Schenectady, the total annual crime rate is 2,823, with 510 violent crimes and 2313 property crimes.

This city’s population is 68,809. And the chance of being a crime victim is 1 in 135 people.

6: Newburgh: 

Newburgh’s total crime index shows the city is among those wallowing in crime. Its total crime index is 6, with 100 being the safest. And this figure indicates that Newburgh is safer than 6% of U.S. neighborhoods.

Newburgh’s annual crime rate is less than Schenectady’s. Its total crime was 1,066, including violent crime (325) and property crime (741).

Newburgh’s crime rate is 11.40 per 1000 people, while property crime is 26.00 per 1000.

Schenectady’s residents may argue that Newburgh has a lower population, making comparing both cities’ crime rates tricky. However, the bottom line is that Newburgh’s crime rate places it among the most dangerous cities in New York.

Newburgh’s population is 28,510.

7: Albany: 

Albany isn’t a small city, given its population size. It is the capital city of New York and the oldest city in the United States of America.

Albany’s natural beauty and historical sites are among the things that make it a tourist attraction. However, with the high crime rate, many may want to rethink their plans before relocating to Albany.

Albany’s total crime index is 3, which means the city is safer than 3% of U.S. neighborhoods.

This city has a population of 100,826, with a total crime rate of 4665 in 2021. Its violent crime is 926, while property crime is 3,739.

A report on Albany’s violent crime shows it had 11 murder cases. There were also 68 rape cases, 232 robberies and 615 assaults.

8: Johnson City: 

Johnson City, with a population of 15,080, has a total crime index of 3. This implies Johnson City is safer than 3% of the U.S. neighborhood. Remember, 100 is the safest.

Johnson’s total crime rate in 2021 was 704. It had 67 violent crimes and 637 property crimes (theft, burglary, and vehicle theft).

The number of burglaries recorded was 77, theft 539, while motor vehicle theft was 21. So, your chance of becoming a victim of property theft in Johnson City is 1 in 24. In New York, it is 1 in 58.

In the aspect of violent crime, Johnson City recorded no murder cases, which was a huge development. But it reportedly had 15 rape cases, 7 robberies, and 45 assaults.

The statistics show a couple of violent crimes took place in Johnson City in 2021, but no life was lost. However, before you relocate to this city, be aware that property crime is high. The chance that you’ll be robbed is high.

9: Binghamton: 

Binghamton is another state with a high crime rate. Its total crime index is 3, meaning it is safer than 3% of the U.S. neighborhood.

Binghamton’s 2021 crime stat doesn’t look impressive. It’s a city with a population size of 47,115, and the crime rate appears to be a major threat. However, the crime rate in Binghamton isn’t as bad as in the top-ranking cities on this list.

Binghamton’s total crime rate was 2,293 in 2021. It had a 341 violent crime rate and a 1,952 property crime rate. The property crime rate equates to 41.43 per 1000 people.

So, if you find yourself in Binghamton, note that your chance of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 24 persons. In New York, the rate is 1 in 58 persons.

A report on Binghamton’s violent crime rate shows that it had no murder case. Unfortunately, the city recorded 31 rape cases, 50 robberies and 260 assaults.


This Florida crime rate Vs. New York shows a comparison between the two amazing states. Both are top states worth relocating to. But then, you must understand that some cities in both states are quite dangerous.

In the comparison, it was evident that New York is safer than Florida. But then, before you relocate, take the time to read through this post. We listed some of the cities in both states that were considered dangerous. The crime rates in these cities are high and scary.  


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