Amazing TV Shows Based On Video Games

Amazing TV Shows Based On Video Games

There’s always a good selection of TV shows that one can choose from. Many of these shows are derived from stories that originate elsewhere. This could be real life, documentaries, and even lore from video games. We’re here today to talk about all those shows that have been adapted from video games that smashed records and garnered awards. You may be familiar with some of these and some might even surprise you.

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1. The Witcher

One of the more recent shows in the market that has made a name for itself in a short amount of time. So much so that The Witcher keeps getting renewed for sequels and spin-offs. There’s no stopping it from captivating gamers and fans by taking in the gory fight scenes, drama, story, and Henry Cavil’s raspy Witcher voice.

Even though it’s sad that Henry won’t be continuing as the Witcher after the season but we have great expectations from Liam Neeson to carry on the legacy. Plus, people demand more characters to then cosplay at events like Comic-con!

2. Arcane

Possibly the first and only prominent game adaptation that broke the general mindset that shows & movies don’t do justice to video games. The Witcher was a series of books before it became a game. But Arcane is solely inspired by League of Legends. There’s so much of League to be explored when one takes into account the lore that swims around it.

Arcane’s production studio spared no expense in bringing a visual treat to fans with a star-studded voice- acting cast, pop colors, and scenes brimming with emotions. The best part is how well audiences worldwide received it. And we now have, for sure, a second season coming up that only adds to the brilliant formula of Arcane. Mayhem.

3. Castlevania

The Castlevania video game series is one part of the genesis of the name “Metroidvania,” a type of side- scrolling video game in which players explore a labyrinthian environment with mysteries to discover and additional regions to explore once they’ve obtained the proper equipment.

It’s both mission-focused (“kill Dracula”) and wandering (“oh, can I go back and explore the acid portion of the castle now that I have the necessary equipment?”). Castlevania, in especially Netflix’s gorgeously animated rendition of the third Castlevania game, brilliantly communicates this paradox to the screen.

The first season was a prelude, and the second had a lot of ongoing table-setting, ending in what can only be described as a boss rush in which our heroes invaded Dracula’s castle and defeated him in one episode. The following two seasons dealt with the fallout in the form of a broad plot with many nuanced characters, many peaceful moments to balance out the incredibly brutal action sequences, and some animated nudity for good measure.

5. Digimon

In the 1990s, the Pokémon vs. Digimon conflicts claimed many school-going kids and threw them into squabbles. Looking back at the two shows and how they changed (or kept the same), it’s evident that Digimon earned its place on the monster-catching schedule.

While the quality of successive Digimon incarnations fluctuated, the critically acclaimed TV show had amazing emotional depth and character growth, and it leaned more into sci-fi and intricate ongoing stories than its Poké-rival. At its best, Digimon was a coming-of-age narrative, less concerned with pure monster evolution and more concerned with growing. For both the Digimon and their human companions.

The Cuphead Show

To be honest, The Cuphead Show isn’t so much fantastic because it’s based on a video game as it is because the video game was influenced by legendary animation from the 1930s. Cuphead offered snappy, difficult, and original shoot-em-up action, but it was the aesthetics — generated through hand-drawn animation — that made the game stand out.

Netflix has done a wonderful job in retaining most of what made Cuphead famous, all with the zany, retro animation entailing a brilliant animation. The cartoon style is still there and it would probably remind you of Popeye. Both styles are strikingly similar with the exception of Cuphead having sometimes-scary villains that wouldn’t stop spewing projectiles at you. The TV show is as rage-inducing as the game. Loads of fun!


The Xbox has always milked dry its player base of their money by injecting amazing Halo games ever since the early 2000s. Halo works quite like Call of Duty in that it is a team-based FPS but with the addition of alien environments and intergalactic space missions. Lots of spacey stuff. Its TV show follows the origins of Halo and Master Chief and sticks pretty close to the game’s story. So you can bet it’s a show worth the hype.

Mortal Kombat

You don’t conclude an article about video game adaptations without at least once mentioning a fighting game like Mortal Kombat. The critically acclaimed title has been running strong since its advent back in the 90s as a game that was quite similar to Tekken but its specialty was the unique fatality feature in the end. Getting to mutilate, burn or just have a good time destroying your opponent with a unique finishing move was beyond pleasurable. And it still is! The Mortal Kombat TV show has incorporated all the elements it originally became a hit and thus garnered lots of positive reviews.


That’s a wrap on our picks for games turned into shows. Many of these gain prominence because of the way they have been translated. Providing superb story and jaw-dropping action sequences. Check them out on streaming platforms and get hooked regardless if you’re a gamer or a binge-watcher.


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