Wynton Benard Net Worth: The MLB Payslip 

Wynton Benard Net Worth

What is Wynton Benard’s net worth? This is a commonly asked question among Minor league baseball fans and it got more common after Wynton debuted into the major league. 

Baseball is a popular sport in the US, and it has paid off well for some athletes.

This article will do a deep dive into Wynton Benard’s net worth to see what he makes and what achievements he has managed in his career. 

So, do you want to learn more about Benard’s early career, family life, and earnings? Let’s get into the details and find everything out;

Early Life and Career

Wynton Allen Benard was born on September 24, 1990, in California. He started his career at an early age, batting and throwing right. 

Benard went to Rancho Bernardo High School in Poway, California, where he began to showcase his outstanding talent.

Benard’s family understood and supported the hard work and dedication needed to be a professional athlete. 

They encouraged him to work hard in school while pursuing his athletic side to have a secure future, and this rounded mindset helped him.

He got an athletic scholarship because of his sporting abilities and went to Niagara University where he started his college baseball career at the Niagara Purple Eagles. Benard had a .293 batting average as a freshman and had the most stolen bases on the team.

Benard later transferred to Riverside Community College because his father had a stroke, and Benard wanted to be close to his family in these trying times. Unfortunately, his father passed away after his sophomore year, and Benard returned to Niagara for his junior year.

He had a stellar career at Niagara, where he collected a .279 average, 140 games, and 72 stolen bases, which set him off into his professional career. 

He started with the San Diego Padres, who selected Bernard in the 35th round for the 2012 MLB draft. He debuted with the Arizona League Padres, the rookie-level as a hitter, making .232 in 23 games.

He played 51 games and collected a .252/ .325/ .331 batting line with 16 RBI, 10 stolen bases, and one home run, but he left the Padres on January 23, 2014. 

He was signed on a minor league contract by the Detroit Tigers in March of the same year. He outstandingly played for the Low-A West Michigan Whitecaps in 2014 and became the MVP of the Midwest leagues. 

This is owed to his 6 home runs, 45 stolen bases, 47 RBI, and .324 hitting across 131 contests. He also broke the team’s single-season hit record with 164 hits, which led the Tigers to add him to their 40-man draft to guard him from the Rule 5 draft.

He stayed in the Tigers until November of 2016, when he became a free agent after getting his career-high 7 home runs. Benard then signed a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants in November 2016.

He played 82 games for the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats, hitting .254/ .303/ .347 with 13tolen bases, 14 RBI, and two home runs before leaving the team.

On January 29, 2018, he joined the Chicago Cubs, where he split the season between the Double-A Tennessee Smokies and Triple-A Iowa Cubs. He became a free agent again in November but re-signed with the Cubs on the 22nd of the same month.

He hit .278/ .359/ .444 in 52 games split with Iowa and Tennessee with 15 RBI, 2 home runs, and 8 stolen bases. 

With that, he left and joined the Sugar Land Skeeters in 2019, where he played 61 games in the 2019 season, but he re-signed for the 2020 season.

The Atlantic League season was canceled due to COVID-19, so Benard joined the Skeeters to play in the Constellation Energy League, where he played 23 games. He left in early 2021 to join the Colorado Rockies’s minor league team.

He spent the 2021 season with the Triple-A Albuquerque Isotopes, where he played over 100 games, and then returned to being a free agent in November. He signed with the Rockies again in February and played 108 games with some of his best career stats.

Wynton Benard hit .33/ .387 /.590 with 30 stolen bases, 92 RIB, and 21 home runs. In August 2022, it was announced that Benard was going to the Major League for the first time, and his contract was officially selected for the active roster in the next year. 

He debuted in the major league with the Arizona Diamondbacks, where he got a base hit, a stolen base, and one home run. 

He became the oldest player to do this in a debut major league game since 1907, but he only played for one season before being sent back to Triple-A. 

After that, he played one season with the Toronto Blue Jays, then went back for a second stint with the Colorado Rockies before finally signing with the Chicago White Sox. Wynton is a good player with an eventful career that took him over more than 9 MLB teams.

Professional Achievements 

Wynton Benard has had quite a fruitful baseball career with many achievements. He has always been an outstanding athlete, proving this every time he went on the field. He has played for over 9 teams in the Minor league and even debuted in the Major league.

He became the first person his age to score a home run in his debut game in the Major League, which put him on the map even if he didn’t stay in the Major League for long. He was named MVP several times in his career, and his talent is not questioned.

The 33-year-old outfielder finished his 2022 season with a .286 batting average and 3 RBI, which is almost average for him. 

He set records in his college and high school careers, which set him up to have a long and exciting professional career. 

Apart from the various minor league games, Wynton has played international games several times. He has played professionally in Venezuela, Mexico, Australia, and the Dominican Republic. 

Wynton Benard has had a fruitful career and still has much time left to do more and achieve more. Fans are looking into his 2023 season and expecting the phenomenal performance he always offers.

Breakdown of Net Worth

Wynton Benard has a net worth of approximately $2.68 million, all because of his career and talent. Wynton Benard has had a fruitful career and has moved across different teams. They offered him varying salaries, but it has built up to make his empire.

Wynton Benard most certainly has made some investments with his salaries, but he hasn’t made these public, so there isn’t any way to know exactly how much he has.

With an average salary of 700,000, like most players, Benard has made significantly more money as people have grown more interested in sports. He is much better off than most minor-league players since they earn an average of 130,000. 

Public Image and Personal Life 

Benard was born into a family of athletes, and, unsurprisingly, he is also good on the field. He has three brothers who have all participated in sports at some point. His oldest brother Mike was a high jumper in college and is a building inspector in New York.

His brother Walter played American Football and even made it to the NFL, where he played defensive in the San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, and the Indianapolis Colts. Walter is currently a lawyer.

Wynton’s other brother, Wayne, is still a professional basketball player in Europe, playing for a German team, Jena. 

All his brothers can play sports professionally and keep their school work going, and it’s no wonder Wynton is doing the same.

He is working on his degree in marketing alongside his professional baseball career, which is most likely what he will do after he retires from playing. He is a well-thought-out individual who values hard work, which shows in his life.

Wynton is a private individual that is rarely involved in any shenanigans and he keeps most of his personal life on the down unless it has something to do with his career. 

His romantic life is rarely mentioned, and finding a record of a girlfriend or love interest is hard.

However, he is very close to his mother and constantly posts about her or shares his career updates with her. This is expected since he credits his victories and personality to her.


With all this information about Wynton Benard, you can easily follow his baseball career. He is a brilliant individual who has put a lot of hard work into his career and has managed to get many impressive records despite being out of the major league.

He has played for many teams in the US and internationally and managed to stay on top of his game through all of it. 

He has always shown his value for academics, and the same applies to all his siblings who were professional athletes but still got good jobs in the corporate world. 


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