What Are The Best Dermal Fillers?

What Are The Best Dermal Fillers

The cosmetic beauty sphere is full of innovative procedures and products for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles elimination, and other aesthetic purposes. It’s not a secret that more and more people prefer non-invasive treatments instead of complicated, expensive, and non-reversible plastic surgeries; we think that’s the main reason why more and more requests like “what are the best dermal fillers?” occur on the Internet. Today’s article is aimed at answering this question once and for all. Let’s begin.

The Most Common Dermal Filler Types

When you ask aesthetic medicine admirers about their favorite products, you will surely hear about facial fillers with different substances in their base. It can be surprising for a newcomer in this field, but specialists often use injectables with various ingredients; the right one is picked based on the customers’ needs and desired results. Commonly, three types of products are highlighted:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers. As HA is a naturally-occurring substance, it’s among the most popular options for facial volume restoration, severe wrinkles elimination, scars removal, and lip augmentation. It rarely causes serious adverse reactions and is 100% biodegradable, so the body entirely absorbs the filler with this substance after some time. Vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds, cheek enhancement, etc., are just a few purposes specialists may use HA gels for their patients; the initial list for it is much longer. To buy lip fillers or injectables for other goals, one must be a board-certified doctor. So, if you are interested in such brands as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, make sure you have a valid medical license to prove your experience;
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite. Just like hyaluronic acid, this substance is also present in the human body; it is a mineral-like compound and can be naturally found in human bones. This substance is biosynthetically produced, meaning no animal products or animals were used during manufacturing. The best thing about this type of dermal filler is that the active ingredient is able to stimulate natural collagen production, so the final results are long-lasting (sometimes up to two years) and natural-looking. Because CaHA fillers are denser than hyaluronic acid ones, they are not suitable for lip injections. They are used mostly to treat deeper wrinkles, improve natural facial contours, restore volume in hollow areas, and boost the production of one’s own natural collagen and elastin. Radiesse is the most famous brand that contains CaHA in its composition;
  • Polylactic acid. Unlike the previous two options discussed in the article, polylactic acid is usually included in synthetic dermal fillers, mainly known as collagen stimulators. This biodegradable, non-toxic substance is typically administered into the lower face for such cosmetic purposes as eliminating facial wrinkles around the mouth, plumping the lips slightly, treating nasolabial and marionette lines, and so on. It doesn’t act like typical filler injections and usually demonstrates the first results approximately within a month of the initial treatment. Around three monthly treatments are required to show the desired effect, as some time is needed for collagen to be produced in more significant amounts in the body. When talking about polylactic acid dermal filler products, Sculptra is the most popular brand specialists always choose.

Top-3 Dermal Filler Brands In Aesthetic Medicine

Now that we have a better understanding of dermal filler active substances and their working principle, we can talk more about available brands and people’s top-3 favorites in the cosmetic beauty sphere. Of course, the list varies based on a specialist’s preferences, but the overall picture remains the same. Here are our winners:

  • Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler brand to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles in various target zones. It also works well for lip augmentation procedures and gentle facial contour definition. The results usually last from 6 to 12 months. Plenty of injectable variations are available on the market; they vary based on the HA concentration, the presence or absence of lidocaine, and other aspects that make them different from one another. The right option should be picked based on the patient’s age, type of wrinkles, and other factors;
  • Restylane. One more hyaluronic acid-based brand with the primary purpose of treating skin depression and eliminating other flaws on a facial surface (such as scars, post-acne marks, and other problems). Among all the products by the brand, you may find variations with smoother or thicker textures and different concentrations of active ingredients, with or without lidocaine options, so it is recommended to discuss all the nuances with a medical professional to pick the best choice for a patient’s needs. Speaking about durability, the average time the product lasts under the skin is from 6 to 18 months;
  • Radiesse. This facial filler is the best option to smooth wrinkles in medium and deep skin tissue zones. Its active substance is calcium hydroxylapatite, which means patients may expect a long-lasting effect and high density from the product. Because of this ingredient, this gel cannot be used for a sensitive lip area; however, it works perfectly well for deep creases in the perioral area. Its main task is to boost natural collagen production in the body and, in this way, make skin look glowing and youthful. The average durability for this type of injectable filler is 18 months, but sometimes additional treatment is required to ensure the patient is satisfied with its results.

The Main Dermal Filler Purposes

Injectable fillers are genuinely unique and incredibly helpful for people with different skin types and aesthetic needs, as well as for different ages. And even though they are different in their compositions and concentration, the initial purposes remain the same:

  • Effective skin rejuvenation (deep wrinkles in perioral and periorbital zones, glabellar lines, crow’s feet, and numerous others);
  • Lost volume restoration in the zone of cheeks, chin, and temples;
  • Correction of facial asymmetries (contouring, the definition of certain features. etc.);
  • Lip augmentation, shape, and contour improvement;
  • Non-surgical lifting;
  • Skin imperfections correction (scars, post-acne marks, etc.).

The most important thing that should be done with a patient is choosing the right filler and treatment technique. By doing so, positive results and safe procedures are guaranteed!

To Sum Up

There are numerous dermal filler options on the aesthetic cosmetic market, so it is possible to easily pick the most beneficial option and help people reach the appearance they’ve always dreamt about. It’s pretty hard to say which dermal filler brand is the best, as different people would react differently to the same option. So, we’d say practice makes perfect. Talking to a medical professional should help, and even if the first choice wasn’t as helpful as a patient wished, there are still plenty of variants to experiment with.


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