The Evidence You Need To Win A Truck Accident Case

The Evidence You Need To Win A Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents tend to result in far more severe injuries than other types of collisions. This is due to the massive weight of trucks, especially when fully loaded, as they can inflict catastrophic damage when colliding with regular passenger vehicles.

In San Francisco, truck accidents have become more common in recent years. The knowledge of what to do after an accident is important for San Francisco residents. Speak with experienced San Francisco truck accident attorneys to know what you should do after an accident.

As a victim of a truck accident, you bear the burden of proof in truck accident cases. It means you have to prove your case.

Therefore, collecting all the evidence you can find is crucial when an accident happens, as it helps establish liability. Moreover, doing this also aids in proving the negligence of the driver, which could assist in filing a truck accident claim.

Below are examples of evidence you need to win a truck accident case.

Black box

The black box is a data event recorder found in most trucks and is used to collect helpful information such as the truck’s speed. Additionally, it also provides information on whether brakes were applied during the time of the accident.

Moreover, a black box can also record whether the airbags were deployed or the driver had a seatbelt on. Besides, it also records the throttle position of the truck, which can be very useful when checking whether the driver was accelerating during the accident.

In the tragic event of a truck accident, accessing and interpreting the data from the black box becomes crucial. In such a situation, seeking guidance from a skilled professional is crucial. A San Francisco truck accident attorney can help navigate the complexities of the legal process and ensure that the information from the black box is appropriately utilized in building a solid case.

In-cab Camera

An in-cab camera is installed in trucks to record video and audio footage of what happens on the road. Most trucking companies usually install front-facing and rear-view cameras in their trucks for events such as accidents and vehicle safety.

Therefore, you must collect the in-cab camera data to build up your evidence when involved in a truck accident. Besides, the video and audio data collected can prove whether the truck driver was driving too close or she/he was distracted.


The logbook is another critical piece of evidence you must collect after being involved in a truck accident. This is because the truck driver is required by federal regulation to record the rest period after driving for the required time. Thus, it can help determine whether the truck driver violated any rules that may have caused the accident.

Furthermore, the logbook also provides context to actions. For instance, in a truck accident, the driver may have recorded information such as bad weather, which may have led to sudden changes in driving behavior.

Maintenance records

Trucking companies are responsible for occasional inspections and maintenance of trucks to ensure they are road-worthy. Hence, the truck’s inspection records can be used to determine whether the truck’s condition caused the accident.

In addition, these records can be used to check whether the truck’s maintenance adheres to federal and state regulations regarding commercial vehicles. The maintenance records can ultimately check whether the truck adheres to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Alcohol and Drug testing

Impaired driving is a substantial factor in many truck accidents. Even a tiny amount of alcohol or drugs can significantly impair a truck driver’s judgment, reaction time, and ability to operate such a large, heavy vehicle safely

Therefore, evidence of intoxication can help establish liability for the truck driver and trucking company. Drug and alcohol testing is often critical to any truck accident investigation. The results can provide key insights into the driver’s condition during the crash.

Bottom Line

Collecting evidence after a truck accident is significant as it helps establish a claim. Also, it helps get the required and total compensation, especially if you have sustained significant injuries on your body or vehicle.


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