How Hard Is It To Get A Tourist Visa To USA From The Philippines?

How Hard Is It To Get A Tourist Visa To USA From The Philippines

Do you want to know the best response to the question “how hard is it to get a tourist visa to USA from the Philippines? Are you planning to visit the United States of America from the Philippines, soon? This post will make your day.

The United States is packed with tourist attractions. With fifty states to explore, there is something for everyone to enjoy on their trip.

The USA is famous for its exciting attractions, diverse landscapes, and famous landmarks every traveler dreams of visiting. And if you prefer to avoid bustling cities, there are plenty of natural wonders to check out, like Yellowstone Park or Niagara Falls.

But before you go, ensure you’ve got all your paperwork in order—your U.S. tourist visa is crucial. If you haven’t got one yet, read our article on the process of applying for one in the Philippines.

How Hard Is It to Get A Tourist Visa to The USA from The Philippines?

Getting a tourist visa to the USA from the Philippines is not hard. If you’re planning a trip to the US for vacation from the Philippines, you’ll need to apply for a US Tourist visa. This visa, also known as the American B1/B2 visa, is a must-have for entering and exploring the United States.

The US Tourist visa has some great advantages. It is valid for ten years from the date it’s issued, giving you plenty of time to plan your trips. Also, once you’re in the US, you can stay up to 6 months per visit.

What Is A United States Tourist Visa?

A visa is like an official ticket for foreigners to legally enter or travel to a particular place. It is generally glued or stamped in the traveler’s passport.

There’s a U.S. tourist visa for people wanting to visit the U.S. just for travel. It’s kind of like other visas, but it’s just for people who aren’t planning to move permanently to the United States. Their main goal is to visit for a while.

Not every international traveler or foreigner needs this visa. Some folks from certain countries can visit the U.S. without a visa, thanks to the Visa Waiver Program. The Department of Homeland Security runs this program. Regrettably, the Philippines isn’t on that list.

The people of the Philippines need to get a tourist visa if they want to visit the US. However, for Filipino tourists, getting that U.S. tourist visa is easier than it sounds when you look closely at the details.

How Can You Get A Tourist Visa to the United States from the Philippines?

It is easy to apply for a U.S. tourist visa from the Philippines. The U.S. Embassy in your country manages all regular visa services. Follow these steps to begin the procedure.

Register on The Visa Website of the U.S. State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs Department

To get started, go to the Visa website of the U.S. State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs Department and create your account. This is where you’ll monitor your application, verify your payment, check out the various requirements for a US visa, and look for an interview slot. Don’t be anxious; signing up is simple and free.

After you are registered, it’s time to start your application for an American B2 visa. These visas are ideal for individuals planning to visit the United States to hang out with friends and family, get medical treatment, attend conferences, or attend sports and cultural events. Answer every question honestly and thoroughly to prevent rejections or delays.

Make Sure You Have All Your Documents Ready

When it’s time to apply for your US visa, paperwork is vital. You must submit your passport, a 2×2 photograph, a printed copy of your DS-160 form confirmation page, appointment confirmation, and deposit receipts. Don’t forget to include both your old and present passports, and give that DS-160 Confirmation page a thorough check to ensure all the details are correct.

Also, we suggest bringing along extra documents like a Sample Itinerary, Certificate of Employment, Bank Certificate, Income Tax Return, and any papers from previous visits or visas to the United States.

Please bring the original documents unless otherwise stated. Also, regularly visit the official Consular Affairs Visa site to stay updated on all US visa requirements.

Fill Out The DS-160 Visa Application Form Online

Head over to the internet and fill out the DS-160 visa application form. This form is made just for people applying for non-immigrant visas. It’ll take around 90 minutes, but you can take breaks. Just note down your application ID before you close the form so you can pick up where you left off later.

You need this form for a B1 or B2 US Visa application, but no worries. It only has just some basic questions about you, your travels, and your work that you must answer fully and truthfully. If you’re not sure about some information, you can always save your progress and return to it later.

After filling out the form, you will have to upload a 2×2 picture of yourself against a plain white background taken inside the previous 6 months. Keep in mind that you should print it out and take it with you when you go to the embassy, as they’ll need it.

When capturing your 2×2 photo, we suggest you keep it natural. Skip the colored hair, makeup, and accessories. Also, leave off the glasses, as the U.S. Embassy no longer allows glasses in ID photos. Keep your look simple and plain. Once happy with your answers, tap the “Sign Application” option and submit.

Give Payment For The Visa Application Charge

Now that all the paperwork is done, it is time to pay. It is pretty straightforward. The charge for a tourist visa is around US$185, which is approximately 10,400 PHP. Even though it is listed in dollars, you must pay in Philippine Pesos. Keep in mind that this fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

You can make payments through online transactions or Over-the-Counter deposits. If you go the OTC route, download a particular visa deposit slip to take to the bank. Keep in mind that those deposit slips have expiration dates. Therefore, make sure to pay up within the given timeframe. Otherwise, you will not be able to pick an interview date.

For online transactions, gather the necessary info to make your payments and sign up for your US tourist visa for online bill payment. You can use the PesoNet online platform to pay online. After your payment’s all sorted, you’ll get an email confirmation, which you will require as part of your US visa requirements.

After that, wait at least 4 hours before scheduling your appointment date. Now, you are one step closer to grabbing a U.S. tourist visa and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Schedule and Get Ready for Your Visa Interview Appointment Date

It is time to pick a date for your visa interview. First, visit the official Consular Affairs Visa website to see available dates. But take your time! Ensure you’ve prepared all your US visa requirements before you decide on a date.

You can book your visa interview appointment date online via the US embassy’s website or by calling them on their hotline. If you opt for online booking, choose the dates you prefer and follow the steps to reserve your appointment.

Once you’ve finished booking, check out for a confirmation email. Be sure to print it out, as it’s a crucial requirement of your US visa application. Remember to show up on time for your visa interview, whichever way you book.

Wait times for visa interview appointments can vary based on visa category, location, and season. So, the US embassy suggests that people applying for travel visas begin the visa application process well before they go to the United States.

This way, they can avoid long wait times for appointments. To estimate how long you might have to wait, check out the State Department’s appointment tracker.

Furthermore, if you have a valid reason, like a funeral, a new school year, or a medical emergency, you can request to speed up your interview date. Keep in mind that events like conferences, weddings, or graduations aren’t considered good enough causes for an expedited interview.

Take The Visa Interview At The US Embassy

Before your US visa interview, here are some essential tips. First, dress well, arrive early, and be polite during the interview. Remember, you will be speaking with a US Consul, so please know your application inside and out. Review all the requirements you submitted for your US tourist visa, as most questions will probably relate to those.

Leave your gadgets at the house on your appointment day because they aren’t allowed inside the US embassy. Also, be on time and aim to arrive fifteen minutes early for your interview. When you’re in the interview, talk in English and respond properly. Avoid going into too much detail and giving very short answers. Also, remember to smile.

Keep in mind that the US Consul’s main task is to make sure you’ll go back to your home country after you visit the US and you’re going to the US for a valid purpose. So, show them you have strong ties back home, like family commitments or a steady job, to prove you’re not planning to overstay in the United States.

Wait to Get Your US Visa

Now, you only need to sit back, relax, and wait for your US visa to get approved. To check on its status, just visit online and log into your account. But don’t be too excited yet. Wait at least 3 working days after your visa application interview before you start checking your application’s status.

After you’ve got your B-2 tourist visa, you are ready to enter the US. As given by US Customs and Border Protection, you’ll have a pleasant 6-month stay ahead when you arrive. If you’re considering staying longer than 6 months, you might be able to extend your stay for up to a year if you meet all the necessary US visa requirements.


How hard is it to get a tourist visa to the USA from the Philippines? Now that you know the answer, you can easily plan your dream vacation there. Whether you love exploring historic sites and national parks, diving into various art and cultural experiences, or indulging in diverse culinary scenes, the US has something for everyone’s sense of adventure.

You will be cruising along the West Coast’s roads or strolling through the streets of the Big Apple. If this is your first time flying to the United States, check out what to expect regarding U.S. customs, security measures, and necessary documents before you board your flight.


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