Check Out What Happened To Charlie Tucker On Mountain Men

Check Out What Happened To Charlie Tucker On Mountain Men

People have been wondering what happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men. Why did the famous TV personality and fan-favorite leave the show without saying goodbye to his beloved fans?

Tucker joined the History Channel’s Mountain Men in the reality TV program’s second season. From that moment on, he became a fan favorite. He was a logger and fur trapper in northern Maine. That’s what he made his money from. 

Mountain Men and Charles Tucker was a match made in heaven. It was as if the show was made for him. He treasured primitive life. He believed human beings were not created to live modern and luxurious lives. 

So, why did he eventually stop appearing in the popular TV series Mountain Men? Read to figure out the reason. 

Who Is Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men?

Charlie Tucker is a lifelong resident of Maine. He loves primitive life and believes every human being should do the same because that’s what we were made for. 

Tucker is also a professional logger and fur-trapper. He joined the History Channel’s reality TV program, “Mountain Men,” and the rest was history. 

Mountain Men promotes primitive life, which is what Charlie Tucker adores. So, it wasn’t like he embraced primitive life because of the show. It was his lifestyle before the show. 

His appearance on the show has brought nothing but a massive impact. Many fans tune in to watch his fur-trapping, which he’s very good at. 

Charlie Tucker won no award for participating in the reality TV program. But that won’t even bother him.  

What Happened To Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men?

Charlie Tucker left “Mountain Men” in 2014 (after three seasons) on a good note. Though rumors claimed the producers fired him, there isn’t any truth. 

Tucker is a well-behaved person. He lives a simple life on and off the screen. And he doesn’t seem like someone the reality TV producers would hate or fire. 

He left the show during a period when fans were getting to like his fur-trapping adventure. So, seeing him quit the show after such a short period was shocking. Fans thought he was going to stick around much longer than he did. 

What Is Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men Doing After Quitting The Show?  

Charlie Tucker isn’t a lazy individual. Despite his age, and physical appearance; he’s a really strong individual. He also left Mountain Men on a good note. 

Tucker left the show to focus on his private business. So, he must be doing great. He told the producers he was starting a private leaseholder business at Maine Woods Recreational Component.   

Charlie loves the woods. He’ll give everything to live in the woods. And he even lives in the cabin he built by himself. He has a massive interest in logging and trapping. 

Mind you, Tucker had a logger business before joining the reality TV show and becoming a media personality. So, he’s passionate about being a lumberjack. 

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Where Does Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men Live?

Tucker is living off the grid. He lives in the woods, in a cabin he built by himself. Many people won’t dwell much on discussing Tucker’s choice of residence because that’s what he cherishes.

So, Tucker lives off the grid in a cabin he constructed himself. He lives in northern Maine Ashland, where he was born. He has lived in Maine, Ashland, all his life. 

Childhood & Early Life of Charlie Tucker On Mountain Men   

It seems passion for forest life runs in Charlie Tucker’s bloodline. His father worked as a District ranger. So, his connection to Northern Maine is strong. 

He wasn’t born in Maine. His parents brought him in when he was only a month old. He grew up seeing his father’s passionate commitment to the forest and was influenced by the lifestyle. 

He didn’t care about the condition of his father’s job. He woke up every day with a smile and was ready to help when needed.  

Charlie’s father wasn’t the only one committed to the forest. His grandfather worked as a Maine guide, too. 

Interestingly, Charlie’s life revolves around the forest. He loves living in the woods and has been there all his life. 

Charlie Tucker’s Education    

Charlie Tucker has kept information about his education away from the public. He doesn’t and hasn’t revealed much about himself. 

His logging and fur-trapping skills are out of this world. They show he’s a fast learner with everything he needs to succeed academically. 

So, there isn’t much about his educational background. And being that Charlie Tucker has lived all his life in the forest, it’s safe to say that he didn’t receive much formal education. We will never know unless Tucker himself provides information about his educational background. 

What You Don’t Know About The Career of Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men

Charlie Tucker has been working as a logger for over two decades. He worked in the Northern Maine forest for 25 years as a logger and logger contractor. It confirms the claim that he has worked and lived in the forest for almost his entire life. 

So, how did he end up in the History Channel’s Mountain Men?

Showrunners were seeking a mountain man who would fit their show. They contacted Jim Dumond and asked him to find a mountain man that suits the show. 

Jim couldn’t think of anyone besides Charlie Tucker. He knew Charlie fit the profile of the person they wanted for the show. He recommended Charlie Tucker to the showrunners, and the rest is history. 

Charlie Tucker accepted the proposal to feature in The Mountain Men. He liked the idea because he had been desperate to show the world that humans are wired to live a primitive life. 

Charlie Tucker impressed the showrunners and audience with his skills and passion for the wild. He built a cabin home in the forest without access to modern amenities such as a refrigerator, TV, Wi-Fi, etc.  

He fed from what he could gather from the forest. He relied on his skills to get food and survive in the wild. But now, he’s left the show to face something bigger that he always loved. 

 Charlie Tucker Grand Entrance To Mountain Men

Charlie Tucker only became a part of the show in 2013, a year after it aired. He joined in the second season of the Mountain Men. 

He was the perfect man for the show, teaching the audience how to survive in the wild. Charlie taught the audience how he lives in the wild. He even showed the audience how to catch food by trapping prey. 

Viewers of the Mountain Men were always amazed to watch Charlie Tucker and see the number of skills he possessed. He even wowed people when he built a house to protect himself from hypothermia. 

How many episodes did Charlie Tucker feature in before quitting the show?

Overall, he was featured in 33 episodes. He stayed in the show until the end of season 3 in 2014.  

A Handy Tip: Charlie’s words, “I hate when you do not have reality,” tell us he was trying to say something to the viewers. Clearly, the producers were asking him to compromise on some things, which he wasn’t too comfortable about. 

He likes being original and real. He doesn’t like to compromise or deceive people. Unfortunately, that was what the producers demanded of him, leading to his unprovoked exit. 

Charlie Tucker’s Net Worth

Firstly, he only had two seasons in Mountain Men. Secondly, he was a logger and logger contractor in Maine’s forest.  

So, Charlie has been earning some good money. However, his lifestyle means he won’t spend much but rather have larger savings. 

In 2015, his net worth was estimated to be $500,000. Now, he’s worth over $700,000. 

Charlie Tucker Marital Status: A Secret?

There is no record of Charlie’s past relationship. He doesn’t talk about his wife or kids on camera. Whenever he comes online, he’s either building a shelter, trapping, or performing other activities. 

He has not said a word about his wife, children or parents. But we hope he’ll change one day and come clean because fans are eager to know who their Mountain Men hero is married to or dating. 

Charlie Tucker’s Social Media Accounts

If you’re looking for Charlie Tucker on social media, you could spend forever doing so. Why? He’s not on social media and enjoying his quiet life.  


What happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men? Charlie left the show. But we’re glad he did on a good note and doing something great with his life. 

He now works as a private leaseholder at North Maine Woods Recreational Component. Information about his marital status has been sketchy. We don’t know if he’s married, single, or has children. Furthermore, he has a net worth of over $700,000 and enjoys living in the forest. 


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