Is Cameron Herring Out of Jail? Fans Favorite

Is Cameron Herring Out of Jail

Cameron Coyle Herring is among the most popular street racers. He was born on 9th September 1999 in Texas. 

He’s the son of Chris (father) and Cheryl (mother) and has an older brother, Tristan. Chris works as a filmmaker and editor, while Cheryl is Statehouse Farm Insurance vice-president. 

In 2018, 18-year-old Herring took part in a street racing event that saw him crash into a daughter and mother. 

Jessica (mother) died instantly, and Lillia (daughter) died a day later. So let’s find out more about the drag race that turned foul by answering the question. 

Is Cameron Herring Out of Jail?

The racer is currently serving his 24-year jail term at Graceville Correctional Facility. Cameron will spend more than half of his years in prison before release. 

The victims’ family wanted the court to give Herring the maximum sentence, which is 30 years. However, the youngster pleaded guilty to both counts of homicide. 

Additional Information

In 2018, a young and popular racer, then 18 years, took part in a street racing event. The youngster was racing against his friend John Barrineau. The race’s outcome was the death of two people, which led to his imprisonment. 

The gruesome accident happened in Tampa, Florida. On 23rd May 2018, Jessica Reisinger crossed the street with her baby. Suddenly Jessica saw two vehicles approaching them at a very high speed. 

She then pushed the stroller across the road to save her daughter. Unfortunately, it didn’t move fast enough, and Cameron’s vehicle collided with them. Cameron was driving a Ford Mustang. 

Jessica died on the spot, while Lillia died a day later. Luckily John Barrineau did get a state offer and was granted six years in prison. 

Cameron pleaded guilty but got 24 years of jail time. His charges were unlawful driving and vehicular homicide.  

Why Did People Defend Cameron Herring?

Cameron Herring is quite famous and has more than two million followers on all social media platforms. Some of his die-hard fans are pushing for an early release for the youngsters. 

They feel that the sentence is too severe. According to the fans, Cameron deserves a second chance since he didn’t cause the accident intentionally. 

Cameron Herrin Background

Cameron is an American citizen with white ethnic background (Caucasian). His parents were born and studied in Texas. 

Later on, they relocated to Tampa, Florida, from where they raised their two sons. Herrin was a student at Tampa Catholic high at the time of the incident. 

The Legality Of Street Racing In The USA

Today, street racing is popular in real life, not just in movies. However, it’s an illegal type of racing on public roads. It was more prevalent in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’90s. 

Racing is still popular but also hazardous. Many deaths of drivers, passengers, and bystanders occur yearly. 

Roots of modern racing in the USA have links to three Detroit American car manufacturers. The companies specialized in making high-powered and performance automobiles. 

People didn’t have a private racing venue and thus opted for street races. They illegally happen on public roads. 

However, street races usually happen on uncrowded highways, in the countryside, and on the city outskirts. Others take place in big industrial complexes. 

These races occur unplanned while others are properly planned and executed. Planning includes identifying roads with no police and having people communicate. 

The USA States With Most Street Racers

There are many movies and series about illegal races on public streets. The most popular movie is fast and furious, which has risky vehicle escapades. The street races in the movies involve cars with modifications for speed.

 In the movies, the street races appear dramatic and unrealistic. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t happen in real life. You can still witness the races on several American roads, yet they are illegal. 

Today they are so rampant and cause deaths. The various States like Florida have passed laws that make it easier to convict those who take part in these races. Here are the top five USA States with the most street racers.

1. Virginia 

It ranks as the first most affected American state when it comes to street racing. Yearly, the state convicts more than 50% of street racers than Arizona, ranking second. Other than street racing, Virginia has to deal with overspeeding. 

Many Virginia drivers have speeding tickets which rank the second-highest in America. In addition, motorists with prior at-fault accidents exceed the national average. 

2. Arizona 

Arizona State is among those with severe laws against street racing. Regardless, Arizona’s total number of street racers is about three times the country’s average. The street racers receive fines of up to $2,500 plus six months jail term.

3. California  

Since 2000, more than 179 people have lost their lives because of street racing in Los Angeles. 

In late June 2019, state officers arrested more than 15 racers and 30 cars in a parking lot in Corona. These statistics make California the 3rd highest state with a street racing problem. 

San Jose city council did pass a law against street racing. The law says it’s illegal to watch street races. Any spectator caught will receive fines of up to $1,000 plus six months of jail time. 

4. Oklahoma 

Like other states on the list, Oklahoma has fatalities that make it rank in the top five nationwide. However, the state has fewer drivers with speeding tickets. 

The percentage is below the USA mean. Amazingly the rate at which motorists use seatbelts is better, which means drivers are safe. 

5. Arkansas 

The list of the top five states appears with the street racing problem as the fifth state. Regardless, many Arkansas motorists are law-abiding. Thus cases of overspeeding are so low. 

The percentage of drivers with speeding tickets ranks perfectly. It ranks among the best 15 for drivers with speeding tickets. 

In addition, on average, the state has fewer motorists with DWI violations. With all the great rankings, you are must be wondering how it appears in the list of states with street racing issues. 

Popular Cars For Street Racing 

Street racing is quite popular today, and specific cars are the most popular choices for the event. These cars have some features that make them ideal. Street racing is harsh and requires powerful and durable cars. 

The features of street racing cars are the ability to easily and cheaply tune the car. Car turning improves performance. Racers also consider affordable cars, easy to maintain, and ones with superior handling. 

Here are some of the popular street racing cars. 

1. Chevrolet Camaro 

Camaro is an American brand and popular in street racing events. Most racers prefer this model because of its affordability and impressive handling and acceleration. However, it has a narrow windscreen that is difficult to use. 

But while on the racing road, you’ll get higher-octane action from the car. 

2. Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini has many models, and Huracan is among the cheapest models. Its engineering is great and makes it one of the best cars for street racing. It can accelerate to 60 mph in less than three seconds. 

Plus, it’s small, and this makes it easy to handle. You can easily improve its performance through tuning. 

3. Nissan GT-R

The GT-R is among the most popular street racing car models. It’s popularly known as the Godzilla. GT-R has a significant price, but this doesn’t stop it from appearing in street races that are quite harsh. 

The model features superior Japanese engineering with a perfect four-wheel-drive system. It’s also incredibly balanced, and you can easily tune it to get extraordinary horsepower amounts.

4. BMW M2

Like the Nissan GT-R model, BMW-M2 also has a significant price. However, it ranks among BMW models that offer value for money. It doesn’t have the most available features in other street racing cars. 

Still, it’s faster and will finish ahead of most street racing cars. Newer BMW M2 models can hit 60 mph in just 4 seconds. 

You can also expertly tune the chassis to have a balanced ride that will help you easily drive around corners. 

5. Chevrolet Corvette C6

The model is tough, and many street racers choose it because of its capabilities on the track and street. 

Many Chevrolet Corvette C6 owners usually make adjustments to it. The few tricks make it extremely powerful that it becomes hard to control and unstable.


Today street racing is so popular despite being illegal. Street racing happens when drivers come together to race on public roads. Cameron is one of the popular street racers but is currently serving a 24 year jail time. 

Street racing causes several deaths yearly. The event doesn’t have any legal regulations or rigid structures. The lack of structures makes the race extremely dangerous, and it’s illegal in almost all states. 

Unfortunately, people still defy the state’s laws and engage in the activity. There have been several mishaps like Cameron Herrin’s because of these races. 


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