Can My Child Ride In Uber Without Car Seat In The USA

Can My Child Ride In Uber

In modern transportation, ridesharing apps like Uber have become indispensable travel tools, offering convenience and flexibility. However, navigating the intricacies of Uber’s car seat policy is paramount for parents with young children. While Uber typically requires children to be secured in a car seat, the Uber Car Seat service in select cities has provided a solution for families on the go. 

Understanding the eligibility criteria and procedures for requesting a ride with a car seat is essential for ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. This article delves into Uber’s car seat service, offering insights, tips, and guidelines to help parents navigate the nuances of traveling with children in the USA. Whether you’re a seasoned Uber user or a first-time rider, arming yourself with this knowledge will empower you to make informed decisions for your family’s transportation needs.

Can My Child Ride In Uber Without Car Seat In USA?

Certainly! As of February 2024, Uber is extending its services to cater to families with young children through its Uber Car Seat feature. This specialized service provides vehicles with a designated forward-facing car seat, ensuring the safety and comfort of young passengers. Available in select cities such as New York, this convenience does come at an added expense, typically exceeding $10 per ride. However, the peace of mind it offers to parents is invaluable. To utilize this service, children must meet specific criteria set by Uber, including being at least two years old, weighing between 22 lb. and 48 lb., and having a height ranging from 31 in. to 52 in. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the child’s safety during transit. Additionally, Uber emphasizes the importance of providing appropriate car seats for children who do not meet these criteria, as disregarding this safety measure is illegal and jeopardizes the child’s well-being. Therefore, while Uber Car Seat may present logistical challenges for families with multiple children, safety and convenience outweigh the benefits.

How Can You Request A Ride With A Car Seat On Uber?

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free Uber experience, it’s essential to understand the step-by-step process of requesting a ride with a car seat. Let’s break down these steps:

Download the Uber app: Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the Uber app on your smartphone.

Create an account: Follow the app’s prompts to create your Uber account, providing necessary details like your name, email, phone number, and payment information.

Log in: Once your account is created, use your email and password to the Uber app.

Set your pickup location: Tap on the “Where to?” field and enter your pickup location manually or allow the app to detect it automatically using location services.

Enter your destination: Input your destination in the designated field, either manually or through location services.

View ride options: The app will display various ride options such as UberX, UberXL, Uber Black, and Uber Car Seat. Scroll through until you find the “Car Seat” option.

Select the “Car Seat” option: Tap on the “Car Seat” option to choose a vehicle equipped with a car seat for your child.

Review and confirm: Check the ride details, including estimated cost and driver information, then confirm your selection by tapping “Confirm.”

Wait for your driver: The app will match you with a nearby driver with a car seat-equipped vehicle. Wait for the driver to arrive at your pickup location.

Secure your child: Once the driver arrives, verify their identity and buckle them into the car seat before starting the journey. Ensure your child is comfortable and secure.

Enjoy the ride: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, knowing your child is safely seated. Communicate any preferences or special requests with your driver for a customized experience.

Following these steps, you can request an Uber ride with a car seat and ensure a safe and comfortable journey for you and your child.

How To Prepare For A Baby’s Ride – Bringing Your Car Seat

Proper safety measures are crucial for infants and young children during travel. Investing in a reliable car seat and understanding its installation and usage are essential steps for safety. With this in mind, let’s explore how to effectively prepare your baby’s ride by bringing along your car seat.

Choosing the Right Car Seat:

If your child is under two years old, it’s crucial to bring your own car seat for their safety. Options include infant car seats, convertible car seats, or all-in-one car seats.

Making Transportation Easier:

Invest in a car seat travel bag designed to fit all Chicco car seats. This convenient accessory allows you to roll the car seat like a suitcase, making transportation hassle-free.

Installing Your Car Seat:

  1. Preparation: Before your trip, familiarize yourself with the manual for your car seat and practice installation at home.
  2. Ensuring Proper Conditions: Ensure your vehicle has seat belt locking mode and is parked on a level surface.
  3. Positioning the Car Seat: Place the car seat in the vehicle’s backseat, ensuring it’s level and positioned correctly.
  4. Securing the Seat Belt: Thread the seat belt through the designated guides on each end of the car seat and buckle it securely. Some car seats feature a shoulder belt guide for added stability.
  5. Locking the Seat Belt: Slowly pull the seat belt until it locks into place, press down on the car seat while tightening the belt and removing any slack.
  6. Ensuring Proper Installation: Test the installation by gently tugging on the car seat from both sides to ensure it moves no more than one inch in any direction. Verify that the carry handle is locked and the car seat remains level.

Finalizing the Setup:

Once the car seat is installed correctly, you and your baby are ready for a safe and comfortable Uber ride. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is securely fastened in their own car seat, prioritizing their safety throughout the journey.

Tips For A Smooth Ride Experience To Help Your Baby Enjoy The Ride

Pack a pacifier, favorite toy, or comfort blanket to help keep your baby calm and entertained during the ride. These familiar items can provide security and comfort in a new environment.

Check the temperature inside the vehicle to ensure your baby is neither too cold nor too hot. Dress them appropriately for the weather, and consider using shades or sunscreens to block out excessive sunlight and heat.

Sit with your baby in the backseat and engage them with interactive activities such as singing songs, playing peek-a-boo, or reading a book. This direct interaction can help distract them and make the ride more enjoyable.

Ensure your baby is fed and satisfied before the ride to minimize the chances of them becoming fussy due to hunger. Offer a feeding session shortly before departure to keep them content throughout the journey.

Double-check that your baby is comfortable and positioned correctly in their car seat. Adjust the straps, headrest, and seat angle to provide optimal comfort and support for your little one.

Adjust the front passenger seat to provide extra legroom for your baby’s car seat if possible. This can help prevent them from feeling cramped and uncomfortable during the ride.

Use Distraction Techniques: Play soothing music or white noise to help lull your baby to sleep or distract them from discomfort or restlessness. Experiment with different sounds and rhythms to find what works best for your baby.

If your baby becomes fussy or restless during the ride, consider taking short breaks to stretch their legs and provide a change of scenery. Pull over at a safe location, such as a rest stop or scenic overlook, to allow you and your baby to relax and regroup before continuing the journey.


In conclusion, embarking on a ride-sharing journey with your baby can be an adventure brimming with excitement and potential. However, armed with knowledge and foresight, you can navigate this experience with confidence and ease. While Uber offers a limited number of vehicles with car seats, exploring alternative options such as Lyft’s Car Seat Mode can provide additional flexibility and peace of mind. 

Remember, regardless of the ride-sharing app you choose, prioritizing safety and comfort for you and your baby is paramount. Planning and being informed about available services ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey from point A to point B. So, embrace the journey, seize the opportunities, and make every ride a memorable and pleasant experience for you and your little one.


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