How To Clean The Living Room In 10 Minutes 

How To Clean The Living Room In 10 Minutes 

So your parents just called to tell you they will be in front of your doorstep within 20 minutes and your living room looks as if a bomb had exploded there, basically, it’s a massacre. Don’t worry, just follow our tips on how to clean a living room in 10 minutes and everything will be picture-perfect.

Tip 1: Prioritize 

Since you are in a hurry, first take a deep breath and look around your living room to see exactly what needs to be done. Does the floor/carpet need a thorough cleaning? Do the windows need a few sprays of glass cleaner?

Simply prioritize what makes the whole room look more unclean instead of spending 15 minutes trying to get that spoon out from under the sofa. I mean there is a very low possibility of your parents kneeling down to check what you have kept hidden under the couch! 

Tip 2: Get All Your Supplies Together 

First of all gather all your cleaning supplies together that includes the laundry basket, trash bag, glass cleaner, sponge/cloth, dusting wand, broom, and vacuum cleaner. Keep them all in the living room so that everything is within your reach.

Tip 3: Pick Everything Up 

Now open all the windows, and let in a breath of fresh air while you pick up anything lying around on the floor. If you have kids then ask them to help keep those toys in place while you simply chuck away all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Along with that, use the trash bag to dump the chocolate wrappers, chip packets, and whatever useless object you have lying around that needs to be thrown away. If there are bottles or anything that can be recycled then keep them aside to throw in the recycle bin later on.

Oh yes and don’t forget to take the trash bag outside and the laundry basket in the kitchen. After all, these are not decoration pieces to be kept for public viewing!!

Tip 4: Dusting

Now take a good look at the windows, television, coffee table, or whatever furniture you have in the living room. I’m sure even you are confused about whether a sandstorm hit your living room while you were out!!!

Grab that dusting wand and get going make sure to reach the corners of the furniture, flower vases, and decoration pieces if you have any, wall hanging framed photographs, and also dust the windows. 

Some of you may have dust allergies and it would be a good idea to wear a mask before using that wand to prevent all the dust particles from entering your nose and making you sneeze. Otherwise, you can easily get professional help by contacting Toronto deep cleaning services who can quickly do the job for you.

Also make sure to clean the television screen, any glass surfaces, and the windows. Just spray on some glass cleaner and wipe gently with a sponge/ cloth for that extra sparkly effect.

Tip 5: Look For Cobwebs

Wait! Have you checked the walls and ceiling properly? Yes, and you realized that the little eight-legged creepy crawlers have left their cobwebs for you to remember them!! Jokes aside, take out that broomstick and try to reach as high as you, or simply stand on a chair to get rid of all those webs.

Tip 6: Vacuum/Sweep 

Now that the living room is halfway clean with everything being picked up from the floor and the dusting completed you are probably worn out and want to throw yourself on the couch. But you still have so much to do and vacuuming is what you hate the most. 

Well, we have one solution that can buy a few minutes for yourself and also get that vacuuming done. All you have to do is call Mastermaid and they will send professionals to do the hard work for you.

Tip 7: Fluff The Pillows 

Well, since you have gone way out of your way to clean make sure to fluff the pillows and the couch to make them look as good as new, and if there are blankets fold them neatly.

So that your parents don’t think that you sleep on your couch instead of your bedroom!!

Tip 8: Scented Candles 

Finally, the living room is clean and dust-free waiting for the arrival of your parents. Before you pop into the kitchen take a last look at the living room and see whether or not you missed a spot. If everything is ordered then light up those scented candles or pour some oil into the bowl of potpourri and keep them on the tea table for a pleasant welcoming aroma.

Final Advice 

Now that you know how to clean your living room in 10 minutes. It’s time to get started, but before you do make sure to check whether all the necessary supplies are in stock or not Otherwise you may have to make an errand to the nearby store.


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