Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press? Planet Fitness Equipment

Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press

The presence or absences of certain things define places. A good hotel has good in-room service, a good city has excellent hotels, restaurants, people, and places to see, and a good gym has all the equipment any user needs to work out.

People use gyms for a wide range of different reasons, and a good gym must-have amenities for each of these people.

 Planet Fitness is one of the biggest gym companies on the planet so let us look at the kind of equipment they offer their users;

Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

No, there aren’t bench presses in Planet fitness since these are gyms made for average users, not professional bodybuilders. They have a more complex setup that helps beginners adapt and lift weights at a more moderate pace than what you get at a regular gym. 

Details Of Planet Fitness Services

Planet Fitness focuses more on fitness and wellness than muscle building, which is apparent in most programs and equipment. Planet fitness is a good place for many people, and here are some reasons you should use their gym.

What you will like about planet fitness is the hours they offer; they open as early as 3 am, convenient for someone who has an early day. 

You could work out and use the shower before leaving for an early flight, so it will fit into most schedules.

There is a stereotype that planet fitness locations don’t have the equipment, but this is not the case anymore. Planet Fitness gyms have hundreds of cardio equipment, treadmills, and more.

Planet Fitness gyms have now included a planet 360 area, a cross-fit area. They also have classes with instructors that will make it easier for you to learn how to use the equipment. You can do anything you need in this area, which is a significant advantage for CrossFit lovers.

The best part about Planet fitness is the value it offers its users. You can get the $10 a month membership if you want to use only one gym and you are alone. This is a good choice for someone that doesn’t travel or has been in a given area for a long time.

If you travel often and need more services, you can go with the $20 black card membership. You can bring a friend or family member to the gym with you with this subscription since you get unlimited guest privileges.

When traveling, you can use any Planet Fitness gym and still enjoy all the perks that come with planet fitness.

There are always attendants and trained instructors in the gym to help guide you if you don’t know how to get around, so it is worth looking.


Planet Fitness is not a regular gym, so it doesn’t have a bench press, but you will get other options that work even better. Planet fitness is growing, and it accommodates a broader range of needs now. There is something for everyone at affordable rates in Planet fitness.


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