Buy YouTube Comments To Increase Social Proof And Drive Organic Growth

Buy YouTube Comments To Increase Social Proof And Drive Organic Growth

In today’s world, people prefer images and videos rather than words. That’s a reason why most people and businesses are creating informative and entertaining videos on YouTube. Over millions of people are uploading and sharing different types of short and long videos from different niches. Thriving accounts of many well-known celebrities and brands are making it challenging for the common public to make their videos reach their target audience.

Increasing comments count on videos can help achieve the desired success. Purchasing user-generated comments provides a straight line of interaction between YouTubers and viewers. Active engagement with viewers allows personalized experience and helps in creating a community of faithful subscribers.

But, the problem is receiving lots of real comments organically and quickly is not easy. If you are among people or businesses who don’t have enough time and resources to create sufficient comments for their YouTube videos or channels, then buy YouTube comments to increase social proofand organic growth of your channel.

What Is Social Proof And How It Can Be Increased With Purchased Comments On Youtube?

Social proof is a social and psychological process wherein people find the actions of others correct and are willing to do the same. They are more interested in behaving the same in a particular situation. This social phenomenon is also followed in the world of social networking. Social media users recommend, like, and follow specific posts, products, and services to other users based on their experiences.

Improving social proof on YouTube is highly important because it plays a significant role in increasing traffic by up to 60 percent and improving communication by around 30 percent. Social proof is based on the idea that more people will explore your videos if they find it to be trending with many likes, comments, and shares. Most videos that go viral have produced enough social proof. Many viewers have watched the content to warrant sharing with other users.

Proving and improving social proof starts with producing quality and engaging videos. But, this would not alone going to help you if you’re a beginner on YouTube with no likes and comments. When you buy YouTube comments, you can increase the count and create real social proof. Real comments will make viewers find your videos popular and encourage them to play them and explore the content. Soon enough, new listeners and subscribers start to come to your account and boost your fanbase.

Avoid Faking Social Proof

Yes, this is true that improved social proof can bring potential audience and higher engagement rate but it is important to avoid faking social proof. The positive proof can create great curiosity among users to view your content. Fake proof can negatively affect your reputation on social media and may result in unwanted consequences such as restrictions by YouTube.

So, when you are purchasing comments, subscribers, likes, or dislikes, don’t forget to check the quality. Just like the quality of videos created, the purchased comments must be of high quality and come from real users to bring organic user engagement and organic growth. Bad social proof can harm your YouTube channel. So, it’s good to avoid faking.

How Bought YouTube Comments Can Drive Organic Growth?

Running a successfully growing YouTube channel requires reaching a potential audience, engaging existing viewers, and reaching other creators around the world. Regardless of the type of videos you create and publish, your channel needs to appear as trending and credible as possible.

Comments on YouTube are beneficial to engage with viewers and other content creators. YouTube’s algorithm considers engagement metrics like real likes, comments, subscribers, and shares when ranking videos. The algorithm favors videos that include comments. The increasing comment count your content has, the improved ranking it will have in search results and recommendations. Viewers mostly click on the video that appears on the top of search results and have huge engagement metrics.

This means, to get your video promoted by YouTube and reach a broader audience, you need to have a good comment count. Purchasing comments can therefore be an excellent strategic approach to create more engagement, go viral, and increase organic traffic. This can bring you more views and subscribers, and provide your channel with boosted organic growth.

How To Buy Comments For Your YouTube Videos?

Purchasing real YouTube comments safely starts and ends with finding a trustworthy service provider. The recognized names in the social media market like FBPostLikeshelp your content go a long way without any decrement in performance. Their comments are 100% real and high quality. This means, the purchased comments would be legit and can improve the credibility of your account.

Speaking about the delivery, these service providers will get your bought comments delivered to your account within a few hours after completing the order process. Buyers can take advantage of different promo codes to enjoy amazing discounts. To get organic traffic and growth, consider purchasing only real comments that don’t come from bots or using any computer programs. When spam comments are deducted from your channel, it may get suspended from the platform.

Once you choose the right provider, select the package based on the number of comments you need and your budget. As soon as you make the payment, you’ll start receiving comments on your required video. Start purchasing comments in a small amount initially at a speed that seems natural. Adding thousands of comments at once can trigger spam filters on YouTube and increase the risk of suspension from the platform. Also, look for the data protection policy and payment security.


At the bottom line, YouTube comments are the key to successfully growing a YouTube channel and having valuable interaction with a target audience. They allow for providing increasing social proof, appearing trending on YouTube, getting valuable feedback from the audience, and gaining more hits quickly. Thus, YouTube content creators can consider buying real comments from reliable service providers taking into account all the important factors. 


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