Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe: Read Before You Relocate 

Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe

The subject, “Is South Slope Brooklyn safe,” has never been more relevant, as tons of people are considering relocating to the neighborhood. However, it is vital to inquire about the security situation of any area you plan to relocate to before packing your bags. 

Brooklyn is one of the boroughs in New York City famous for its high crime rate. Several parts of Brooklyn are indeed unsafe, while some are safe and calm. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the security situation of South Slope Brooklyn and other details you need to know before finally relocating here. Keep reading to get more information. 

Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe? 

Yes, South Slope Brooklyn is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The New York Police Department (NYPD) reports that the neighborhood boasts a low crime rate of 0.69 percent. 

South Slope’s tree-lined streets and brownstones make it a gorgeous neighborhood. In addition, the neighborhood’s calmness attracts many young professionals and families. 

A Handy Tip: Crime can happen anywhere. So, be vigilant of your surroundings. Report any suspicious movements around your property to relevant authorities. 

In a nutshell, put your safety first. Don’t put yourself in a situation that will jeopardize your safety, such as walking alone at night.  

South Slope Brooklyn Crime Rates Vs National Average

Here is a quick comparison of crime rates in the South Slope compared to the national average.

Violent Crimes South Slope  National Average
Calculated annually per 100,000 residents
Murder   0 6.1
Rape Nil 40.7
Assault 292.6 282.7
Robbery 52.4 135.5

You can see from the table that rape and murder aren’t rampant in the neighborhood. Both crimes are recorded as zero. 

Assault is the only crime slightly above the national average, as shown in the above table. The next is robbery, which does happen in the neighborhood but far below the national average. 

Next, we will look at property crime to determine how safe South Slope is. Check out the table below. 

Property Crimes South Slope  National Average
Calculated year per 100,000 residents
Motor vehicle theft 69.9 284
Theft 803.4 2,042.8
Burglary 148.5 500.1

The table above shows crimes for motor vehicle theft, burglary, and theft are far below the national average. This shows how low the crime rates in the South Slope are. When you consider the crime rate in some other parts of Brooklyn, you’ll appreciate what South Slope has been doing to reduce crime rates over the years. 

Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe For Students? 

South Slope is safe for everyone, including students. It is not the safest neighborhood, but the crime rate is relatively low here. 

This neighborhood boasts some great public schools, though many residents argue that the North Slope’s public schools are more well-recognized than the ones in South Slope. 

Again, parents must play their part to ensure their kids associate with friends who don’t have questionable characters and won’t lead the kids astray. They must be watchful of the things their kids do when they get home. 

Overall, South Slope is safe for elementary or high school students. 

A Handy Tip: South Slope, Brooklyn’s public schools are above average. 

Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe To Walk At Night?

Though South Slope is relatively less crowded, it’s a safe neighborhood. Walking in South Slope, Brooklyn, at night is also safe, but anything can happen. 

The neighborhood isn’t entirely free from crimes. Besides, crime can happen even in the safest areas or cities. So, please avoid late nights. Even if you must go out at night, ensure someone accompanies you to your destination since you plan to walk. 

Ladies can ask their male friends to accompany them. Males can ask their fellow male friends to accompany them. 

South Slope is less crowded, and most neighbors know each other. So, suppose there’s an intruder with bad intentions. The person would be fished out.  

Is South Slope Brooklyn Safe For Families? 

Yes, South Slope, Brooklyn, is safe for families. It boasts a population size of 13,161 and is super-friendly. 

Located in King County, South Slope is one of the best places to reside in New York. It offers residents a dense urban feel and is conducive for young professionals. 

The crime rate, calmness, and beauty of this neighborhood make it a wise destination for young or old families. 

South Park is famous for its proximity to Prospect Park and boasts a diverse population. The neighborhood is super-friendly and welcomes people from different backgrounds, professions, ethnicities, and religions. 

You can move in with your young family and raise your kids in this family-oriented neighborhood. There are good public schools for kids, both elementary and high school. In addition, the schools are above average. 

South Slope also boasts various housing options, making it easier for families to decide according to their financial capacity. The apartments range from single-family homes to apartments, including condos. 

Furthermore, this Brooklyn neighborhood features various recreational opportunities, allowing you to have fun with your family whenever possible. You can take your family to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Prospect Park, or Brooklyn Museum. 

Another thing South Slope is famous for is its walkability. In addition, myriads of local restaurants, shops, and cafes are in the 5th and 7th Avenues. 

The well-connected public transportation system makes it easy to move around this neighborhood. Public transportation includes the F and G subway lines and a variety of bus lines. 

South Slope Brooklyn has made provisions to satisfy those who prefer biking. It boasts varied bike lanes, including bike-sharing options. 

A Handy Tip: South Slope ranks 25 out of 227 best New York City neighborhoods to raise a family. It also ranks 29 of 227 for the best neighborhoods to live in New York City. 

For best neighborhoods for young professionals in New York City, South Slope ranks 33 of 227. 

Is South Slope Brooklyn Expensive?

Yes, South Slope has developed massively over the years and has become an expensive neighborhood.  

The apartment buildings’ aesthetics clash with the old houses spread across the neighborhood. But the question is, how expensive is this neighborhood? Here’s what you need to know. 

South Slope’s development in the last couple of years has impacted several aspects of the neighborhood. New buildings are popping up across the neighborhood, ushering in a new era with new home prices. 

The median price of homes in this neighborhood is now around $1.5 million. But you can still find homes for sale ranging from $200 thousand to $4.3 million. 

The median home value is approximately $1.5 million, while the national average is $244,900. South Slope’s median rent is $2,393, while the national average is $1,163.

A Handy Tip: In South Slope, Brooklyn, 68 percent of residents rented apartments, while only 32 percent purchased theirs. So, the number of people who own their homes in the neighborhood is low. 

The median household income of residents in South Slope is $157,268, while the national average is $69,021. Regarding residents with a master’s degree or higher, South Slope has 42%, while the national average is 13%. 


Is South Slope Brooklyn safe? Yes, the neighborhood is relatively safe. The NYPD reports a low crime rate of 0.69 percent in this neighborhood.

South Slope features tree-lined streets and gorgeous buildings that melt hearts. It also boasts several side attractions that offer families opportunities to have fun and bond. 

In addition to Prospect Park, there is the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. You can visit any of these places for fun and unwind during the weekend after a busy week. 

This neighborhood is also great for raising a family. It is one of the best in New York City in that regard. However, the fact that the crime rate is low here doesn’t mean one should be careless. Be vigilant and report suspicious movements around your property.    


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