How To Slash Tires: Quick And Quiet Destruction

How To Slash Tires

Slashing tires is common in the US, and it is mostly a move by people looking to get justice of their own. If you do it right, it will cause a lot of money to replace the tire since it will be damaged beyond repair.

You need to know that this is the destruction of private property, and if you get caught, you might get sued and end up paying a fine for it. 

You could also get injured if you don’t approach the slash in the right manner so let’s get into the guide;

How To Slash Tires 

Tires are made out of high-quality rubber, and they have a metallic mesh in them, so it is not that easy to slash a tire, but it isn’t that hard if you know what you are doing. Let us look at the simplest ways to slash a tire along with ways to stay safe while doing it.

The best thing for the job is a knife; a serrated knife will work well in this case. Make sure the knife has a very sharp tip that will allow you to stab into the tire and sharp edges that will allow you to slash it.

Stab the tire as hard as you can near the rim since this is the weakest point of the tire, and it allows you space and leverage to pull the knife towards either side. Once the knife goes into the tire, push deeper until more than half the knife is in the tire.

Push the knife forward, so the tip faces you, then pull it towards you. This will be an easier line of motion, and you will leave a gash as wide as the knife or longer if you want to.  The tire will go flat in a matter of seconds, and it will be impossible to repair.

Tires have air that has enough pressure to support a car, so this is something you need to be careful about. 

The bigger the gash, the less noise it makes and the safer you will be in your vandalism, small cuts take longer to deflate, and they make noise. 

A small gush will have a lot of air coming out simultaneously, and the tire could blow out, which might be life-threatening. 

Face away from the tire while you slash it since you might end up with debris in your face and in an ambulance. 

You could use any sharp object to puncture a tire, but they wouldn’t work nearly as well as a knife. 

You can use a nail, crew driver, or ice pick, but they have relatively blunt tips, so you will use more force to puncture the tire.


Slashing a tire might not be the best way to deal with your anger, but it is a common means of personal justice. You shouldn’t do it but when you do, keep your face away from the knife and puncture site and always be on the lookout for cameras that could spot you in the act.


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