How Many Players On A Women’s Lacrosse Team? Must-know Female Lacrosse Rules

How Many Players On A Women’s Lacrosse Team

Lacrosse is an entertaining sport to watch, and is considered the oldest organized sport in North America. It also originated in Canada in the 17th century. 

Lacrosse is a team sport played by both genders and diverse age groups. Additionally, the game is played using lacrosse balls and sticks. 

This sport is growing in popularity faster than anticipated. So, it would make sense to learn about the rules and start showing more interest. 

Now, if you are a lacrosse player or eager to learn more about the sport, you have come to the right place! 

Let’s respond to the first question about lacrosse below. 

How many players on a women’s lacrosse team? 

Well, the women’s lacrosse team consists of 12 players. The team usually comprises a goalie, defenders, and attackers. 

In a typical women’s lacrosse team, there’s only one goalie. The remaining players include six defenders and five attackers.

Lacrosse is a top-rated team sport played by diverse age groups. It is also quickly turning into a sport of choice for youths in America. 

Do you want to know more about lacrosse? Please, keep reading!

What Is The Lacrosse Sport About?

Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport throughout North America, with claims of its birthplace being Canada. 

Lacrosse has been in existence since the 17th century. But a lot of changes have taken place since lacrosse’s inception, to make the game more appealing. 

When you analyze lacrosse carefully, you’ll discover that it’s a combination of soccer, hockey, and basketball. 

Another thing you have to remember is that agility and coordination are rewarding in lacrosse. Therefore, teams with quick players are at a huge advantage. 

So, what’s the main target for lacrosse? How do players win games? 

The major target in this sport is to send the ball into the opponent’s goal. And the team that scores the highest number of goals becomes the winner. 

Lacrosse is also played with lacrosse balls and sticks. Also, players have to master using these sticks to throw, catch, pass and scoop the ball. 

A Handy Tip: Women’s lacrosse is different from men’s. Firstly, women’s lacrosse is considered a non-contact sport. But there’s the clashing of sticks, though, and it is legal. 

The women’s lacrosse team comprises 12 players, but the men’s have two fewer.

How Many Players On A Men’s Lacrosse Team?

Men’s lacrosse sport allows contact between players, unlike women’s. Additionally, the men’s lacrosse team involves just ten players. 

The ten players in the men’s lacrosse team comprise a goalie, three attackers, three defensemen, and three midfielders. 

Another thing you need to know is the men’s lacrosse team setup is different from the female team. The female team comprises a goalie, six defenders, and five attackers. 

But as with women’s lacrosse, the men’s lacrosse sport’s main objective is for players to shoot the ball into their opponent’s goal. The team that fires more shots into the goal wins the game. 

A Handy Tip: Lacrosse sport is one of the easiest men’s and women’s scholarships to earn. Males and females have a 12.6% chance of securing a scholarship. 

Women’s Lacrosse Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a professional lacrosse player or want to remain a spectator, learning the game’s rules is equally crucial. 

The rules of the game are simple. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Players of each team can catch, run or pass the ball using their crosses (sticks).  
  • Contact between the stick and a player’s body or body to body isn’t allowed. The stick-to-stick contact is allowed, though.
  • When a ball goes out of play, any player closest to it is given possession of the ball.
  • Only the goalie can touch the ball with her hands, and she must be within the goal circle. Other players besides the goalie can only handle the ball with their sticks. 
  • No player should enter the goal circle when the goalie is present. 
  • Whenever a player gets fouled, she will earn an opportunity to fire a shot at the opponent’s goal.
  • When the whistle goes off, players must remain wherever they are. They can only move when the umpire blows the whistle for playing to continue. 
  • The first yellow card a player receives results in a penalty. The player must also leave the field for two minutes. But in the United States, any player that gets two yellow cards in a game will be taken off the field permanently, though she can take part in the next game. 
  • A red card can be issued to a player, or because the player has had two yellow cards. It can also be a straight red for unsportsmanlike behavior from the player. Players that receive two yellow cards or a straight red card will have to step aside for the rest of the game. A straight red card for unsportsmanlike behavior will see the player missing the next game. 
  • Players cannot cover the ball using their sticks to protect it from being picked by an opponent or to have it scooped. 
  • A green card can be issued to the captain of a team for time-wasting. 
  • During the draw’s administration, players are not allowed to remain in the substitution area. They can only do so when possession has been gained. 

What Is The Perfect Age To Start Playing Women’s Lacrosse?

It is best to start early in any sport. Why? You’ll develop into a fine player as you grow when you start early. 

So, when should you consider playing lacrosse? You can start at the age of 7. 

Many people may be wondering if a 7-year-old can play lacrosse. Well, yes, they can. 

At 7, a child must have developed the necessary coordination and strength to hold a stick and display basic skills. 

So, parents, if you desperately want your kids to actualize their full potential when they grow older, allow them to start playing lacrosse earlier.

Now, please keep in mind that male and female children can start playing lacrosse at 7. 

Is Lacrosse Truly A Rich Man’s Sport? 

Yes, it is. The gear players require to play the game is expensive. For instance, the stick, helmet, hockey gloves, and others may cost $300 for the low-end quality, while high-end may cost $1000+

Can a low-income family willingly splash $1000+ on lacrosse gears from their meager salaries? Most parents won’t. 

So, something has to be done to change this situation. Otherwise, lacrosse may struggle to become popular as other sports like basketball. 

You can see that basketball is so popular and is played by people of all classes because anyone can afford a ball and other required gear for the sport. 


How many players on a women’s lacrosse team? A female lacrosse team comprises 12 players. These include a goalie, six defenders, and five attackers. 

Also, note that women’s lacrosse differs from men’s. In the men’s lacrosse, a team comprises 10 players. These include a goalie, three defensemen, three attackers, and three midfielders. 

Furthermore, women’s lacrosse is a non-contact sport. This means players cannot make contact with their bodies during games. But they can make contact with their sticks. 

Men’s lacrosse is the direct opposite. It is a contact sport. That’s why the gears used in the men’s lacrosse differ from what the women are using. 


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