Is Long Beach Part Of Los Angeles? Long Beach Residents’ Guide

Is Long Beach Part Of Los Angeles

If you are a resident of Long Beach, then you may want to know, “Is Long Beach part of Los Angeles?” This article will give you the proper answer to that question.

Long Beach is famous for its waterfront attractions, such as the Aquarium of the Pacific and the historic RMS Queen Mary. The city sits over an oilfield with small wells both offshore and underneath the city.

Moving around Long Beach is easy thanks to its main highways and its airport, the Long Beach Airport. Its lively coastal community, economic importance, and multiple attractions make it an exciting and unique place to visit or reside. In this article, we will discuss whether Long Beach is part of Los Angeles and share some interesting facts about this city.

Is Long Beach Part of Los Angeles?

Long Beach is a city located in Los Angeles County, California, US. It isn’t a county seat, but it’s the most populated city in California without a county seat. Keep in mind that Long Beach is not part of Los Angeles City. 

Both Long Beach and Los Angeles belong to the County of Los Angeles, making them part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. However, Long Beach operates under its own city government, which is distinct from that of Los Angeles. Also, Long Beach has a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from Los Angeles.

This city was initially incorporated on February 10, 1888, in Southern California, south of Los Angeles County. In 1897, the city’s prohibition laws led to dissatisfaction among its residents, leading to voting for its disincorporation on May 28 of that year. 

However, residents quickly became dissatisfied with county authority, prompting them to re-incorporate Long Beach by the last parts of 1897. That’s why you see 1897 on the city seal. 

In 1882, developer William E. Willmore founded the place and called it Willmore City. However, in 1887, when Willmore’s development plans didn’t work out, the Long Beach Land & Water Company bought the land and changed the city’s name to Long Beach.

What Is The Location of Long Beach City?

Long Beach, situated in Southern California, has a beautiful coastal surrounding that draws in tourists and residents. It is located right by the Pacific Ocean, offering easy beach access and amazing ocean views. 

Long Beach is part of Southeast Los Angeles County or the Gateway Cities Region. Its northern boundary is with the bustling city of Los Angeles, and its southern boundary is with the gorgeous Seal Beach city. 

Long Beach has a water and land area of 80.35 square miles. Within its land area of 50.70 square miles, there is plenty of room for urban growth, neighborhoods, and parks. The city also has a water area of 29.64 square miles, including the well-known Long Beach Harbor, where the famous Port of Long Beach is located.

Because of its strategic location, Long Beach is the go-to place for people wanting an exciting coastal lifestyle, where the sea, sun, and sand blend seamlessly with a lively city vibe.

Long Beach City’s Boundaries

Long Beach, famous for its diverse attractions and lively coastal setting, is entirely situated within LA County in Southern California. Long Beach isn’t split by county boundaries like some cities; instead, it’s under the governance of Los Angeles County, covering a large area.

Being part of LA County gives Long Beach access to its services and resources while it adds to its economic landscape and vibrant culture. Situated around 20 miles south of Los Angeles’ center, Long Beach offers tourists and locals a distinctive mix of coastal charm and city life.

Thanks to its prime spot by the Pacific Ocean, Long Beach offers beautiful beaches, stunning views, and a lively waterfront. Being part of Los Angeles County means Long Beach residents can easily access various amenities, job prospects, and attractions all over the region.

Whether exploring the dynamic downtown scene, immersing yourself in the rich arts and culture, or soaking up the sun along the shore, Long Beach has something for everybody. Its stature as a key city within Los Angeles County only adds to its appeal, ensuring that locals and tourists have a wealth of experiences at their fingertips.

Tourist Attractions and Landmarks in Long Beach

Long Beach is famous for its beautiful sights and fascinating attractions that entice tourists from far away. One of the most iconic spots in town is the RMS Queen Mary, a famous ship that has been turned into a hotel. On this fantastic ship, you can learn a lot about the history of sea travel, and they host different events all year round.

The Aquarium of the Pacific is another excellent spot to explore. It houses various sea creatures, such as sharks and seals. You can learn about these creatures while there and have a lot of fun.

Each year, Long Beach hosts the Grand Prix of Long Beach, a thrilling car race. People from all around the country come to watch this car race. 

Another fantastic event is the Long Beach Pride Festival and Parade. It’s a huge event where everybody gathers to celebrate being themselves. 

Also, don’t overlook California State University, Long Beach. It is a large and high-quality school where many intelligent students go to learn new subjects and conduct excellent research.

So, if you are seeking a good time, Long Beach is the place to be. You can visit incredible sights, see the amazing underwater world, and join fantastic festivals.

What Are The Transportation Options in Long Beach?

Long Beach provides various convenient transportation choices for both tourists and locals. Moving around the city is very easy whether you like flying or driving. 

If you are driving a car, Long Beach is conveniently connected to major highways linking it to San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area. These well-linked roads make exploring the town and its nearby attractions easy. 

Whether you are heading south to San Diego or heading up to Los Angeles, Long Beach’s location makes navigation and traveling easy. 

For people who like flying, this city has its own airport, called the Long Beach Airport. It provides flights to both domestic and international destinations, serving as a convenient hub for traveling to and from Long Beach. Several airlines serve the airport, so you can easily reach places nearby and far away.

Whether exploring the town or going further away, Long Beach has transportation options that ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. The city’s dedicated airport and easy car access make it a popular and appealing destination.

What Is The Port of Long Beach?

The Port of Long Beach is a crucial asset that powers trade and transportation in Long Beach. It’s the 2nd busiest container port in the U.S. and one of the biggest shipping ports in the world. The Port of Long Beach is a vital entry point for maritime business and plays a significant role in the city’s economy.

This port links businesses worldwide. Situated in Southern California, its strategic location makes it a vital center for international trade and business, simplifying the movement of cargo and goods. 

Due to its extensive infrastructure and large size, the port handles numerous shipments, making it a crucial part of different industries’ supply chains. Its efficient operations and modern facilities play a crucial part in global trade and boost Long Beach City’s economy.

Density and Population of Long Beach

Long Beach has a diverse and lively population. As of 2020, it has 466,742 residents, ranking as the 43rd most populated city in the U.S. Long Beach is a charter city

It ranks as the 2nd-most populated city in LA County and the 7th-most populated city in California. Long Beach’s urban nature is evident in its high population density of 9,205.96 people per square mile. 

Despite being an influential city in Los Angeles County, Long Beach doesn’t have its own designation or county name. It’s part of the broader Los Angeles County, which covers a large area. However, Long Beach has its own distinct identity as a vibrant community in the county.

With its bustling city life and dynamic population, Long Beach provides a distinctive experience for both tourists and locals. Its easy access to transportation, cultural richness, and strong economy make it an appealing spot on the Southern California coast.

Final Thoughts

Is Long Beach part of Los Angeles? Long Beach isn’t part of Los Angeles City, but it is in Los Angeles County. It has a lively coastal community with plenty of attractions and provides tourists and residents alike with a vibrant and unique experience. 

Its proximity to big cities like downtown Los Angeles and the bustling Port of Long Beach add to its economic importance. This port is one of the world’s largest ports and plays a crucial role in global trade and business. 

Long Beach has a diverse population, a fascinating history, and easily accessible transportation options. With iconic attractions such as the annual Grand Prix, the RMS Queen Mary, and the Aquarium of the Pacific, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy in this vibrant city.


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