4 Good PR Tactics To Try In 2023 

Good PR Tactics To Try In 2023

What makes certain PR tactics good while others are deemed unsuccessful? Good PR is effective PR, meaning there are tangible results to share with clients. That might come in the form of improved public perception, increased brand awareness, increased media hits and audience impressions, more positive sentiment, or better customer reviews, to name a few. PR teams can achieve these types of results through experimentation, adopting new technology, and building multifaceted strategies.

Four good PR tactics you should try in 2023 are to create buzz, incorporate new technologies into your strategy, host community-focused events, and develop an influencer marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about each.

Good PR Tactics To Try Next Year

1. Create Buzz

Grab the audience’s attention with buzzy PR tactics! Buzz is an all-encompassing word, but if your PR campaign has it, people will discuss the brand and recall your tactics. It makes audiences curious to know more about the company and improves brand recognition.

In order to add some buzz to your PR campaign, you’ll need to think outside the box. Break the typical rules of PR in intentional ways that align with your brand, and you’ll begin to create buzz by standing out from the crowd. Try out an edgy catchphrase or market to your audience in person in a unique and thought-provoking way. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics and learn about your brand in the process!  

A simple way to start creating a buzz is by using social media to tease a major announcement. You can drop hints, create a scavenger hunt, or even clear your entire feed in anticipation of an exciting announcement. From there, you’ll find the confidence to build greater buzz on other PR platforms.

2. Layer in New Technology

As mentioned earlier, social media has become a blessing for businesses, as it allows them to reach their audiences directly at a moment’s notice. Plus, the cost that a company incurs on social media is low compared to other “advertising” platforms. Social media is an extremely efficient way to target new and existing audiences with precise information. It can also be a powerful tool for customer service and retention.

What better time to try your hand at social media than the turn of the year? Try layering in video content, which performs better than static posts, or launching a TikTok account for your business. There are also several new social media platforms brands can explore. For example, BeReal is a once-daily platform that encourages users to take a photo of whatever they’re doing at a particular moment in the day. Shuffles, an offshoot of Pinterest, is a visual medium where users can create digital collages. Mastodon is a Twitter-Esque channel for people, and companies, who like to share their opinions and important news in real time. Pick one and explore how you might be able to harness the power of that social platform’s community in unique ways.

3. Host Community-Based Events

In-person marketing is one of the most important tactics of good PR, but it was put on pause during the pandemic. Brands can see great ROI from both industry-specific and community-based events when these are layered into otherwise robust public relations strategies.

Whereas social media allows brands to reach target audiences easily, events can introduce brands to new audiences and do wonders for overall brand recognition. Companies might discover entirely new verticals for their businesses through in-person events. Depending on the event, brands can also use sponsorships to support community organizations and groups, creating positive business sentiment.

4. Work with Influencers

Blogging culture has spread worldwide, and involving influencers in your brand strategy  and working with them to create positive brand image is an excellent tactic with often exceptional results. 

Influencers are masters of persuasion. They’ve curated followings that are loyal to them, their personal brand, and the products and companies they love. A well-aligned influencer partnership can result in an incredible ROI for both brands and influencers, making this type of symbiotic partnership lucrative for all parties. If an influencer shares positive remarks about a brand, whether sponsored or otherwise, it generates a positive feeling in the consumer’s mind and creates social acceptance and brand recognition, often leading to a boost in sales.

How to Get Started

Good PR strategies will ultimately lead to a positive image of your company. The new year is a great time to try new tactics. Whether you choose one from the list above or decide to try them all, be sure to approach each with an open mind and an experimental mindset. Track your learnings and make changes often; all good PR strategies are flexible and reactive when needed! 

If you need some assistance enacting a 2023 strategy, consider hiring a PR firm to help build your brand. Your new team can help build community, develop relationships with consumers, and share your story.


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