Edward Delling Williams Net Worth: The Presbytere’s Story

Edward Delling Williams Net Worth The Presbytere’s Story

Edward Delling Williams’ net worth is often researched because he has established himself well in French cuisine. 

The British Chef moved to Paris and worked there for over a decade to build himself a name and several successful restaurants.

But what has he gotten out of all his work? We will examine his income sources and professional ties to determine his worth. 

The restaurant business in Paris is supposedly blooming, so let’s get into the details and find out just how well Edward Delling is doing;

Early Life and Career

Edward Delling moved to Paris in his early 20s, and it was there that he would finally make his mark in the culinary world. 

He had always dreamed of moving to Paris because of all the cuisines and cultures that mixed there, it was the gastronomic capital of the world and a true dream for any chef.

He had her rumors about the excitement of Paris, and he went to explore it the first chance he got. Edward originally planned to work through Europe to Lisbon and the other cities. He wanted to cook on beaches and surf, combining his two passions.

The plan changed, and he ended up setting himself up and staying in France for the next decade. Edward Delling had a lot of friends in the culinary world, making his transition significantly more manageable than most people when he went to Paris.

He had been working with Shaun Kelly, an Australian Chef at St John in London and Shaun went to Paris first. By the time Edward followed, he had used Shaun’s connections to get a job at Au Passage restaurant, and they slept right above it.

There was a pre-existing community of immigrant chefs from across the globe in Paris, the first community Edward was a part of. 

The Au Passage hosted “Thirsty Thursday,” a time for the chefs and servers from various restaurants to come together for drinks and fun.

This event helped Edward learn a lot of new tricks from other chefs and improved his understanding of the culinary scene in Paris. He speaks fondly of his time at Au Passage and how kind everyone was to him and each other.

His days at this time were all about getting up at the crack of dawn to go to the market for ingredients and then cooking and serving guests, especially in the evenings. They would then have a drink, clean up, and repeat the process the following day.

It was a busy schedule, but it helped him build a community and learn from more experienced chefs, and he kept his job at Au Passage for four years. 

He was the head Chef at Au Passage for three years, making him feel ready for the next step of his culinary journey.

Edward Delling decided he did not want to work for someone else; he wanted to create his restaurant and control the menus and everything else. At this time, he decided to start his restaurant and created Le Grand Bain.

He was finally happy to be a chef headliner, but it had a lot of work and challenges. At Le Grand Bain, he insisted on having the best produce, cooked the best way, and offered at the best price. Before increasing the price, they started preparing meals at a pre-meditated loss for the first months.

They didn’t put the prices too high, and you could get a fantastic meal for about 30 euros, which kept the dream of the restaurant. The restaurant was a big success, and he later created a bakery using the same brand, and it followed in the restaurant’s footsteps.

Professional Achievements 

Edward Delling Williams is arguably one of the most successful chefs in Paris and has made virtually all the accomplishments chefs dream of. He started working in a restaurant and rose to head Chef after just one year.

He left the restaurant and used the skills he had learned to create three successful restaurants and a bakery to match. His recipes are well-liked by his customers, and he constantly shares them through his TV shows.

He is a constant social media presence with millions of fans, showcasing his culinary skills and love for cooking. His shows were a success, and he even got a daytime Emmy nomination, putting him at the forefront of the Neo-bistro in France.

The Crown jewel of his career is his latest and biggest restaurant, The Presbytere. It is a combination of an English pub and a Normandy Bistro that creates one of the most memorable dining experiences on the planet.

He is an all-rounded person with a keen talent in the kitchen and a shrewd business mind, and they two have propelled his career and filled it with achievements. The chef world is lucrative, and Edward found the best way to capitalize. 

Income Streams

Edward Delling is a chef, so the most natural source of income for him is a restaurant. He is a well-educated and hard-working young man who used his skill to create Le Grand Bain, a high-end restaurant in North Paris.

The restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere and a lot of good meals that have attracted locals and people from across the world. The place is always full of cheerful faces and paying customers; no wonder he has so much money.

The restaurant was so successful that Edward Delling created a sister bakery, Le Petit Grain. The bakery was also a hit and contributed to his success and passion as a cook, giving him worldwide recognition.

His travels gave him a lot of inspiration that he added to his locations, creating a more meaningful experience for his customers.

He also recently created another restaurant, The Presbytere, which is even more successful than his previous projects. It offers a blend of modern and traditional Normande and English cuisine using local ingredients. 

Another one of the most significant sources of income for Edward Delling is his TV cooking shows, and one of the most popular ones is Paris Bistro Cooking. The British chef shows viewers how to prepare various meals in his Paris kitchen to inspire people with delicious meals.

The show went online in 2021 and aired for one season, which has now gotten to 16 episodes, with each episode focusing on specific dishes. It is like an online cookbook for fans to rewatch, and his viewers loved it since it has an IMBD score of 8.6/10.

His other TV show is French Country Cooking With Edward Delling-Williams, which aired for one season with six episodes. He features many dishes in the show and even some parties with friends where they have cookouts and lots of fun.

Both his shows are on YouTube TV, and millions of followers watch his content and contribute to his net worth. Professional TV chefs have become popular in recent years, and he most certainly was able to capitalize on the rush to make a name for himself. 

Breakdown of Net Worth

Edward has done a lot of work and immersed himself in a net worth of approximately $1 million through his businesses. Edward Delling manages several restaurants and bakeries, and the income from these is the biggest contributor to his net worth.

He owns a farm where he grows vegetables, attracting even more customers as they can be sure they will get fresh food. 

He has five upcoming projects, and if they are anywhere near as successful as his previous ones, then his net worth is set to double in the coming decade.

Combining all his restaurants and TV shows has created this wealth and showed his intelligence in business. He owns many restaurants and tries to keep the prices affordable, but you must spend some money on quality.

Public Image and Personal Life 

Edward Delling’s life is not all about business and cooking; he is a family man with a wife and three children. His family has greatly influenced how he pursues his career and his fun time activities.

He started his family early and later created two more restaurants and two TV shows and became a face of Paris cuisine at the peak of his career. When he had kids, he sobered up and stopped drinking, leaving him more time to focus on his family and businesses.

Edward has often credited his wife for being a source of inspiration and guidance in his various business endeavors and thanked her for her support. The two have a beautiful relationship and live together in their family home and farm in the French countryside.


Edward Delling is a beloved TV personality and Chef, and he has used his talent to create a net worth of about $1 million. This is thanks to his three restaurants and bakery that sell fresh and delicious food at an affordable price. 

His wealth might not match that of other celebrity Chefs like Gordon Ramsey, but Edward Delling Williams has undoubtedly done well for himself. He continues to focus on his dream of sharing a wide range of cuisines with people at an affordable rate.


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