How To Edit A PNG File: A Quick Guide

How To Edit A PNG File

PNG is more than just a type of file, it’s one of the best ways to save and edit an image.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are special because they don’t compress when being shared on the internet. When you know how to edit a PNG file, you can produce high-quality, shareable images at any time.

Unfortunately, few people know the ins and outs of photo editing. To help you start editing your PNG files, we’ll go over several tips you can use today.

Read on to learn how to edit them in this quick guide.

Use Any Photo Editing Software

Editing a PNG file is one of the easiest things to do because you can do it with any photo editing software. While many people have heard of Photoshop, it’s premium software. However, you can find various programs online, such as a background remover, that you can use for free.

When using photo editing software, all you must do is upload the PNG file that you want to edit. From there, you can use various tools within the software to make the PNG file look however you want.

Edit In The Photos App on Windows

Another thing you can do is use the Photos app that comes pre-installed with Windows. The Photos app is the default app for viewing an image on your computer and it happens to have a few simple editing tools to make quick edits.

Whenever you open an image, you’ll see “Edit & Create” at the top-right. Click on that and you’ll see options for cropping, drawing, 3D effects, and more.

While the Photos app doesn’t allow for in-depth editing, it’s great when you want to crop your PNG files or highlight something without having to open editing software.

Learn How To Use Editing Tools

If you have access to good editing software, you should learn how to use its tools to get the most out of it. A program like Photoshop has hundreds of tools you can use and you can find various tutorials to figure out how to use them.

The easiest tools to use will be the ones you see on the main screen when you import a PNG file. You can find more complex tools by right-clicking on them or accessing the menus at the top.

After editing a PNG file, all you’ll need to do is export it as a PNG. As you gain experience, you’ll have an easier time selecting the right things for any image.

Now You Know How To Edit A PNG File

As you can see, learning how to edit a PNG file is simple enough that anyone can do it. Now that you have this info, consider doing some basic edits with the software you have, even if it’s the Photos app on Windows.

For more photo editing advice, check out the rest of our blog.


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