Is ASICS A Good Brand? Full ASICS Product Review

Is ASICS A Good Brand

Shoes are perhaps the most crucial part of our dressing since the right shoes can make you a lot happier. 

Getting a snug fit with the perfect cushioning and support for your ankles will make your life easier. As such, you need a reliable shoe manufacturer.

When thinking about running shoes or sports shoes for any game, the first brand that comes to mind is ASICS or Nike. 

ASICS, in particular, is famous for producing comfortable sports shoes, and today we will take a closer look at their operations and see what they are all about.

Is ASICS A Good Brand?

ASICS is a great shoe brand, and they have been producing high-quality running shoes for decades now. The most notable aspect of ASICS shoes is the snug fit and support for the ankles. This makes ASICS shoes the most popular choice for many athletes or casual joggers. 

ASICS Gel Cushioning Concept

One of the most outstanding features most people use on ASICS shoes is their cushioning. Every athlete loves how the shoe absorbs their landing impact and makes it easier for them to play longer without getting injuries, so let us take a deeper look into this aspect.

ASICS shoes have gel pads at the bottom, and the specific number and size will differ depending on the use of the shoes. 

The gel pads have a semi-liquid material with tremendous impact absorption capabilities, as showcased in the ASICS women's Gel-Quantum running shoes.

This comes in handy for most joggers since they run on tarmac, tracks, or pavements, all of which are hard surfaces. 

If you had shoes without cushioning, your feet would directly contact these hard surfaces without impact absorption.

The cushion allows your foot to gradually come down as you run; therefore, you will have less stress in your joints, and an excellent example of how the shoe will do this is the ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 22 shoes.

Without the gel, you will have sudden stops and weight increases on your joints which will cause you pain in the knees and ankles. 

The rearfoot gel cushioning system features a pad at the back part of your shoe directly below your ankle. 

It absorbs the shock when you land and makes the takeoff easier on your ankles; thus, you will get a smooth transition from one foot to the other as you run.

The shoes also have a forefoot cushioning system that helps dissipate the shock you generate as you propel yourself. 

When running, you use the ankle to push yourself, and the impact will travel from the ankle upwards toward the knee. 

Without cushioning, you will feel the full impact of this motion on your knees and ankles, leading to intense pain after a few sessions. 

The cushioning absorbs most of the impact, so it remains within the shoe, and your foot stays safe.

The forefoot and rearfoot cushioning systems work together to help you cushion your takeoff and landing, so all the impacts stay in the shoe. 

This keeps your joints painless and healthy regardless of how much you run, just like the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 22 Running shoes.

Above the cushioning systems is a fluid fit section that features multi-directional stretch mesh reinforcements. 

These parts work from all directions, and they are elastic, which allows them to articulate to the athlete’s foot like a sock.

This means that they will work well for someone with a small foot and a wide foot. This will also help support your weight from the sides when you jump so you don’t risk twisting your ankle and you have more stability.

A shoe with a suitable gel can be a good friend for any athlete with the correct size. It will take a lot of pressure from your legs, and that will make you healthier for longer. It can also be suitable for people with joint pains or the elderly with issues with their joints.

Types Of Cushioning In ASICS Shoes

ASICS is popular because of its shoe cushioning, and it makes sense that they would specialize in it and make everything more diverse. 

As such, there are several options of cushioning they offer their buyers, and here are some of the most common to choose from;

1. Cushioning

This is a primary type of cushioned shape, and it works for most people that don’t have any special needs. 

It has several layers of cushioning, and they will give support when running, jumping, or making sudden movements.

These are shoes for people with healthy joints who need additional help. If you have adequate support, you feel okay running on bare feet, and this will be a good shoe choice for you. 

Shoes like the ASICS Gel DS Men’s trainers fall under this group, and they might not be the best for competitions, but they will hold up well for jogs or training sessions.

Make sure you get a good fit, so the cushion balances correctly beneath your feet to do its job.

2. Structured cushioning

Shoes like the ASICS Women's Gel-Venture running shoes are a good choice for people with mild or moderate natural support. 

This means that they will work best for people with issues with their ankles or joints to give extra impact protection.

If you had an injury on the leg that is still healing up, such a shoe would be a perfect option for you. 

It will take the extra pressure off your foot and make it easier for you to walk as you recover. A perfect fit is crucial since the wrong size will cause imbalances in support.

Even if you don’t have any issues with your joints, you can use these shoes for extra protection. Sometimes it is better to prevent injuries before they happen, and these shoes will help you keep strong and healthy joints to a ripe old age.

3. Maximum cushioning

This is the perfect shoe for a person looking for sneakers that can support all their weight and cushion their joints from all the impact of landing.

Shoes like the ASICS Gel Nimbus Running shoes will perfectly fit people without natural joint support.

Such shoes will also work well for someone that had an injury and is still on crutches or needs support for the joints. 

Patients with arthritis will love the cushioning these shoes give; you will feel like you are not even sick.

The cushioning should not limit you when choosing shoes since it’s safe to go for more cushioning but not less. 

Don’t use shoes with a thin cushioning set up for someone with joint pains since you will most likely hurt yourself while running.

If you have adequate natural support, it is good to use well-cushioned shoes since they will prevent you from developing issues with your joints later on. 

Make sure you get a good fit, so all the balancing and cushioning systems work correctly to protect you. 

How To Choose The Right Shoe Size

Choosing the correct shoe size is crucial for any user regardless of what you want to use the shoes for. 

There are many crucial reasons why shoe size is essential; the most essential is that it helps give you a good grip on the track and supports your weight correctly.

The first thing you have to know is the length of your feet, and you have to know that your feet will grow and their shape may change over time. The most accurate way to know your shoe size is to measure the length of your foot in centimeters.

When measuring your foot, use both of them since we generally have one foot longer than the other, and at times our feet are more prominent in the evening, so that’s the best time to measure. You can have a person trace your foot on a piece of paper or mark the heel and tip by yourself. 

Measure from the heel to the most extended tip and use the size of your larger foot. Add about a.5 centimeters to the measurement you get and use that when looking for a shoe. This space will help keep your feet warm and allow room for expansion as you run.

Shoes that are too tight will irritate your foot, and it might lead to sores. If the shoes are too big, they will not have a good grip on your feet which may cause you to drag them more on the floor, and they will wear out faster.

You can go to the ASICS website to get the perfect size for your foot to ensure you don’t experience any unforeseen side effects.


There are numerous running shoe brands, but none has dominated the market as much as ASICS, and the user reviews make it clear why this is the case. ASICS emphasizes ensuring their user’s maximum comfort with several layers of cushioning. 

Several shoe choices offer different levels of cushioning depending on the user’s joints. Make sure you get enough cushioning on your shoes so that there isn’t too much pressure on your joints as you run.


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