Did Joe Manchin Serve In the Military? What You Need To Know

Did Joe Manchin Serve in the Military

Did Joe Manchin serve in the military? Besides his authoritative figure, the outspoken senator never minces his words. 

He alluded to a potential third-party presidential bid during his closing remarks at the Texas Tribune Festival in 2023.

In addition, he stated that if he ran as an independent, he could cast the 2024 election into doubt. Manchin would not confirm re-election plans as a West Virginia Democrat senator.

He stated that running as an independent candidate would help unite the country rather than handing the election to former President Trump. Manchin advocated for a third political party and suggested that an independent candidate could unite a deeply divided nation. 

Manchin is considering running on a bipartisan slot. For such an outspoken person, read more and find out the background of the West Virginia Senator.

Did Joe Manchin Serve In The Military?

No, Joe Manchin did not serve in the military. He served as Secretary of State from 2000 to 2004, and his office was known for its outstanding customer service. 

From 1982 to 1996, he served as a state representative and was known as an advocate for West Virginians. Senator Manchin enjoys shooting, fishing, flying outdoors, and riding his motorcycle. 

Manchin’s approach makes him who he is and has earned him the support of a diverse group of people. 

This includes moderates on both sides, staunch Trump supporters, and liberals and leftists who always vote for the lesser of two evils. But who is he?

Joe Manchin’s Biography

Manchin was born in 1947 and raised in the modest West Virginia coal community of Farmington. 

He received a football scholarship to West Virginia University, where he played quarterback, but was injured and forced to quit playing.

Manchin hails from a prominent political dynasty. A. James Manchin, his uncle, was a flamboyant state official who helped John F. Kennedy win West Virginia in the 1960 presidential election.

The senator received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1970. After graduating, Manchin began working at his family’s grocery store. Before entering politics, he was also employed by multiple family-owned enterprises.

He married Gayle Conelly in 1967, and the couple had three children. After graduating from college, he began his career at his family’s store, ran a carpet store, and finally joined a mining company.

Manchin stood for office for the first time in 1982 when he was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates. In 1986, he was elected to the state Senate till 1996.

Manchin ran unsuccessfully for governor of West Virginia in 1996. He was selected as the state’s secretary of state in 2000. Later, in 2004, he successfully ran for governor. 

He served from 2005 until 2010 when he won a special election to complete the late U.S. Senator Robert Byrd’s term. Later in the same year, Manchin was elected to the Senate.

He was inaugurated on November 15, 2010, to replace the late Senator Robert C. Bryd. Senator Manchin feels privileged and honored to represent West Virginia in the United States Senate.

Senator Manchin’s strong desire to serve the public was instilled in him by his family and the work ethic he acquired growing up in West Virginia. Senator Manchin has always supported what he refers to as retail administration.

This indicates that he desires to communicate with all his people and prioritize their requirements. 

He has done this from his time as a state representative to his time as governor to his current position as a senator.

In his public existence, he has never allowed politics to prevent him from speaking the truth. Instead, he believes we can only do what is best for West Virginia and the nation if the community sets aside politics and works diligently to unite people.

As a senator, Joe Manchin strives to instill this spirit of cooperation in his state. As he has done throughout his tenure, he is committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to discover practical solutions to the nation’s problems.

In addition, he is working diligently to instill a new spirit of bipartisanship in the Senate and Congress. Senator Manchin’s primary objective as a lawmaker is to generate jobs. 

He believes that the government should be a partner, not an adversary, in creating a favorable environment for American employment.

Senator Manchin also believes that the rest of the country can and should clear up their budgets as he did in West Virginia. 

He believes lawmakers must find commonsense methods to reduce expenditure. They should still honor their commitments to seniors and soldiers by safeguarding Social Security and Medicare.

Senator Manchin is confident that the country requires a national energy plan that utilizes the resources and weans them off Middle Eastern oil. 

He believes that the best way to conduct business is in a balanced, rational manner that considers both the requirements of the environment and the demand.

Senator Manchin is a member of the Senate Committees on Energy and Natural Resources, Armed Services, Aging, and Banking. 

These four essential committees are tasked with meeting the nation’s energy requirements, supporting the military, honoring their commitments to seniors, and assisting in resolving financial issues.

He has been married to Gayle Conelly, a former Beckley resident. Their children are Heather, Joseph IV, and Brooke, and their grandkids include Joseph V, Sophie, Kelsey, Madeline, Chloe, Jack, Carly, and Vivian.

Leader In The Making

Sen. Manchin was raised in the West Virginia coal-mining community of Farmington, where he learned the values shared by all West Virginians: family, common sense, justice, and hard labor. 

Papa Joe, a local store owned by an Italian immigrant, taught him the importance of customer service when he was operating a modest business. 

Manchin’s election to the West Virginia House of Delegates marked the genesis of an illustrious political career. 

Four years later, he was elected to the state Senate. He stood for governor in 1996 but lost the primary. Manchin supported the Republican candidate in the general election, who went on to win.

In 2001, Manchin was appointed West Virginia’s secretary of state. After four years, he was elected governor. 

According to Politico, Manchin was a Democrat who cut taxes, was against abortion, and supported guns. He admired the concept of a living wage, at least for now.

Since his 2010 election to the Senate, Manchin has primarily served the American people from his houseboat. Manchin stated he disliked buying something permanent regarding a place.

Joe Manchin opposed homosexual marriage and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. He was one of nine Democratic senators who spoke out against homosexual marriage. 

Katie Longo, the spokesman, stated, “Senator Manchin believes that marriage consists of one man and one woman. His religious beliefs led him to support the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Manchin, a member of the NRA, advocated for stricter firearms regulations. In a TV ad back in 2013, Manchin held a pistol and said he would keep fighting for gun rights and improved areas. 

He attracted criticism for supporting gun control and background checks. Manchin soon gained a reputation as one of the Senate’s more conservative Democrats. 

He remained to the left of the majority of his Republican colleagues, and he frequently disagreed with the administration’s policies and laws. 

He worked closely with other Republicans from energy-producing states, like North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven, to set up a program for making energy that included renewable and nonrenewable sources, particularly coal, a critical part of the West Virginia economy. 

Manchin was an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage and abortion and a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms.

In January 2014, a significant chemical discharge limited the residents’ water usage to flushing the restrooms for five days. Manchin expressed his disappointment by saying, “It indicates that our nation has kept many toxins that have never been examined. 

It serves as a wake-up call for all.” Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia desired a thorough investigation into what occurred. It was permissible to dispatch the inquiry.

People have spoken negatively about Manchin’s affiliations with the coal industry, especially given his unwillingness to adhere to environmental regulations. 

A small group gathered outside The Paramount Theatre, where he spoke, to express their discontent with Manchin’s stance on climate legislation.

The People’s Advocate

West Virginia is one of the most patriotic states in the nation, and Senator Manchin is proud of the number of Veterans and current service members who have proudly served the country. 

As a Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs member, Senator Manchin seeks to enhance employment opportunities and access to health care for West Virginia’s Veterans.

Manchin opposed the United States airstrikes on Syria from the air. He wasn’t on board the military strike against Syria based on the evidence he had come across. 

He advocated for taking into consideration other plans and options before them before taking any action.

Manchin also labored diligently to amend the Affordable Care Act. He advocated delaying the penalty and extending the enrollment period for health insurance. He desired to redefine a part-time worker as someone who works fewer than 40 hours per week.

This would have made more individuals eligible for health insurance coverage but also increased the cost of the Affordable Care Act. 

Even though he attempted to amend the Affordable Care Act, Manchin stated, “I’m respectful. I wish my president success. I’ve never opposed something until I had a superior alternative.”

Senator Manchin is a member of both the Senate Veterans of 9/11 Caucus and the Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus. 

Unemployment, underemployment, and gaining access to education and training are a few of the most pressing issues facing America’s veterans today. 


Did Joe Manchin serve in the military? No, he didn’t, but Manchin has already established himself as a man of the people. The democrat Manchin has been a pivotal balance vote in Congress, authorizing a significant number of President Joe Biden’s nominations. 

In 2022, he granted the Democrats the necessary votes to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. This law allocated tens of billions of dollars to energy initiatives, reduced the price of prescription medicines, and reduced the national debt.

The outspoken senator already hinted at a stint at the presidential elections. Only time will tell if he would vie for the big seat.


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