A Study Guide To Prepare For The Microsoft Azure Certification Az-400

A Study Guide To Prepare For The Microsoft Azure Certification Az-400

You will need extensive preparation if you intend to fulfill the requirements for the Microsoft AZ-400 certification. Moreover, it is also important to remember the key details associated with this Azure certification. This guide is therefore designed to assist you with the AZ-400 certification exam.

AZ-400 Exam Overview

A certification in AZ 400 will enable you to develop and implement procedures related to source code control, programming, continuous delivery, security, monitoring, and evaluation. Furthermore, you will be able to enhance your knowledge regarding:

  • Streamlining the delivery process by implementing best practices.
  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Implementing DevOps automation.

Prerequisites For The Exam

You must obtain either the Azure Developer Associate certification or the Azure Administrator Associate before you are eligible to sit for the AZ-400 exam. Additionally, you should be familiar with AZ-104 and AZ-303.

Following this, it is possible to consider developing specialized knowledge of the topic. The key to doing so involves collaborating with people, technology, processes, and other factors.

Format Of The Examination

Understanding how the exam is structured will allow you to make the most informed decision about how to approach your preparation. 

There will be between 40 and 60 questions, and you will be given 150 minutes to complete them. There may be case studies, multi-choice questions, True/False, affirmative/negative as well as sequencing questions. Therefore, you should be adequately prepared to complete all of these tasks within a short time frame.

If you wish to pass the examination, you will need to achieve a minimum score of 700 out of 1000. You will be able to take the test in four languages – English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.

AZ-400 Certification Exam Cost

To apply for the AZ-400 certification examination, you will need to pay $165.

Domains Covered In The Az-400 Certification

AZ-400 examination domains are similar to course objectives. So if you plan to obtain the certification, one of the most crucial factors is knowing the domains and topics covered. By knowing the domains and weightages, you will understand the exam framework better.

Your study plan will be oriented around the domain topics and their related subtopics. So select a topic that is likely to carry a lot of weight for the test and begin preparing it in advance. 

The following are the domains of AZ-400 with their respective weightage.

  • Developing Site Reliability Engineering Strategy: 5 to 10 percent
  • Managing the Source Control: 10 to 15 percent
  • Defining and Implementing Continuous Integration: 20 to 25 percent
  • Developing an Instrumentation Strategy: 5 to 10 percent
  • Security and Compliance Plan Development: 10 to 15 percent
  • Facilitating Communication and Collaboration: 10 to 15 percent
  • Establishing and Executing a Continuous Delivery and Release Management Process: 10 to 15 percent

Requirements To Prepare For AZ-400 Certification Exam

Your knowledge of the AZ-400 examination and its content will become well-grounded upon covering all the mentioned topics. After that, it will be time for you to go ahead with the Microsoft Azure Certification study guide.

Listed below is a comprehensive and step-by-step preparation guide for the AZ-400 exam.

1. Pathways for learning

AZ-400 fundamentals can be efficiently prepared and mastered by exploring the learning path, which is the most convenient and effective way. All domains included in the certification examination curriculum follow different learning paths.

2. Explore the Microsoft documentation

Next, you should review the complete documentation for the AZ-400 over the Microsoft official portal. Having access to these documents will facilitate the learning process and enable you to understand the concepts and functional features of Azure DevOps.

3. Preference for training conducted by instructors

It is possible to attend Microsoft’s official instructor-led training program if you do not enjoy self-preparation and require help. Through this Microsoft course, you will acquire the competencies and knowledge necessary to implement DevOps methodologies.

4. Check out the discussion groups and forums

You can consider joining some group studies or discussion forums to maximize your knowledge. Collective learning influences your ability to grasp more obvious concepts relating to DevOps and helps prepare for the AZ-400 exam. 

5. Use informative study materials to guide your learning

You should also consider studying with some printed books or e-books. Despite many preparation materials on the Internet, books possess a unique way of imparting knowledge. Be aware that self-preparation is most effective when used in conjunction with physical training materials. Therefore, maintain various informational books beside you while undergoing Microsoft training sessions.

6. Test your knowledge with the AZ-400 practice test

The last step before taking the Exam involves taking some practice tests after you have completed your Azure training. There will be an equal distribution of time and questions, and an authentic interface will be available. Compile your performance by comparing your results to your level of preparation. Make sure you work on your weak areas so that you are fully prepared to face the actual exam.


Microsoft’s AZ-400 Developing and Implementing DevOps Solutions Certification exam is one of the most demanding and well-paid qualifications available today in the IT industry. Besides, you will need the skills of a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer if your business is cloud-based. Therefore, gain a better understanding of this exam, register for it, and earn your certification as soon as possible.


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