5 Habits That Can Affect Your Teeth

5 Habits That Can Affect Your Teeth

How often do you worry about your teeth?

You have been told that brushing your teeth twice daily is enough, but is it enough? Are your teeth healthy, or are you unknowingly bringing bad habits to the table, which can worsen their condition?

Most importantly, how will you know that your tooth is decaying? This is why following the rule of thumb is important when it comes to teeth and gum health. You should visit your dentist at least every six months and more frequently if you have active tooth issues.

Some of the common teeth problems which you are most probably ignoring are:

– Bad breath.

– Gum bleeding.

– Tooth crack followed by pain.

Dental Habits You Should Quit This New Year

We all know not brushing or flossing could lead to early tooth decay. However, did you know there are some habits you are inadvertently doing? They are your everyday bad habits and question your teeth’ health even without you knowing.

Here are the top 5 habits which you should stop today! Get the best consultation from a Top Rated Dentist in Dubai.

1. Nail Biting

Biting or putting anything against your tooth which is not edible is bad for your teeth. Nail biting is probably the worst of all. Here are some common tooth issues you welcome with this habit.

– If permanent is just forming, nail biting can lead to a shift in the tooth structure. Leading to crooked teeth. This can even happen to adults.

– Chipped tooth due to excessive nail biting. Chipped teeth can be painful when you are trying to eat something. It can even leave dents and depressions in your root.

– Inflamed gums which can lead to frequent gum bleeding with common activities like brushing your teeth.

2. Missing Out On Dental Appointment

Your dental appointments are more important than your full body. If you are not dealing with anything serious, simply going for a full body once a year is enough. However, for a dentist appointment, you must go at least once a month. 

Sometimes you are dealing with issues that are so trivial that you do not understand you need help until it’s too late. You can eradicate these issues with regular checkups. The dentist will be able to tell you problems when they are amenable and ways to solve them quickly.

3. Excessive Sugar Exposure

Excessive sugar releases sucrose in your mouth. This can lead to two things.

– Sucrose can lead to an accumulation of bacteria on our teeth called plaque. This plaque can lead to cavities or decaying black dents in our teeth.

– Excessive sugar can also strip your tooth of the enamel covering, making it weak and susceptible to chipping and decaying.

We are not asking you to give up sugar absolutely. However, finding healthy alternatives like raw honey can be healthy.

Plus, going to your dentist to find healthy ways to cope with your sugar addiction is also encouraged. 

4. Tobacco & Cigarettes

Tobacco, cigarettes, and the worst habits for your health. If it is not enough that they are ruining your lungs and kidney, they are worse for your oral metabolism as well.

When we eat too much, our enamel sheds anyway. However, our teeth has the capability to grow back. This depletes with age, but also with excessive tobacco consumption.

Doesn’t matter if you chew or smoke; it can ruin your oral health. Stain your teeth, and give you bad breath.

5. Over Brushing Your Teeth

Now, this is a controversial pick and will anger a few who take care of your teeth. However, there is a reason why you do not brush your teeth too many times a day and why twice is the benchmark.

If you are too rough on your teeth, it can lead to the weakening of enamel and even gum. As a result, your teeth’ strength will deplete, and bleeding gums aren’t uncommon when you brush.

Get soft bristles, and if possible, switch to electric brushes.

Get Help Today!

There are some habits that you do not know are causing damage to your oral health. Then there are some, like smoking which you know are bad. Getting rid of both is important.

Therefore, if your dentist appointment is long overdue, book a consultation today.


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