Top 9 Business Ideas For Young People In Mallorca

Business Ideas For Young People In Mallorca

Mallorca’s seasonal economy calls for tact when you decide to start a business here. This will also be the case for a young person trying to venture into business in the Island. Either as a first timer or serial entrepreneur there are basics like doing research first and having a target niche that you need to apply.

You will have to move around Mallorca to identify a good spot to establish your business and also as you try to do your research. The best way will be by car. You may look at OK rent a car Mallorca so that you can get cheap cars for rent from. So that will not be a problem. Get one as you research on these 9 business ideas that you can work on as a budding entrepreneur in Mallorca and establish your business.

Open A Souvenir Shop

Mallorca receives many visitors throughout the year. Thanks to its scenic views, golden sandy beaches and many other attractions. After the visitors have enjoyed and had a good time, the common practice is to get a souvenir to take home. As a young entrepreneur all you will need to do is look for a strategic location with affordable rent to set shop.

The other advantage of a souvenir shop is that it does not demand a lot of creativity as you just contact the suppliers of other souvenir shops and they will feel up your shelves. You will just add your markup and you are good to go. Given Mallorca’s rich history and culture, you will be able to find souvenirs easily.

Build A Content Website

This is a cheap business idea that you can even work from home. Identify a niche that doesn’t have many blog posts from other content creators and start writing content. After some time of writing creative topics and applying best SEO practices you will start getting traffic to your site and then you can monetize with Google Adsense.

Open A Low Cost Experience Travel Agency

Most people love traveling. The idea of low cost travel will appeal to many. Most people nowadays also don’t just buy a good or service, they buy an experience. These two combined will be a great idea. A low cost travel that is mainly concerned with giving the traveler an awesome experience. Given the diversity of attractions in Mallorca, you will have many places you can start from.

Start A Cleaning Business

Cleaning services are in demand in Mallorca. You may want to avoid house cleaning and concentrate on office cleaning as the space is bigger and will give you better margins in profit. It will be difficult to get jobs at the start but after two or three jobs business will start coming by word of mouth if you do a good job. To move from place to place in your line of work you may consider using the services of the many Mallorca car rentals available. You can opt for any economy car which will be efficient in helping you move with your cleaning equipment.

Social Media Manager

There are many companies that have not given social media and their social media profiles the kind of attention they should. That is why the role of a social media manager is something that companies need today. With a laptop and internet connection you are good to go as a social media manager. It also doesn’t require you to have expertise in the field but knowledge on the popular social media channels will be an added advantage. You can then advertise your services on Fiverr or Freelancer.

Operate As A Massage Therapist

After a day of sightseeing and engaging in activities like water sports one needs a massage to relax the muscles. Mallorca being a town with most of these activities, you can cut a niche for yourself as a massage therapist. You might require to take a small course which won’t cost a lot and you will be good to go. You also don’t require a location as you can visit your clients at their homes or hotels which will help you reduce your costs immensely.

Become A Photographer

Many businesses need photos for their websites, this is the same case to models who want to improve their profiles on social media accounts. The demand for quality photos is high. You may not start as professional but with time and a few online editing courses you will improve. You will just require a good camera and after your first few gigs if you strive to be good you will have clients looking for you.

Run An Affiliate Website

This will only cost you your time, effort, cost of buying your domain and cost of hosting. You will then create a website that includes products and services from other websites. You will also need the website to have the option of buying using a card. This can be arranged with the help of debit card companies. Once a user gets to buy a product or service from your website you get a commission from the seller. 


As a young man looking to start a business in Mallorca, the nine ideas shared above can be a good starting point. This will depend on your likes and areas of interest. Your overall success as a budding entrepreneur will nevertheless depend on you applying business best practices which include researching so that you know more about your clients, competition, among other things. As you start getting clients you will need to start moving around for new pitches and other meetings. Buying and maintaining a company car will be quite expensive at the beginning. Opt to use the services of the several companies in Mallorca offering cars for rental on a needs basis to help you save on operation costs.


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