Is Kicker A Good Speaker Brand: The Truth On Kicker Speakers

Is Kicker A Good Speaker Brand

Quality sound is what music enthusiasts want. A good sound system is not easy to find, and the original car stereos do not meet quality sound standards. 

Poor quality sounds and weak bass are a norm for certain speaker brands in the market today unless you are talking about the Kicker Brand.

The Kicker is a famous brand for car stereo speakers and accessories. A brand that has invested in quality and superb design, Kicker, has built a name for itself as far as speakers and subwoofers go. However, it is a relatively new brand; the reviews make up for the brevity.

Is Kicker a good Speaker Brand

Yes, Kicker is a quality speaker brand that makes up for its newness with great designs and an affordable price. They have a range of speaker products that can be used at home, in your car, or for business purposes.

Kicker speakers are synonymously known for their ease of use, adaptability, and quality sound and bass.

A Detailed View Of The Kicker Brand

This 39-year-old company has made tremendous strides despite battling its way to the top. The architect of this company, Steve Irby, credits his success to his passion for music. 

That seems to be the case as he started the company with nothing but a garage and very few reserves in 1973.

The first product to grace shops from Kicker was a speaker designed for cars and trucks. Known as the Original Kicker, it paved the way for other products that we appreciate today as quality audio speakers and products.

Kicker prides itself in fashioning quality products that are affordable to music lovers and professionals alike. Not only are they quality, but they have also been designed with pleasing aesthetics. 

The Kicker is one of the most profitable brands in the market today, and it has proven that by the growth it has shown over the time it has existed.

Why Kicker Products?


Kicker products are some of the best in the market today. They have invested in innovative ways of creating quality products through value. The materials used in assembling Kicker products are integral in maintaining performance and sound quality. 


Although Kicker products are quality, the prices are pocket-friendly and can fit anyone’s budget. As stated before, not all high-end products fit the bill in quality and sound integrity. Kicker ensures that customers value money as they capitalize on standard production practices.

Varied Designs

Kicker knows the importance of variation when it comes to design. A monolithic design trend will leave the consumer bored and ready to move to the next Brand. Kicker ensures that the consumer has a wide range of options. 

They are innovative speakers, subwoofers, and equalizers that fit most cars, regardless of installed ones. 


Kicker speaker products are made from quality materials. That means that they rarely break down on their 1st or 100th. 

Kicker speakers have longevity, and customers rest because it will take a long time to replace audio elements and accessories.

Other Kicker Products

Apart from speakers, Kicker also designs and creates other quality audio products. They specify the applications and use of these products based on the customer’s needs. Whether it is for home entertainment, road motor vehicles, or marine vehicles, Kicker has you covered. 

Some of these products include: 

  • Subwoofers 
  • Headphones
  • Bluetooth speakers 
  • Amplifiers
  • Accessories

Types Of Kicker Speakers

Kicker has come a long way from the garage startup it used to be. They have grown to grab a sizable share of the audio system market in the US and across the globe. This growth has been reflected in the products they sell. 

Bluetooth Devices

Apart from the speakers they are well known for, the Kicker has a range of Bluetooth devices such as headphones. That is to keep up with demands in the current market.

Some of their best-selling products today are in respect to Bluetooth devices.

They have quality sounds at an affordable price. The Kicker Tabor2 Bluetooth Headphones are one of its best sellers.


Kicker has catered for those looking for quality audio systems for almost four decades. The range of speakers is their most impressive product. They include vehicle products, home entertainment systems, and professional solutions.

Interestingly, the speakers in the series have gained popularity with vehicle owners. They have an extensive fan base with professionals as well.

The best speaker series is KICKER CSC65 CS Series 6.5.


The kicker subwoofers have also dominated in this field, battling to gain their share in the audio market. 

Although they have a range of subwoofers, their car and truck range has gained traction and is a favorite for customers.

They are designed for different customers with different specifications. No matter the need, Kicker has the solution.

The Kicker 44DCWC122 CompC is a favorite among fans and new users.


Amplifiers are a must-have for quality sound lovers, and Kicker has ensured that you enjoy excellence. 

They have a range of amplifiers designed to increase power and that consumers have control over the sound.

Whether it is a car or for professional use, Kicker has a solution to cater to different needs.

The Kicker 46CXA8001 Car Audio has gained a following from car lovers.


Kicker has a collection of accessories that enhances your experience with their products. Whether remote controllers, headphone cord replacements, and so on, the Kicker has the solution.

KICKER 45DL7R122 Dual 12 Inch Solo-Baric is the best-selling enclosure in Kicker accessories.

Tips For Choosing Quality Speakers

Quality stereo equipment is required to purchase a home or car system. Otherwise, you will end up spending more than what you already have.

Poor quality stereos are more prone to wear and tear. They also blow up quickly if the volume is turned up beyond certain levels. What they have in common is the price. Cheap speakers are mostly of poor quality. 

Finding the right speaker can be a challenge. Even if you spend a ton of money, it does not explicitly mean quality sound. 

So, what do you look for when buying new speakers? To get you started, here are some helpful hints.

1. Consult an Expert 

That should come as a no-brainer. If you have doubts about which speaker to purchase, the sensible thing is to look for someone with experience in the field. Although online research can be valuable, field experience will save you a lot of time and money.

2. Check for Wires

Yes, speakers need sites for connectivity. Ensure the connecting wires are included in the package if you want to avoid a second trip to the electronics store. 

At the same time, please make sure the sites are of quality lest they disconnect or burn out. The store employee will give you a reference if you ask. 

3. Bass Reflex System

It would be best to consider getting a speaker with a bass reflex feature for those who appreciate bass. 

That is a speaker with an outlet or pipe-like compartment that redirects sound waves to the rear of the speaker membrane. This feature boosts sound integrity and speaker power. 

4. Know Where to Shop

Speakers are available in a variety of stores at different prices. If you want quality, affordable speakers, shop at local electronic shops. 

Their price ranges are usually pocket-friendly. High-end brand speakers have their stores, or they sell at particular stores. Do your research first. 

Types Of Speakers

Speakers are not uniform. You have to understand the type of speakers before settling on one. The specifications and design determine if they meet your requirements. Let us look at five types of speakers.


The tweeter speaker is the smallest a speaker can get. The design of a Tweeter determines its function. 

It’s developed to accommodate the elevated frequency on the audio chart. They range from 2000 Hz to 20000 Hz. 

Some tweeters are designed to accommodate more, but it is not for humans to hear.

Midrange Speakers

This speaker is larger than the tweeters. Although they produce high-frequency sounds, they do not compare to tweeters. Their range is between 250 Hz and 2000 Hz. 

Bass Speakers 

These types of speakers are woofers and subwoofers. Their frequency is shallow hence the bass sound. The woofer has a frequency range of 40 Hz – 500 Hz, and the subwoofer typically plays on 100 Hz

Full Range Speakers

These speakers are developed to accommodate the entire range of audio frequencies. That means the speaker produces the same sounds as tweeters, midrange, and bass speakers combined.


Speaker brands are not in short supply. Brands that provide audio solutions at low prices abound on the market. That leaves the quality aspect in question.

Kicker has maintained its integrity by producing memorable and quality speakers for users’ enjoyment. All this at an affordable price while keeping a competitive edge over established brands. 


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