The Impact Of A Motorcycle Accident On The Victim

The Impact Of A Motorcycle Accident On The Victim

It’s fun and games to ride motorcycles until you’re involved in an accident. The events are usually life-altering, leaving a long-lasting impact through severe injuries. Also, death due to motorcycle accidents is a major scare, with 2021 alone claiming around 5,900 riders.

The following article reviews the impact of motorcycle accidents on the involved parties. This includes a look at the deadly injuries sustained and the consequences faced after the ordeals. 

What Are The Deadliest Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

Spinal Impairment

Only a few riders have been able to fully recover from spinal cord injuries, with a significant number unfortunately left paralyzed. Surviving the paralysis scare is not an easy road either. Victims have to go through intricate and costly medical procedures. Luckily, motorcycle accident lawyers from the legal team of Stewart J. Guss can help you get compensation and necessary medical care. 

Brain Injuries

Of course, most bikers have quality helmets to protect them from heavy falls or clashes. However, collisions with relatively larger vehicles, like semi-trucks or trucks, can prove fatal. There can be a sudden and dangerous brain movement. This can lead to the following: 

  • Concussion 
  • Memory loss 
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Personality change

Bone Breakage and Fractures

A rider’s protective gear is their body, compared to other car drivers shielded by their vehicles. Therefore, the rider’s entire bone anatomy is at risk during a motorcycle accident. This also includes facial bone fractures for those who don’t wear quality helmets or none entirely. The worst-case scenario could involve a permanent disfigurement. 

It’s essential to watch out for fractures, which are unnoticeable immediately after a minor accident. As a victim, rush to the nearby hospital for a check. This also applies when you’re not showing any signs of broken bones or fractures. 

Internal Organ Damage and Failure

Lastly, internal bleeding and organ failure can occur during the actual collision with other road users. Also, it can happen when a rider forcefully rolls on the hard tarmac after the clash. Major organs at risk include the liver, lungs, pancreas, and kidneys. 

The Aftermath of Motorcycle Accidents on Victims

Physical and Emotional Turmoil

The discussed injuries take a physical toll on the victims. For a full recovery, they require extended medical procedures and rehabilitation. The emotional turmoil follows while in therapy, with the adrenaline junkies craving to get back on the roads.  

Nonetheless, the emotional problem can escalate if the victim suffers a career-ending injury like a spine impairment. They have to deal with the unending pain, accident flashbacks, and possible disability. 

Financial Strain

Medical bills can pile up while still needing to meet one’s daily expenses. They also include rehabilitation, meds, and therapy costs. In an unfortunate case of physical impairment, the victim is unable to support their livelihood. This is where motorcycle accident lawyers can come in handy to fight for necessary compensation from liable parties. 

Lengthy Legal Battles

Fighting for compensation can sometimes be tricky for a motorcycle rider. This is so, with many assuming that bikers are usually in the wrong. Therefore, proving one’s innocence and right to compensation can be challenging. This can also happen even with the involvement of legal personnel.  

Normally, this is a common issue when following litigation procedures. Typically, the long process involves careful collection and investigation of evidence before the jury, and the judge can make a verdict. 


Motorcycle accident victims ride on a thin line during the accidents and on the road to recovery. Their injuries are usually scary, with a good number suffering life-long conditions, including brain trauma and disabilities. 

Additionally, these victims can have financial burdens from their injuries. This is especially true when you are unable to get fair compensation or none at all due to stereotyping. 


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