Dwarf Names: 150+ Name Ideas

Dwarf Names

Dwarves, one of the most well-known fantasy races, are often portrayed as short and stout individuals who reside underground in tunnels and mines. 

Renowned for their expertise in mining, smithing, and engineering, dwarves are a skilled race with a deep connection to the earth. Clad in sturdy metal armor, they are often seen as formidable warriors. 

While male dwarves are known for their protectiveness towards their families, female dwarves exhibit independence by running their own businesses from the comfort of their homes. 

With such a rich lore and reputation, it is no wonder that dwarf names carry a weighty significance in the realms they inhabit. Check out our collection of dwarf names.

Male Dwarf Names

  1. Thorin – A noble and fearless leader known for his unwavering determination.
  2. Gimli – A skilled and brave warrior with a hearty sense of humor.
  3. Dwalin – A rugged and loyal dwarf, skilled in combat and craftsmanship.
  4. Fili – Thorin’s young and adventurous nephew, always ready for an adventure.
  5. Kili – Fili’s younger brother, an energetic and daring dwarf.
  6. Balin – Wise and elder statesman, known for his knowledge and counsel.
  7. Ori – A young and enthusiastic dwarf, often tasked with documenting their adventures.
  8. Nori – A skilled thief and adventurer with a penchant for trouble.
  9. Bofur – A cheerful and jolly dwarf, known for his love of music and song.
  10. Dori – A caring and protective dwarf, often looking out for his companions.
  11. Gloin – Thorin’s cousin, a proud and stubborn dwarf with a good heart.
  12. Oin – A healer and scholar, often using his knowledge to aid the group.
  13. Bombur – A rotund and jovial dwarf, renowned for his hearty appetite.
  14. Bifur – Known for his distinctive head injury and his unwavering determination.
  15. Thrain – A legendary figure in dwarf history, known for his leadership.
  16. Thror – A respected and wise king of the dwarves, known for his just rule.
  17. Dain – A fearless warrior and leader who stands strong in battle.
  18. Fundin – A loyal and courageous dwarf, often at Thorin’s side.
  19. Brokk – A skilled blacksmith and craftsman, renowned for his creations.
  20. Eitri – A master blacksmith who forged Mjolnir, Thor’s famous hammer.
21. Eikinskjaldi 22. Thrainsson
23. Skalf 24. Tordek
25. Bardin 26. Frerin
27. Nain 28. Loni
29. Gorm 30. Oskar
31. Vili 32. Dori
33. Grimli 34. Thraindor
35. Thrainmar 36. Urri
37. Hrethric 38. Kragg
39. Kaldor 40. Gromli
41. Durin 42. Horth
43. Flint 44. Snorri
45. Bruni 46. Bori
47. Thrainulf 48. Thrainkil
49. Thrainli 50. Fandral

Female Dwarf Names

  1. Tia Tumble – A nimble and agile dwarf, known for her acrobatic skills.
  2. Lirael Stonefury – A fierce warrior with a fiery spirit.
  3. Kira Kettle – A skilled brewer of dwarven ales, known for her flavorful creations.
  4. Orlaith Goldvein – A dwarf with a keen eye for finding precious metals.
  5. Arni Icehammer – A skilled ice mage, known for her control over frost.
  6. Ula Underhill – A dwarf who excels at navigating underground passages.
  7. Mirelda Stonebraid – A talented jeweler and gemcutter, renowned for her craftsmanship.
  8. Sira Silver – A warrior with a silvery mane of hair, known for her valor.
  9. Bree Brighteyes – A dwarf with keen perception, often serving as a lookout.
  10. Altheda Deepdelver – An expert in mining and excavation, unearthing hidden treasures.
  11. Zephyr Stormforged – A dwarf with an affinity for controlling the weather.
  12. Vera Viper – A cunning and strategic dwarf known for her clever tactics.
  13. Fia Flame – A master of fire magic, capable of unleashing fiery devastation.
  14. Nia Nightfall – A dwarf who excels at moving in the shadows, unseen.
  15. Alarice Hammerhand – A formidable warrior with powerful blows.
  16. Janna Jewelsmith – A talented gemcutter and jewelry maker, creating stunning pieces.
  17. Yara Yarn – A dwarf with a passion for weaving and crafting intricate textiles.
  18. Greta Gravel – An expert in stonecraft, building sturdy and impressive structures.
  19. Valla Shadowfoot – A stealthy rogue with a knack for sneaking and thievery.
  20. Thora Earthbreaker – A powerful warrior known for causing tremors in battle.
21. Hilda Hammerheart 22. Ygritte Forgeborn
23. Magda Firebeard 24. Kelda Runecarver
25. Ida Ice 26. Brynja Steelheart
27. Xira X-ray 28. Wira Whistle
29. Tilda Mountainmover 30. Balthilda Stonetongue
31. Dora Digger 32. Gerdwynn Deepminer
33. Pia Pipe 34. Mira Mirror
35. Ora Ore 36. Zora Ironsoul
37. Nala Nettle 38. Drogana Earthshaker
39. Alaric Stonehelm 40. Embla Frostbeard
41. Runa Starweaver 42. Zinnia Diamondhand
43. Astrid Stonefrost 44. Gilda Stonefist
45. Freya Firebelly 46. Vela Stonebreaker
47. Freyja Firebrand 48. Maida Mountainheart
49. Ingrid Ironhand 50. Eirlys Snowshoe

Unisex Dwarf Names

  1. Dagny – A name that represents strength and resilience.
  2. Torin – A unisex name suitable for a courageous and determined dwarf.
  3. Ragnor – A name reflecting power and leadership qualities.
  4. Kelda – A versatile name for a dwarf known for their kindness.
  5. Falin – A unisex name suitable for a dwarf with a deep sense of loyalty.
  6. Elda – A name suggesting wisdom and knowledge.
  7. Sigrun – A name for a brave and determined dwarf.
  8. Bruni – A name reflecting a dwarf’s fiery spirit.
  9. Hilde – A name for a female dwarf known for her battle prowess.
  10. Eirik – A strong and enduring name suitable for a dwarf of any gender.
  11. Orin – A name suggesting a dwarf with a strong sense of duty.
  12. Bryn – A unisex name for a dwarf known for their strength and determination.
  13. Faelan – A name representing a dwarf’s adventurous spirit.
  14. Rorik – A name suitable for a dwarf with a fierce and powerful presence.
  15. Vreni – A versatile name reflecting a dwarf’s adaptability.
  16. Thora – A name suggesting a dwarf with a powerful presence and resilience.
  17. Thrain – A unisex name suitable for a leader among dwarves.
  18. Elska – A name for a dwarf known for their affectionate and loving nature.
  19. Jorund – A versatile name reflecting a dwarf’s unique qualities.
  20. Soren – A strong and enduring name suitable for a dwarf of any gender.
  21. Gudny
  22. Halvar
  23. Saga
  24. Hreidar
  25. Edda
  26. Thorin
  27. Asta
  28. Fafnir
  29. Audun
  30. Fjola

Funny Dwarf Names

  1. Gimli Shortstack – A jovial and humorously self-aware dwarf.
  2. Bumblebeard – A dwarf known for a comically large and busy beard.
  3. Snickers Ironbelly – A dwarf with a love for chocolate and laughter.
  4. Grumpy McSmiles – A dwarf who often contradicts their name with a cheerful
  5. Pockets McShorty – A dwarf with an inexplicable abundance of pockets.
  6. Grizzle No-Toes – A humorous name for a dwarf with all their toes intact.
  7. Jiggles McChuckles – A dwarf who can’t help but laugh at everything.
  8. Fizzlebang Giggletop – A dwarf with a penchant for silly magic tricks.
  9. Chubby Cheekstone – A dwarf known for its round and rosy cheeks.
  10. Hiccup Stoutbarrel – A dwarf with a tendency to hiccup after enjoying a good ale.
  11. Chuckle Nuggetbeard – A dwarf with an infectious and hearty laugh.
  12. Tater Totbasher – A humorous name for a dwarf who enjoys mashed potatoes.
  13. Snuffle McFluff – A dwarf who’s always sniffing for hidden treasures.
  14. Squeezy McSneeze – A dwarf who has an endearing tendency to sneeze loudly.
  15. Gobbletoes – A dwarf known for their insatiable appetite for turkey legs.
  16. Snickerdoodle Rockcrusher – A dwarf with a penchant for sweet treats.
  17. Slumber Shortstack – A dwarf who enjoys long naps and leisure.
  18. Dizzy Twirlybeard – A comically disoriented dwarf with a twirling beard.
  19. Stumble Bumblebelly – A dwarf who often stumbles while carrying too much ale.
  20. Whisker Giggledust – A dwarf with a fluffy beard and a constant sense of mirth.
  21. Grinny McJester
  22. Fidget McTwitch
  23. Wobble Ironbrew
  24. Puddin’ McPuddlepaws
  25. Guffaw Barrelbelly
  26. Chuckles McTumtum
  27. Wobbletoes McWobble
  28. Ticklebeard Stonegiggle
  29. Gargle McSnort
  30. Snickers McBellylaugh
  31. Chuckleberry McToot
  32. Twitchy McWiggle
  33. Gobbledygook Laughington
  34. Dizzy Wobbletoes
  35. Grumpy Guffawbeard
  36. Noodle McNap
  37. Giggles McSqueaky
  38. Bumblefingers
  39. Tumblebun McTiddlywinks
  40. Chucklebox Gigglepants
  41. Fizzlepuff Barrelslap
  42. Snickers McChucklebuns
  43. Wobblegiggle Snickerpants
  44. Chucklebump Snortnoodle
  45. Giggles McTiddlypaws
  46. Dizzy Fidgetwiggle
  47. Bumblesnort Taterpants
  48. Snickers McTickleboots
  49. Jiggletwig McLaughington
  50. Grizzle Gobblechuckles

Dwarf Names: Last Name

  1. Bloodminer – A dwarf known for their skill in extracting valuable minerals.
  2. Stoneforge – A master craftsman specialising in stone and metalwork.
  3. Ironfoot – A rugged and determined dwarf with unshakable resolve.
  4. Gemcutter – An artisan with a talent for transforming raw gems into exquisite jewellery.
  5. Thunderbeard – A dwarf with a beard that crackles with electric energy.
  6. Steelbreaker – A warrior who specialises in shattering armour and weapons.
  7. Copperpots – A family of dwarves famous for their delicious cooking.
  8. Blessedgrog – A brewer of divine ales and spirits known for their exceptional beverages.
  9. McKnuckles – A clan renowned for their formidable and powerful fists.
  10. Goldtrickle – A dwarf known for its expertise in mining and extracting precious metals.
  11. Bonetank – A dwarf with an exceptionally sturdy and robust physique.
  12. Ashbraid – A dwarf known for its distinctive ash-gray hair.
  13. Goldhammer – A blacksmith with an impressive hammer, renowned for forging weapons.
  14. Blackanvil – A renowned forge that produces exceptional weapons and armor.
  15. Frostbeard – A dwarf who thrives in cold environments with an icy, frosty beard.
  16. Silvervein – A family known for their expertise in silver mining and jewellery-making.
  17. Graniteaxe – A dwarf known for their proficiency with stonecutting tools.
  18. Ironbreaker – A warrior with a talent for breaking through enemy lines.
  19. Icebrew – A brewery specialising in crafting frigid, refreshing ales.
  20. Hornbelly – A dwarf known for its distinctive and prominent belly.
  21. Nightguard
  22. Thunderheart
  23. Bronzebeard
  24. Mithrilhand
  25. Rockshield
  26. Copperpick
  27. Goldensmith
  28. Bloodforge
  29. Hammerpants
  30. Noblemantle
  31. Battlehammer
  32. Ironhand
  33. Chainbreaker
  34. Bottlefinger
  35. Jumpnkill
  36. Buzzbeard
  37. Boatmurderer
  38. Ironjaws
  39. Deepaxe
  40. Bloodcoat

Dwarf Names: Clans

  1. The Riverwrights – A clan of skilled boat builders and river travelers.
  2. Clan Peridot – A family of gem miners known for their exquisite peridot finds.
  3. The Hammerkeepers – Guardians of ancient and powerful dwarven artifacts.
  4. The BronzeBeards – A prominent and respected dwarven clan known for their
    majestic beards.
  5. The JadeTones – Artisans who craft beautiful jewellery from jade and gemstones.
  6. The Mountain Homes – A group of dwarves known for their steadfast commitment to
    their mountain abodes.
  7. Kunzite Clan – Experts in the mining and use of the rare kunzite gem.
  8. The Stormhammers – A clan known for their connection to elemental storms.
  9. The Blue Mountain Clan – Dwarves who dwell in the heart of the blue-hued
  10. Clan Citrine – Miners who specialise in extracting citrine and other gemstones.
  11. The Goldenfield Clan – A farming community renowned for their golden wheat
  12. The Lords of the Gyre Mountains – Rulers of a mountainous region with numerous
  13. Tanzanite Clan – Guardians of the precious tanzanite mines.
  14. The Ironjaws – A formidable and resilient warrior clan.
  15. The Mountain Falls – Dwarves living near breathtaking waterfall landscapes.
  16. Clan Krakhammer – A clan famous for their mining expertise, particularly in the
    deepest depths.
  17. The Winterhills – Dwarves who inhabit cold and icy mountain regions.
  18. The Quartzeaters – A clan that specialises in using quartz crystals in their
  19. The Thunder Kings – A noble clan with a strong connection to thunderstorms.
  20. Taaffeite Clan – A rare and elusive clan known for their expertise in taaffeite gem
21. Thorin Stonebeard 22. Gromli Earthforge
23. Orik Ironheart 24. Bofur Copperaxe
25. Dwalin Stronghelm 26. Durin Ironshield
27. Thrain Battlebeard 28. Nori Goldbeard
29. Kili Flameforge 30. Balin Coppervein
31. Gimli Firebeard 32. Fili Steelbrow
33. Thorgrim Goldenshield 34. Dori Ironhide
35. Ori Stonehelm 36. The Frostpeak
37. The Highfields 38. The Lords of the Crystal Caverns
39. Hessonite Clan 40. Clan Goldtrickle
41. The Iceblood 42. The Silvertomes
43. The Hammerdashers 44. The Ironhelms
45. The Quick -Smelter clan 46. The Mountainhewers
47. Red Beryl Clan 48. The Diamondbounds
49. The IronSets 50. The Rubywoo
51. The Thundershod 52. The Mountainhall Clan
53. The Steel Whole Clan 54. The Copper Pots
55. Clan Grandidierite

Dwarf Names Kingdoms

  1. Daleah – A peaceful and prosperous dwarf kingdom known for its fertile valleys.
  2. Zanhoriloch – A mystical and ancient dwarven realm with hidden secrets.
  3. Kraka Dorden – A stronghold that guards a critical mountain pass.
  4. Karaz-a-Karak – A well-known and powerful dwarven capital.
  5. Hilda Silvervein of Gemstone Realm – A kingdom with an abundance of precious gems.
  6. Borin Rockjaw of Stoneguard – A fortified kingdom with a vigilant ruler.
  7. Frosthold – A remote, frosty kingdom protected by formidable warriors.
  8. Cvwich – A hidden dwarf kingdom in a secluded valley.
  9. Mountain Silverspear – A kingdom known for its expert miners and silversmiths.
  10. Kraka Ravnsvake – A coastal kingdom that thrives on fishing and trade.
  11. Keldar Frostbeard of Frostholm – A kingdom nestled in the icy tundra, led by a fearless
  12. Loria Copperbeard of Copperforge – A kingdom known for its advanced metalwork.
  13. Red Eye Mountain – A kingdom with unique, fiery landscapes and lava flows.
  14. Pontyd – A kingdom with vast underground caverns and waterways.
  15. Gabilgathol – A grand kingdom with intricate stonework and fortifications.
  16. Tyr Faerath – A kingdom with a rich history of gem mining.
  17. Frilda Gemheart of Gemvault – A kingdom dedicated to preserving precious gems.
  18. Hrothgar Ironbeard of Ironhome – A kingdom with strong ties to the iron industry.
  19. Ammarindar – A kingdom known for its beautiful underground gardens.
  20. Tumunzahar – A kingdom with a focus on intricate stone carvings and sculptures.
  21. Intun
  22. Ekrund
  23. Fricusi
  24. Durin Goldbeard of Goldenshield
  25. Baelor Strongaxe of Steelhold
  26. Sareda
  27. Aerie Peak
  28. Barak Varr
  29. Thorium Point
  30. Orin Thunderhelm of Thunderdelve
  31. Orik Blackanvil of Blackcrag
  32. Thrandin Goldenshield of Goldspire
  33. Stostethorp
  34. Khazad-dûm
  35. Bawic
  36. Fyford
  37. Gundabad
  38. Gharraghaur
  39. Ironforge
  40. Geford
  41. Grunna Ironfoot of Ironkeep
  42. Thrain Stonehammer of Stonehaven
  43. Karaz Ankor
  44. Delhalls
  45. Acstow
  46. Hacot
  47. Grimhold
  48. Durgin Stonebeard of Ironhold
  49. Thrain Ironhelm of Granitepeak
  50. Wooford
  51. Shadowforge City
  52. Fraaszummdin
  53. Karaz Bryn
  54. Anis
  55. Nulbaraz

Other Dwarf Names

  1. Vera Vengeance – A determined and persistent dwarf with a score to settle.
  2. Wren Wrecker – A dwarf known for their ability to dismantle and rebuild.
  3. Zara Zephyr – A dwarf with a talent for controlling the winds and weather.
  4. Alva Amberstone – A dwarf with a deep affinity for amber and its uses.
  5. Bela Bellowsong – A dwarf famous for their melodious and powerful singing.
  6. Cela Coppercoin – A master of commerce and trade, known for dealing in copper.
  7. Dela Dazzlestone – A jeweler who creates stunning and dazzling gemstone pieces.
  8. Elsa Evergreen – A dwarf with a strong connection to nature and the forests.
  9. Fela Firestorm – A powerful mage who wields the flames with precision.
  10. Gela Glitterdust – A dwarf known for crafting glittering and magical artifacts.
  11. Hela Hammerfall – A warrior with an unstoppable hammer-wielding force.
  12. Ila Ironclaw – A skilled and resourceful dwarf with powerful iron-clad claws.
  13. Jela Jinglebell – A festive dwarf who spreads joy with the sound of jingling bells.
  14. Kela Kiteflyer – A dwarf who loves soaring high in the sky with kites.
  15. Lela Lightbringer – A dwarf known for their radiant personality and kindness.
  16. Mela Moonshadow – A stealthy and nimble dwarf who thrives in the darkness.
  17. Nela Nightfall – A dwarf who excels in nighttime activities and adventures.
  18. Ola Opalheart – A dwarf with a deep love for opals and their mystical qualities.
  19. Pela Pebbletoe – A dwarf known for their light and agile steps, as if walking on pebbles.
  20. Qela Quicksilver
  21. Rela Rubyrose
  22. Sela Snowflake
  23. Tela Tumbleweed
  24. Ula Underhill
  25. Vela Violethair
  26. Wela Whirlwind
  27. Xela Xylophone
  28. Yela Yellowstar
  29. Zela Zirconia
  30. Durinza Stonefist
  31. Brynja Frostbeard
  32. Ragnhild Strongarm
  33. Sigrun Mountainheart
  34. Gunnhild Goldsmith
  35. Hulda Silveraxe
  36. Fjola Firemane
  37. Gudrun Ironfoot
  38. Thora Copperbeard
  39. Asa Brighteyes
  40. Solveig Snowbeard
  41. Eirika Swiftblade
  42. Helga Thunderhammer
  43. Sigrid Battleborn
  44. Gunvor Darkstone
  45. Freydis Steelheart
  46. Karin Deepdelver
  47. Astrid Flamebeard
  48. Liv Ironjaw
  49. Ingrid Moonstone
  50. Thorgrim Ironbeard
  51. Bofur Battlehammer
  52. Fili Fireforge
  53. Oin Ogrebreaker
  54. Gloin Grimhand
  55. Tauriel Thornfoot
  56. Amon Ambusher
  57. Tobold Hornblower
  58. Bifur Bigeard
  59. Bombur Buster
  60. Dwalin Foulmouth
  61. Ori Wildhammer
  62. Gimli Gloin
  63. Dwalin Wildhammer
  64. Balin Bladesmith
  65. Bombur Bombursson
  66. Dwalin Icefang
  67. Ori Ironfoot
  68. Bifur Boffin
  69. Filios Cloudborn
  70. Dwalin Ironfist
  71. Fíli Fiddleback
  72. Ragnar Longbeard
  73. Drogan Deepdelver
  74. Thrain Thunderstrike
  75. Grimli Goldtooth
  76. Kili Kindheart
  77. Skar Stonefist
  78. Balin Brightshield
  79. Gundar Grimbeard
  80. Brok Bronzebeard
  81. Korgan Kneebreaker
  82. Varric Valiant
  83. Drogar Deepminer
  84. Hrothgar Highforge
  85. Gorn Goldfist
  86. Thrain Twinkletoes
  87. Ulfar Underminer
  88. Gorin Greybeard
  89. Faldor Frostbeard
  90. Drogath Deepdigger
  91. Haldor Hammerhand
  92. Thorgun Thunderfoot
  93. Balin Beardmaker
  94. Grom Goldgrip
  95. Grimnir Grimface
  96. Nori Nightvision
  97. Durin Deathbringer
  98. Gimli Goldbrand
  99. Bardin Blackbeard
  100. Fintan Fireheart
  101. Huginn Hornhelm
  102. Kragg Kegmaster


Throughout history and in various works of literature and fantasy, dwarf names have played a
significant role in defining these mythical creatures.
From the renowned dwarves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth to the dwarves in Norse
mythology, their names reflect their distinct characteristics and cultural backgrounds.
Whether it be the powerful and regal names of dwarven kings or the simpler yet resilient names
of common dwarves, these names serve to enhance the depth and authenticity of dwarf


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