Bobby Axelrod Net Worth: The Billions’ Mastermind

Bobby Axelrod Net Worth

Bobby Axelrod is a character played by Damian Lewis on Billions, and the search for his net worth is expected because of how outstanding the character is. 

The movie portrays him as one of the most intelligent businesspeople, and so many people are naturally curious about how much he has.

This article will closely examine Billions, specifically Bobby, to help you better understand the character, background, investments, and financial position. Let us get into the good stuff and learn more about Bobby Axelrod’s net worth;

Character’s Description 

Bobby Axelrod aliases Axe and Bobby, a fictional male character played by Damian Lewis in Billions. 

Billions is a hit show about money, investing, and various business processes that have intrigued many and created a large following for Axelrod. 

Bobby is the current CEO of Axe Global and was formerly affiliated with Axe Capital. Axe Global is a multi-billion dollar hedge fund that was started in Connecticut, but he later moved it to New York, where there were more opportunities in the third season of the movie. 

Bobby is a knowledgeable and able investor who seemingly anticipates many market changes, making all his investments successful. This has created a lot of friends and enemies for him, and it adds to his allure as a character.

His excellent leadership, decisiveness, and intellect ensure that he is rarely on the losing side, which has earned him much respect from his peers. How he uses his intelligence in a nearly toxic manner is why most people love Bobby so much.

Throughout the show, he has created a reputation for being vindictive and ruthless when the need arises, and he doesn’t hold back when dealing blows. This has caused many people to fear him and the repercussions of crossing him, which has put him in an ideal position throughout the movie.

Bobby is a self-made billionaire who enjoys all the fruits of his success. He has several mansions, a helicopter, a personal chef, a private jet, and numerous luxury cars. Despite this, he also remembered his humble roots and the fact that he almost died on 9/11.

Bobby Axelrod is a good character, but the temptations that come with all the power and greed are enormous. The nature of his business makes the line between good and bad blurry, which adds to the story’s mystery.

He is cunning and never lays out all his plans to anyone, so viewers are always keen to see what he will do next.

Breakdown of Net Worth

Bobby Axelrod has a net worth of about $5 billion and around $8 billion in holdings across all his assets, making him very wealthy. His nasty divorce cost him about half of his wealth, and he is worth $5 billion because he had to run away.

In season 6, he was going to get arrested, so he had to run away to Switzerland, which made him sell his company to Michael Prince for just $2 billion. His wife Lara has a net worth of $% billion thanks to their divorce and the lack of a prenuptial agreement.

Bobby owns a lot of luxurious and expensive things tied to his net worth, such as a private jet and several Picasso and Van Gogh paintings. He got most of his wealth from his company, Axe Global, which he built from the ground up.

Bobby is a Wall Street guru who can see many opportunities, which has helped him go from shoveling snow to flying in private planes. 

The show’s writer tried to match Bobby Axelrod’s life to businessman Steven Cohen. Steven owns the New York Mets and is a prominent figure in the Hedge Fund world who divorced in 1990, just like Bobby Axelrod. 

Personality and Character

Bobby Axelrod is established as a competent and cunning investor who has created all of his wealth from scratch. This gives him a unique tenacity and will to protect the fruits of his hard work, which is the source of his ruthless personality.

Many characters in the movie are skeptical about his initial profits after 9/11 and feel he is hiding something, and they are most likely correct. After 9/11, Bobby showed one of his philanthropic capabilities by helping out the families of his friends and bosses who died on 9/11.

He used his gains after 9/11 to pay for college tuition for the children of his colleagues and friends who died in the tragedy. Bobby has connected many patterns in the various transactions he has been involved in, which has helped him grow his company and wealth.

He has demonstrated a strong strategic mindset and ability to plan and outsmart his competitors. One of his biggest enemies, often the victim of Bobby’s cunning, is Chuck Rhodes, a competitor and law enforcement.

Chuck is always investigating Bobby and trying to get concrete evidence to put him away, but Bobby has managed to outsmart him every step of the way.

The movie shows that Bobby was from a rough part of town and didn’t grow up with much. He has managed to get a lot of money and become a good husband and father, but he does not indulge his children.

He is keen on instilling a good work ethic in his two kids to ensure they have the brains to succeed on their terms. He started making money when he was young by shoveling snow in their neighborhood and a few other kids.

As he grew, he went into horse tracks and bet on the horse races, preparing him for the business world he would go into later. He would observe those who made a lot of money and, through them, learn how to bet and finance rules.

His rough upbringing gave him a good resolve and ensured he didn’t hesitate to make good choices for himself or his company. He is also able to push his employees to get the best results.

Axe never thinks twice about making a decision that will keep him, his business, or his family ahead of anyone else. Bobby’s most significant problem is is controlling nature and obsession with loyalty. He is narcissistic and aware of it, but he still can’t control himself in most situations.

He ruthlessly and unnecessarily goes after and destroys every person who stops working for him and tries to create a business for themselves. He sees this as disloyalty and destroys them to ensure they never threaten him.

Personal Life and Public Image

Bobby is a successful businessman, but the same does not apply to his personal life. He was formerly married to Lara Axelrod, and they had two children, Dean and Gordie Axelrod, but they divorced.

The show constantly references Bobby as having an abusive father and a rough childhood, which has affected his personal life in many ways. His father hurt him and his mother when Bobby was growing up, and this made Bobby hate his father.

This also created a deep need for control, which is a constant problem with his friends and family. He is obsessed with loyalty, and he often goes overboard in showing or wanting it proven to be him, which creates a challenging dynamic in his relationships.

An excellent example of his controlling nature is his being a billionaire and buying his childhood home despite never living there. He argues that he doesn’t want another person to live or suffer like he did in the house, which only clarifies his worst flaws.

His hate for his father is apparent through his actions, and it is shocking to other characters. Bobby is close to his mother, but he threatens to cut her off and leave her poor if she ever speaks to his father again.

Axe even too back a Lexus he had bought for his mum and crushed it after he learned that she had given it to his father. His personality has created many problems, which is part of why he ended the relationship with his wife, Lara.

Bobby always looks for competition and the next person to go after, even when it isn’t entirely necessary. This behavior means he is always at war with other characters, and he ends up in police crosshairs more often than not.

This is where his shrewd nature comes up to help him get out of trouble, but it has tainted his public image and strained his relationships. 


You better understand Bobby Axelrod’s net worth and have learned more about the character’s life and personality. 

Bobby is a vindictive, intelligent, and cunning businessman who has made billions on Wall Street. He has shown a constant desire to destroy everyone who dares challenge him and has created an empire for himself. 

However, it has strained his relationships, but he is still one of Billions’s most beloved and successful characters. 


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