The High Voltage Entrance – Honda’s Mass-Market EV 

Honda's Mass-Market EV

To say Honda is a latecomer to the EV party might be true, yet our beloved automaker has preferred to make its grand appearance with a bang rather than a whimper. Following a couple of smaller-scale experiments–think of these as the trial runs or dress rehearsals–like the Clarity EV sedan sold for a brief time in the late 2010s, Honda is revving up for its big EV game. Prepping its next mass-market EV, this baby is modeled as a crossover based on GM’s Ultium platform, making waves even before its launch.

A Peek Into The Future

Honda’s new EV steed, christened the Prologue, is due stateside next year, and the buzz is electrifying (pun intended). With a starting price sneakily below $50,000, it’s akin to getting a five-course gourmet meal for the price of your favourite takeout. Along with a distinctive design language that breaks the monotony, one can look forward to a roomy interior, thanks to a long wheelbase that is clearly showing off. As if that weren’t enough, the Prologue comes with an 11.3-inch infotainment screen delivering entertainment as expansive as a Hollywood blockbuster on an IMAX screen. The SUV offers a range of at least 250 miles. It’s as if it’s committed to taking you on cross-country adventures without the panic of finding the next charging station. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Finding the Sweet Spot: Prologue’s Size

For the regular Honda SUV owners considering a switch to the electric side, the Prologue stands as a logical choice. Nestling comfortably between the Pilot and the Passport in size, it’s like the third bear in Goldilocks’ story: just right. With its even dimensions it’s got the right balance of city-friendliness and off-roader robustness– making it the perfect fit for all types of terrain and journeys. In other words–it’s perfection.

Special Version On The Way

Honda’s luxury vehicle division, Acura, won’t be left in the dust. Yes–it’s also getting its own version of this model around the same time. Except… it’s got a trunk full of intriguing amenities, or ‘goodies’ as insiders call them. 

The Electric Excitement: Anticipating The Prologue

The anticipation for Honda’s sleek and modern electric crossover, Prologue, is as intense and thrilling as waiting for the next season of your favourite binge-worthy TV show. You know the kind: sleep-stealing, edge-of-your-seat engrossing, punctuated only by a feverish clicking of the ‘next episode’ button. Replace cliffhanger episode endings with exciting vehicle features and innovative technology; that’s Prologue for you!

Ah, what a delightful agony it is, akin to a child counting down days to Christmas morning, presents piled under the twinkling tree. The arrival of this Prologue promises more than just the comfort of a ride and the rich delight in its stylish exterior. It’s the anticipation of an experience, of a lifestyle change, of a step towards a sustainable future. The exquisite tension of expectation, of foreseeing ourselves voyaging through city streets or tech-controlled countryside terrain, with nary a carbon footprint in sight – that’s the magic of waiting for the Prologue.

And oh, it isn’t just a car. The Honda Prologue will tick all the right boxes for families seeking the combination of everyday practicality, ultra-modern technology, and eco-friendly propulsion — it seems almost tailor-made for environmentally-conscious parents wanting to package their values into one shiny modern vehicular package. Even in its basic flavor, no bells and whistles, Prologue is expected to satisfy most green-car expectations, balancing the sleekness of premium design with the credibility of being kind to Mother Earth. 

So, keep your binoculars focused, your telescopes tuned, for the arrival of a showstopper in the world of eco-friendly vehicles. As every great performance demands an equally grand audience, the Prologue is expecting you. Applause or gasps of wonder, that is entirely up to you. The stage is set, the curtain is about to rise, leaving us in breathless anticipation–an indication that the future of eco-friendly vehicles is just around the bend. Get set, because the Prologue is almost here. 


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