Ellen Latham Net Worth: The Orangetheory Journey

Ellen Latham Net Worth

You have probably seen an Orangetheory Fitness location in several countries or cities and wondered about Ellen Latham’s net worth. 

Ellen is a famous fitness coach and instructor and has made many creative moves that gave her fame and a lot of money.

This article will explore her early life, career, and business choices to understand how she created her business and how much she earned. 

Let us get into more detail and look into the Orangetheory Fitness journey and the financial perks it came with;

Early Life and Career

Ellen was born into a large Italian family in Niagara Falls, a small town in New York. She had a close relationship with her father and family, which is still a strong driving force for her today.

Ellen Latham had a passion for working out and fitness inherited from her father, and her lifelong passion for health and fitness made her a fantastic physiologist. She wanted to be at the forefront of fitness, and this made her create “The Ultimate Workout.”

This workout routine would become the foundation of her gym and source of fame and money, Orangetheory Fitness. 

The New York Times featured her workout routine, which praised it as the new and most effective plateau-busting routine.

The recognition from her New York Times appearance and growing fan base set up the best point for her to create Orangetheory gym in Florida. 

Her dad, Arthur Calandrelli, was a beloved and well-known Physical Ed teacher at Niagara Falls and a big inspiration for Ellen Latham.

Ellen attended school and got a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Buffalo in New York. 

She would then motivate and train hundreds of people for over 35 years before finally branching and following her dreams.

Before she perfected “The Ultimate Workout,” Ellen worked at Bonaventure Spa. This was a high-end retreat and a prestigious job for Ellen, and it became an important milestone for her career in the industry. 

She also managed Williams Island Spa and The Eden Roc Spa on South Beach, so her life was all about working out and helping people get healthy and fit. She grew in popularity, and soon enough, she went on TV and became the face of fitness in Florida.

Ellen became a TV fitness expert for over half a decade, further building her wealth and popularity. She also wrote fitness columns in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald, showing how much influence she had at this point in her career. 

Through her hardwork and commitment, Ellen Latham rose in the fitness work and earned the Business Woman of the Year in South Florida. Ellen used her position as fitness editor for Women’s Fitness magazine to help bring more attention to Pilates.

She offered them in her classes and launched the first equipment-based Pilates studio in FT. Lauderdale Florida.

She has had a fruitful career and got additional recognition in and out of the fitness niche. Orangetheory Fitness was #1 on the list of the fastest-growing female-owned companies a few years back, and in 2017, she was the IHRSA Woman Leader of the Year.

A year prior, in 2016, Elle received an award for being EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Service-Based Business, and all these highlights were establishing her businesses. 

Ellen Latham was fired at 40 years old, and most people thought it was the end of her story, but she didn’t.

She lost her dream job and went out of the public eye for over a decade before making an impressive comeback at 54. This was an amazing feat; she created one of the most successful workout businesses in the US.

Orangethory Fitness is a franchise company licensed in 23 countries with over a million members and over 1,500 studios globally. 

Ellen Latham’s story is one about tenacity and hard work, and it is a good motivator for many women worldwide.

She has become world-renowned and is constantly on various TV shows and motivational programs.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is the most significant achievement of Ellen Latham’s career and a big contributor to her fame and fortune. It is an American fitness studio franchise headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

The first Orangetheory Fitness studio was launched by the founder, Ellen Latham, in 2010 in Fort Lauderdale. 

Orangetheory Fitness introduced a fun and effective workout routine, mainly featuring group sessions that create an unmatched sense of community.

It offers hour-long sessions that involve the members splitting into two groups. One group uses the rowing machines and weights, while the other uses the treadmill. Ellen created Orangetheory Fitness along with business partners David Long and Jerome Kern.

The company has grown and locations in Japan, China, Australia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Kuwait, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, the UK, and the USA. With over a million members and 1500 locations, this is the jewel in Ellen’s fitness career.

Income Streams

You have to be smart about your money and investment choices to get a net worth that is nearly as impressive as Ellen Latham’s. Ellen was a brilliant individual who applied her talents to get multiple income sources, creating her immense net worth.

The most significant source of income for Ellen Latham is Orangetheory Fitness, which she is world famous for. 

The company is valued at over $1 billion and is internationally franchised, so she has made millions in profits from all the membership fees. 

The gym offers a practical yet manageable fitness routine that has attracted many people, especially women. It has a fantastic community, and Ellen takes a hands-on approach to managing it and offering services through her iconic workout.

Since she has a degree in Physical Education, Ellen had most of the information she needed to create a gym. She eventually used her resources to create Ellen’s Ultimate Workout gym in Florida, a regular gym for everyone.

The gym is thriving and has hundreds of registered members. This is a good source of income for Ellen as she founded it by herself. 

Her fame and business success led her to write a book, PUSH- A Guide to Living an All-Out Life: The Story of Orangetheory Fitness.

The book goes for $4.99 on Amazon, and it has sold several million copies, all thanks to Ellen’s charm and popularity. She is also frequently invited to give talks and on TV shows, and she gets royalties for these, contributing to her vast fortune. 

Breakdown of Net Worth

Ellen Latham has a net worth of about $200 million, thanks to her prestigious position in the fitness world. She is best known for creating Orangetheory Fitness, her wealth’s most significant source.

She franchised the operation, reducing the investment costs on her side while allowing her to keep the profit. The business was a success, with millions of worldwide members paying membership fees.

She also created a  gym, which is a lucrative business since people are becoming more mindful of their health, and there are more fitness influencers.

She had a good reputation and a lot of publicity concerning fitness, which set her up nicely to create a sustainable business. This made her net worth significantly higher than most industry averages, ranging from $1 to $4 million.

Public Image and Personal Life 

Ellen Latham is a beloved and well-respected public figure globally, and most people in the fitness world adore her. 

She has had a particular goal of helping women achieve their fitness goals and has made a difference in many people’s lives.

Ellen Latham was a single mother when she founded Orangetheory Fitness, but she didn’t let her business stop her from raising her child. She has one grandchild, and the three are inseparable, making her successful in business and family.

This has made her an inspiration to millions of women globally, showing them that they can work and achieve their dreams without giving up their families. She is all about fitness, and you will have difficulty finding negative information about her online.

She has even been endorsed by famous people such as Mitchell Obama, who talked about how much she loved Orangethory Fitness. 

Ellen is an outstanding figure with a stellar public image that has kept her at the top of the fitness industry for over a decade.


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of Ellen Latham’s net worth and the story of how she managed to build her fitness empire. 

Ellen is a beloved face in the fitness industry, and she has always been a big supporter of group fitness sessions like Pilates. 

She used this idea to create Orangetheory Fitness, and this is a project that would change her life. She has used it to help many people and make millions from it. 

Her business snowballed to have over a thousand locations and a million members, making her a true inspiration to many people.


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