0 South Slope Weekend Events Spotlight: July 2-5

The 4th of July weekend is finally here! If you’re hanging around the Slope and looking for adventure, we’ve got everything from the famous Freddy’s BBQ and disco skating, to fishing and fun on the farm. Check out some of our favorite…

Real Estate
0 South Slope Rental Roundup: Roommate Edition

In the market for a new roommate situation? Look no further, because we found four area shares that include everything from gardening space and restored hardwoods, to bay windows and renovated kitchens. Check out the details below: 4th Avenue and 16th Street Price:…

0 Photo Of The Day: Piano

You never know what you are going to find on the streets of South Slope! Take a photo in the neighborhood lately? Share it with us! Add it to our Flickr group, tag it #southslope on Instagram, or email it to, and we’ll post it…

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