Did Florida Georgia Line Break Up Because of Politics? The End of FGL

Did Florida Georgia Line Break Up Because of Politics

Many fans have wondered in the last few years, “Did Florida Georgia Line break up because of politics?” 

Florida Georgia Line was a popular band, and many fans were disappointed that the band split up mainly because they didn’t know why the two friends drifted apart.

There were signs of significant political differences in their beliefs, but most people aren’t sure if this is entirely the reason for the duo splitting up. 

This article will explore the relationship dynamic of Kelley and Hubbard to give  a better understanding of why they split up;

Did Florida Georgia Line Break Up Because of Politics

Tyler Hubbard did an interview where he confirmed the duo was splitting up, and he said there were many reasons, the biggest being their political differences. 

Tyler was vocally against Donald Trump, while Brian Kelly supported him, which complicated their dynamic and public image. The duo also had many social media squabbles that made fans suspicious of the band’s future. 

This and their desire to pursue solo careers eventually led to the duo splitting up.

What Is The Florida Georgian Line?

Florida Georgia Line is one of the world’s most prominent US country music duos. The group was launched in 2010 by songwriters and vocalists Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. Brian was from Florida, and Tyler from Georgia so they combined their home names to create the band name.

Kelly and Hubbard became acquaintances in 2008 at Belmont Uni, and after they graduated, they decided to try country music and see how well it played out. They got an apartment together and did odd jobs to help support their music career and pay the bills.

They started as independent artists and were locally loved, even getting a chance to perform at a county fair. 

It was here that Joey Moi discovered them, and the trio started a recording studio. They spent days polishing their music, which became cleaner and better than most country music.

They used bans like Three Days Grace, Nickleback, and Shinedown to model their songs and added a touch of metal. This music style was unique, which is part of why the band ended up being so successful.

Florida Georgia Line made their debut single, “Cruise,” in 2012, and it was an instant hit, breaking two significant sales records. Cruise got over 7 million downloads, making it the first song to receive the Diamond Certification.

The song was also number one for 24 weeks when it became the most-sold digital country music track. Fans describe their music style as “bro-country,” incorporating hip-hop and rock elements to create a unique sound.

They mostly speak about drinking, sexual attraction, partying, and driving trucks, and that describes the demographic of listeners that subscribe to them. 

The duo released numerous albums and songs over the years, most of which were hits, garnering a massive following.

They had several tours across America and country music concerts as their fame grew and they transitioned to more prominent labels. 

Florida Georgia Line became a globally recognized brand that was particularly loved by the country folk in the United States.

Having a two-man singer-songwriter duo ensured that all the songs put out by the team were hits and connected with their listeners. They used their following to extend their investment beyond just the music industry. 

Florida Georgia Line had a whiskey brand, “Old Camp Whiskey,” and they marketed it in one of their songs, Smooth. It was also in their feature Up Down on Morgan Wallen’s single, which was a creative way to use their fame to create wealth.

Kelley and Hubbard also started a restaurant in Nashville called FGL House, named after their band. It was moderately successful, and they created an additional creative compound in the same area.

They even created an independent label in 2019, Round Here Records, and signed Canaan Smith as the flagship artist. 

The group is currently on a break from making music together, and they aren’t going on tours anymore amidst stories of political differences between the two. The musicians, Tyler and Kelly, are now pursuing solo careers and collaborating with other artists.

The duo discussed the temporary separation, so fans hope they resolve their differences and return to producing music together.

Getting To Know The Members Of Florida Georgia Line

A band’s success is dependent on the individuals that form it and what they offer to create a dynamic and music that is appealing to people. 

You, therefore, should know the members of Florida Georgia Line and how they got together to understand their success;

1. Tyler Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard is a 36-year-old singer-songwriter born on January 31st, 1987. He grew up in Monroe, Georgia, and spent much of his time playing sports or riding dirt bikes, contributing to his future music styling.

When he was younger, he was religious and heavily involved in church, attending sermons several times a week. Tyler was leading the worship service in church by the time he joined high school, and that is when his music career started.

He would sing rap beats and learn to play guitar with his friends, which sharpened his musical understanding. Hubbard went to Loganville Christian Academy, where his singing and church-going were encouraged further.

He later enrolled in Belmont University, where he met Brian Kelley in 2007. They grew close and started playing guitar and singing together, and in 2009, they started doing local shows. They started their career in 2010 with their 1st EP, Anything Like Me.

They later signed with Republic Nashville, a major music brand, after their hit sing, “Cruise,” which catapulted them into the public eye. The band stayed together but broke up in 2022 for several reasons, mostly political differences.

In 2021, Hubbard confirmed his intention to start making music with other solo artists while still in Florida Georgia Line. He started this with Tim McGraw, and they released their first song in January of 2021, “Undivided.” 

In 2022, he signed with EMI Nashville and plans to create an album under the label. Later, he released “5 Foot 9,” his debut solo track in May. Hubbard is married to Hayley Stommel, and they have three children together.

The couple started dating in 2013, and Hubbard proposed a year later, in September 2014, in a helicopter flight. They got married in July of 2015 in Idaho. 

2. Brian Kelly 

Brian Edward Kelley is the second member of Florida Georgia Line, born in Ormond Beach, Florida, in 1985. His parents were Ed and Mary, and they raised Kelley to love writing and playing sports even though he never played professionally.

He spent most of his time playing baseball with friends or hanging out on the beach as he developed his writing skills. He started participating more in worship and church services as he grew older, and his songwriting improved.

As a teenager, he loved the guitar, and his years of practice made him good at it. He started his passion for country music through his sister, who would listen to the genre while they hung out at the beach.

In exchange for her tapes, Kelley would wash his sister’s car. He was in Seabreeze High School at this time, and he graduated in 2004. He later joined Daytona State College, where he graduated in 2007. 

He played baseball at Florida State University and Daytona State College, and some professional teams were scouting him. Even as he almost went pro, he kept his passion for writing and gave it a lot of time.

His career dived, and he went to Belmont University since he was doing more bench sitting than playing. He met with Tyler, and they eventually created Florida Georgia Line, which became a successful band.

Kelley declared his plans to start a solo career in January 2021, but he would remain in Florida Georgia Line, and Hubbard supported this choice. Kelley began his label with Warner Music Nashville, and Nashville South Records is growing rapidly.

The Beach Cowboy has released several tracks and albums since he separated from Florida, Georgia. Some of his greatest solos include Sunshine State of Mind, 2021, BK’s Wave Pack, 2021, May We All, and American Spirit, 2022.

Through his solo career and band, Kelly has established himself as a talented writer and vocalist and is bound to have a fruitful career. He is currently married to Brittney Marie, and they don’t have any children.


So, did Florida Georgia Line break up because of politics? The truth is that their political differences and a need to pursue personal careers led to the band splitting up. By 2021, they had shown interest in solo careers and sang with other solo artists.

They have had mildly successful solo careers in the last few years, but most fans believe their music was better when they did it together. Hopefully, Kelley and Hubbard will figure out their issues and return to Florida Georgia Line.


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