How You And Your Partner Can Create Your Own Bay Area Ever After

How You And Your Partner Can Create Your Own Bay Area Ever After

For many of us, fairy tales were an essential part of growing up. They taught up about the power of strong relationships and true love, but they also created some pretty unrealistic expectations— looking at you, “happily ever after.” While romance really is powerful, there is no riding into the sunset for most relationships. Time and life go on, and challenges arise. It’s part of the reason people are more than happy to hear about your love at first sight but still insist you date for a while before getting married.

But you can have an Ever After in the Bay Area. Even if the rest of your days have their ups and downs, you can spend them with the love of your life and learn how to face each new trial together.

The Four Elements

We’re not about to start talking about the Avatar’s disappearance during the Fire Nation’s advance. Instead, the four key elements of a relationship are communication, intentionality, intimacy, and trust. Trust is imperative for any relationship, romantic or no. But without trust in your partner, the romance can die very quickly. Of course, you and your partner need to build that trust together. Trust allows for more open and vulnerable communication, which leads to a more intimate bond. Intentionality is the bow that ties everything together, the rope that keeps you all safe.

It can be easy to get swept away in the first stages of a relationship. And as time goes on and we settle into our routine, it can be just as easy to grow passive in how we treat our partner. Being intentional in a relationship means being an active partner. Make time in your schedule that is specifically for your partner, actively supporting them and doing things to make their life easier or more enjoyable, and listen when they need a sympathetic ear. Celebrate milestones and buy each other gifts.  It’s about a clear and powerful commitment to your partner and yourself to value your relationship.

Growing Together Through Good Times And Bad

A serious relationship is a commitment to experience the rest of your life with your partner. One of the intentional steps you can take to prepare for the future and strengthen your bond and intimacy is to find a bay area couples therapist

A psychotherapist is an expert in mental health and relationships, and they can help you strengthen your communication and teamwork. They can also help you understand how your personal mental health affects your relationship and what outside stressors may be influencing how you treat your partner. With couples therapy, you and your partner can gain a deeper, more intimate insight into your relationship and help create self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Couples therapy is for everyone in a relationship. Whether you’re struggling to overcome an obstacle in life or simply want to become closer, a bay area therapist can help. You may find that you want to pursue individual counseling as well, to work on your own mental health and what you bring into the relationship.

Keeping The Romance Alive

One common thing you hear when a relationship doesn’t work out is that the romance died. You and your partner can make the intentional decision to create your own romance. Remember how we suggested setting aside time for your partner? Don’t just sit around the house or stare at the tv— go on a date! Cook a meal! Do something to bring yourselves closer together. The Bay Area has so many options for couples to go on adventures or learn something new together. You don’t have to go out every day, but make a point to have fun together and get out of the house every so often. You may find a new favorite pastime, but you will definitely enjoy the time spent with your partner.

Embracing Your Ever After

Yes, life has challenges. Your Relationship may struggle from time to time. But by being intentional in your commitment and seeking the guidance of a licensed therapist, you and your partner can build a solid future to face these trials together. It may not be a fairy tale, with it’s obvious protagonist and eternal happiness, but you can get pretty darn close by focusing on how to strengthen your bond. The Bay Area is ripe with opportunities for you and your partner to build a life together for your ever after.


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