253 Borg Names: Great Names For Your Next Party Jug!

Borg Names

The surge of borgs on college campuses caught everyone off guard. However, it’s a relief to bid farewell to the hazardous concoctions of the past. Borgs allow partygoers to customize their beverages, from flavors to alcohol content.  They also eliminate the risk of germ transmission from communal alcohol sources and shield against hidden, questionable ingredients. Yet, the true joy of borgs lies in personalization, particularly in decorating your gallon jug. It serves a practical purpose, too, ensuring your Borg stands apart from others. To help you out, we’ve scoured the internet for the funniest names to adorn your next Borg.

What Is A Borg

A borg is not an acronym for “black out rage gallon.” The term refers to a popular trend among college students and others who seek a unique and potentially safer way to engage in group drinking. 

Borgs are customized drinking vessels designed for single-person consumption, reducing the risk of drinking spiking and spreading infectious diseases. Some enthusiasts also claim that drinking from a borg can minimize alcohol hangovers.

Borgs Allow You To Control What You Drinking

One of the benefits of Borgs is that you can control the amount of alcohol you take. With borgs, you become the captain of your drinking journey, allowing you to choose the amount that suits you best. 

In social settings, peer pressure can often influence our drinking decisions. However, borgs offer a liberating solution by eliminating the burden of peer pressure. 

If you think of it, no one will be able to know the alcohol percentage of your drink other than you. Whether you wish to take it slow or refrain from alcohol entirely, borgs have you covered

How Do You Make A Borg?

There are many videos available on social media platforms that demonstrate the process of creating borgs. 

These videos typically showcase users starting with a gallon-sized bottle of water, where they pour out half of its contents. 

Following this, they add up to a fifth of vodka, squeezable water flavor enhancers, and electrolyte powder to the bottle. 

To give the borgs a unique identity, users often label them using a permanent marker on the surface of the jug with memorable names like the ones we’ll provide here.

Cute Borg Names: Great Names For Your Next Party Jug!

  1. Borg-an Freeman: Borg-an Freeman, the master of wisdom.
  2. Spongborg – Dive into the world of Spongborg.
  3. 5 Degrees of Borgtion – It’s heating up with 5 Degrees of Borgtion.
  4. Shake It Borg It – Get ready to shake it and borg it on the dance floor.
  5. Easy Borg Oven – Things are heating up in the Easy Borg Oven.
  6. Backstreet Borgs – Reliving the Backstreet Borgs era!
  7. Baby on Borg – It’s time for a night out with Baby on Borg.
  8. Down to Borg – We’re going down to Borg-town!
  9. Borg-an Thee Stallion: Saddle up for a wild Borg ride!
  10. Ice-Borg Lettuce: A cool and crisp choice for a pun lover.
  11. Beef Borg-ignon: This dish is out of this world – the Borg-ignon way!
  12. Ca-Borg-net Sauvignon: Sip on some Ca-Borg-net Sauvignon, the wine of the future.
  13. I Think, There-Borg I Am: A philosophical twist for the thinking Borg.
  14. Armed Borg-lary: Beware of the armed Borg-lary crew!
  15. Kareem Abdul Ja-Borg: Slam dunk your way to the Borg universe.
  16. Mark Zucker-Borg: Connecting the world, one Borg at a time.
  17. Certified Lover-Borg: Love knows no boundaries in the world of Borg.
  18. Borg Time Rush: Time flies when you’re in the Borg zone.
  19. The Grand Borg-apest Hotel: Check-in for a pun-tastic stay at the Grand Borg-apest Hotel.
  20. Borg-aritaville: A tropical paradise in the heart of the Borg universe.
  21. I Woke Up In A New Borg-atti: Start your engines, it’s Borg-atti time!
  22. Sponge-Borg Squarepants: Who lives in a spaceship under the sea?
  23. The Borg Appetit Test Kitchen: Cooking up intergalactic delights.
  24. Borgs A Liar, Pt. 2: The sequel to the ultimate Borg saga.
  25. Anthony Borg-dain: The culinary king of the Borgiverse.
  26. Borg…James Borg.: Shaken, not stirred – Borg-style.
  27. Borg-street Boys: They’re back, alright!
  28. JP Borg-an chase: Solving mysteries in the Borgian style.
  29. Greta Thun-Borg: Environmental activism, Borg-style.
  30. The Gettys-Borg Address: Four Borg and seven years ago…
  31. Borg To Be Wild: Rev your engines for a wild Borg ride.
  32. Borg Time Rush: Racing through the Borg dimension.
  33. Whos A Good Borg: The universe’s best companion.
  34. Justin Beiborg: When pop music meets the Borg universe.
  35. Borgasm: The ultimate thrill in the world of Borg.
  36. Borg Meets World: Life’s lessons in the Borgian dimension.
  37. Borgman Freeman: The wise narrator of the Borgiverse.
  38. Curious Borg: A feline friend with a Borg twist.
  39. Our Borg And Savior: A heavenly presence in the Borg realm.
  40. Borgan Wallen: Country music sensation, Borg-style.
  41. Leborg James: Slam-dunking in the Borgian way.
  42. We Are Never Ever Getting Borg Together: A heartfelt Borg breakup anthem.
  43. Captain Borgan: Sailing the cosmic seas, one adventure at a time.
  44. From Borg To Morgue: A dark twist in the Borgiverse.
  45. It’s Borg O’clock Somewhere: Time to party in Borg-style!
  46. Jason Bourg: The ultimate spy in the Borg universe.
  47. Borgina: A classic name with a Borgian twist.
  48. The Borg Who Lived: A magical tale from the Borg wizarding world.
  49. To Borg Or Not To Borg: That is the existential question in the Borg universe.
  50. Borg Around And Find Out: The universe’s most mysterious game.
  51. Joe Borgan: Musical melodies in the key of Borg.
  52. Woke Up In A New Borgatti: Racing into the Borg dawn with style.
  53. Oh No Step Borg: A classic dance move, Borgified!
  54. Summer Borg Party – Join the Summer Borg Party vibes.
  55. Borgfeed – Stay tuned to Borgfeed for the latest updates.
  56. Nobody Puts Borg in a Corner – Because nobody puts Borg in a corner!
  57. Get in Loser, We’ve Got Borgs – Get ready to join the party – get in, we’ve got Borgs!
  58. That One Time at Borg Camp – Relive that one unforgettable time at Borg Camp.
  59. Material Borg – Time to get material, it’s Material Borg night!
  60. Belle of the Borg – Be the belle of the Borg ball.
  61. Bye Borgelicia – It’s time to say goodbye, Borgelicia.
  62. Dinkleborg: The quirkiest Borg around, Dinkle-style!
  63. Brother Borg: Keeping it all in the family, Borg-style.
  64. Go Borgs: The adventure is just beginning – Go Borgs, go!
  65. Legally Borg: When the law meets the Borgiverse.

Funny Borg Names For Your Next Party

  1. I Think Therefore I Borg: A philosophical journey through the cosmos.
  2. Breaking Borg: Unraveling the secrets of the Borg universe, one episode at a time.
  3. Borger Patrol: Protecting the realm of delicious Borgs.
  4. Borgs R Us: Your one-stop shop for all things Borg-related.
  5. Regina Borg: Royalty in the world of Borg it’s Queen Regina.
  6. Pablo Escoborg: An empire built on Borg principles.
  7. Heisenborg: Cooking up trouble, Borg-style.
  8. Superborg 57: The ultimate hero of the Borgiverse.
  9. Plan Borg: Scheming and plotting the Borgian way.
  10. Borgs To Men: A celestial boy band sensation.
  11. Borgalicious: Everything in the Borgiverse is absolutely delicious.
  12. Hit Me Borgy One More Time: The intergalactic pop sensation.
  13. Borg This Way: Born to be Borg, the interstellar anthem.
  14. A Hot New Borg-Shell Has Entered The Villa: A twist in the love life of the Borgs.
  15. F*Ck It We Borg: No inhibitions in the Borg universe.
  16. Borg Straight: When you want to keep things simple in the Borg dimension.
  17. Let’s Have A Borgy: The party train is departing – all aboard!
  18. Count Borgula: The vampire of the Borgiverse.
  19. Borg Life: Living the interstellar dream.
  20. In And Out Borger: Fast food, Borg-style!
  21. Let’s Exborg Each Other’s Bodies: A unique interstellar experience.
  22. Whorg: A mystical place in the Borgiverse.
  23. I Like Big Borgs, And I Cannot Lie: A Borg who appreciates the grandeur of it all.
  24. Merry BORGmas: A festive celebration, Borg-style.
  25. Doofenshmirtz Evil InBORGorated: The quirkiest villain in the Borgiverse.
  26. Borgatron: The ultimate machine in the Borg dimension.
  27. Lighting Mcborg: Racing through the Borgiverse in style.
  28. Avengers Infinity Borg: When superheroes unite in the Borg universe.
  29. Brown V The Borg Of Education: A legal battle in the Borg dimension.
  30. Pearl Harborg: The saga of a classic Borg attack.
  31. Rick And Borgy: The cosmic duo you never knew you needed.
  32. Borg Washington: Leading the nation in Borgian style.
  33. Borger Patrol: Guardians of Borg’s culinary realm.
  34. To Kill A Mockingborg: An interstellar courtroom drama.
  35. Of Mice And Borg: An intergalactic rodent story with a twist.
  36. The Borg Of Directors: Managing the Borgiverse with precision.
  37. Borg In The USA: An interstellar twist on the classic song.
  38. Bobs Borgers: Serving up delicious Borgs with a smile.
  39. NewBORG Baby: Welcoming the next generation of Borgs.
  40. BORG On The 4th Of July: Celebrating independence in the Borg dimension.
  41. SmorgasBORG: A feast fit for the cosmos.
  42. M-M-M-Make Me So Borgy: The ultimate dance track in the Borgiverse.
  43. Doctors without Borgers: Healing the Borgiverse one diagnosis at a time.
  44. Bogan Failure: When a plan doesn’t quite go the Borgian way.
  45. The Borg In The Striped Pajamas: A thought-provoking twist in the Borgiverse bedtime story.
  46. The Hindenborg: A fiery twist on a classic disaster.
  47. Borgy Pig: That’s not all, folks! It’s Borgy Pig!
  48. Borgfriend: When you need a friend in the Borgiverse.
  49. Da Borg: A cosmic twist on the classic “Da Vinci.”
  50. Home DepBORG: Your go-to store for all things Borg improvement.

Creative Borg Names For Your College Party

  1. BORGan & BORGan: The dynamic duo of the Borgiverse.
  2. Borgerous: Absolutely gorgeous, Borg-style.
  3. Tim Teborg: An interstellar athlete with a Borgian touch.
  4. IceBORG Lettuce: The coolest veggie in the cosmos.
  5. The Borgyardigans: Join this gang for interstellar adventures.
  6. The Incredible BORG: When heroism meets the Borgiverse.
  7. BORG appetit: Bon appétit in the Borg dimension.
  8. Home DepBORG: Where Borg improvement dreams come true.
  9. All A-BORG: Everyone’s on board the Borg train.
  10. Woke Up In A New BORGatti: A Borg twist on a classic song.
  11. BORG Me I’m Irish: An interstellar celebration.
  12. Hailey BieBORG: Pop sensation, Borg-style.
  13. Plan BORG: Scheming and plotting in the cosmos.
  14. Don’t Blame Me The BORG Made Me Crazy: When the Borgiverse gets wild.
  15. BORG To Be Wild: Unleash your inner wild Borg.
  16. Save A BORG Ride A Cowboy: Space cowboy adventures await.
  17. B*tch, I’m A BORG: Confident and fierce, Borg-style.
  18. BORGan failure: When things don’t go as planned in the Borgiverse.
  19. BORG (Taylor’s Version): A musical twist in the cosmos.
  20. CheeseBORGer: A delicious interstellar snack.
  21. Merry BORGmas: Celebrating the holidays in the Borgiverse.
  22. BORGtega Veneta: High fashion, Borg-style.
  23. IceBORG Lettuce: The coolest veggie in the cosmos.
  24. BORGrack Obama: A political icon, Borg-style.
  25. Doofenshmirtz Evil InBORGorated: The quirkiest villain in the Borgiverse.
  26. BORGanic Chemistry: Love in the Borg dimension.
  27. ABORGtion Clinic: A sensitive topic in the cosmos.
  28. Top O’ The BORGin’: Celebrating the Borgish way.
  29. The Magic School BORG: Enroll in an interstellar school of magic.
  30. BORGzilla: A monstrous twist in the cosmos.
  31. Notorious B.O.R.G.: The biggest name in interstellar rap.
  32. Baby Got BORG: An ode to interstellar curves.
  33. Queen ElizaBORG: Royalty in the cosmos.
  34. BORG Farquaad: An unlikely ruler in the Borgiverse.
  35. Count BORGula: An interstellar vampire with style.
  36. I Like Big BORGS, and I Cannot Lie: An interstellar take on a classic tune.
  37. Armed BORGery: Cosmic crime in the Borgiverse.
  38. Failed aBORGtion: A somber topic in the cosmos.
  39. Everybody Wants To Rule The BORG: Ambitions run wild in the Borgiverse.
  40. Lord BORGquaad: The ultimate antagonist in the Borg dimension.
  41. BORG Ross: An interstellar twist on the beloved painter.
  42. Modern BORGfare: Culinary delights in the cosmos.
  43. Fall Out BORG: Interstellar rock and roll.
  44. Let’s Have A BORGy: The ultimate interstellar party starter.
  45. Wet A$$ BORGy: It’s about making a splash in the Borgiverse.
  46. BORGan Donor: Saving lives in the cosmos, one donation at a time.
  47. Ice BORG Ahead: A chilling adventure in the Borg dimension.
  48. Bob’s BORGers: Out-of-this-world burger joint in the Borgiverse.
  49. Battle Of GettysBORG: An interstellar war with a historic twist.
  50. Early BORG Catches The Worm: The early Borg gets the stardust.
  51. A$AP BORGY: Bringing interstellar vibes to the music scene.
  52. All Too Borg (10 Minute Version): A twist on an interstellar ballad.
  53. SnapBORG: When interstellar moments need sharing.
  54. The Borg Diaries – Explore the stories in The Borg Diaries.
  55. One Tree Borg – How about One Tree Borg for some nostalgia?
  56. Bed Borg and Beyond – For a night that goes to bed, Borg, and beyond.
  57. Borgan Stanley – The financial experts from Borgan Stanley.
  58. All Of The BORGS You Loved Before A trip down memory lane in the Borgiverse.
  59. BORGer Patrol: Keeping interstellar streets safe.
  60. DinkleBORG: A quirky character in the Borgiverse with a whimsical name.
  61. Soulja Borg: Bringing the beats to the cosmos.

Badass Borg  Names: You’ll Be Trending The Next Day!

  1. barbie borg: An interstellar fashion icon.
  2. bad and borgy: When things get wild in the cosmos.
  3. he’s just Borg: A twist on a classic romantic line.
  4. american borg: Embracing interstellar patriotism.
  5. Magic school Borg: Learning spells and tricks in the Borgiverse.
  6. Bougie Borg: Interstellar luxury at its finest.
  7. Meg thee borg: A powerhouse singer in the cosmos.
  8. Borg the builder: Can they fix it in the Borgiverse? Yes, they can!
  9. My borgatti: An interstellar car with style.
  10. borgyeonce: The ultimate star of the Borgiverse.
  11. Mr. borgside: The mysterious side of the cosmos.
  12. Panic at the Borg: Interstellar rock in a new dimension.
  13. Frosty the Borgman: An icy character in the Borgiverse.
  14. Charcuterie borg: Fancy feasts in the cosmos.
  15. Saturdays are for the borgs: Weekend fun, interstellar style.
  16. Put that on my Borg: When you want to show off in the cosmos.
  17. Forever my Borg: Eternal love in the Borgiverse.
  18. borg ross: A talented interstellar painter.
  19. Netflix and Borg: Binge-watching in the Borgiverse.
  20. The little borgmaid: An interstellar mermaid tale.
  21. borgiana: An interstellar royal family.
  22. Borg’s anatomy: Medical dramas in the cosmos.
  23. The Borgengers: When heroes unite in the Borgiverse.
  24. Girl borg: Empowering interstellar women.
  25. Fall out Borg: An energetic interstellar band.
  26. Borg surfin: Catching cosmic waves in the Borgiverse.
  27. Da borg: A simple name with an interstellar twist.
  28. City bords: Urban adventures in the Borgiverse.
  29. What a Borg wants: The cosmic desires of a Borg.
  30. Bye-byee Borg: Farewell in the Borg dimension.
  31. The summer I turned into Borg: A coming-of-age story with an interstellar twist.
  32. I’m off to see my Borg: An adventure awaits in the cosmos.
  33. Be so Borg: Embrace your interstellar self.
  34. cyborg: Half-human, half-Borg.
  35. In Borg, we trust Faith in the interstellar cosmos.
  36. borgamus prime: An interstellar leader in the cosmos.
  37. hallowborg: Spooky cosmic celebrations.
  38. Something about Borg: An intriguing mystery in the Borgiverse.
  39. The Breakfast Borg – Rise and shine with the Breakfast Borg!
  40. Dazed and Borged – Get ready for a dazed and borged adventure.
  41. A Borg to Remember – Create memories with A Borg to Remember.
  42. Borgs for the Borgs – It’s a party for the Borgs!
  43. Borgs Bunny – Hop along with Borgs Bunny.
  44. Borg It Up – Let’s borg it up and have some fun!
  45. Borgie Poppa – For the ultimate party host, it’s Borgie Poppa!
  46. She Borgin’ – She’s ready to start Borgin’!
  47. It Goes Down in the Borg – Get ready for a night where it goes down in the Borg.
  48. Borg That A** Up – Time to borg that dance floor up!
  49. Borg It Out – Let’s borg it out and enjoy the night.
  50. Teach Me How to Borgie – Get your dance moves ready with “Teach Me How to Borgie.”
  51. Borgs Burgers – Serving up some delicious Borgs Burgers!
  52. Down for My Borgs – Who’s down for a night with the Borgs?
  53. Borgs in the Trap – The Borgs are in the trap, ready to party!
  54. You’re a Borg – You’re officially part of the Borg crew.
  55. I’m from Borgton – Proudly representing Borgton!
  56. Nothing but Borg – When it’s all about nothing but Borg.
  57. Borgie Daddy – The ultimate party host, Borgie Daddy.
  58. Oops I Borged Again – Oops, they did it again – it’s a borging night!
  59. Bonnet and Borg – Ready for a night of Bonnet and Borg.
  60. Mind Your Borgness – Make sure to mind your Borgness on the dance floor.
  61. Borg Magic – Experience the enchanting world of Borg Magic.
  62. Borgs Assemble – The Borgs are assembling for an epic night.
  63. You Shall Not Borg – An epic night where you shall not Borg!
  64. To Infinity and Borgond – For an endless night of fun, it’s To Infinity and Borgond.
  65. Borg Did You Die – Borg – Did you die? It’s time to party!
  66. Borg It – Ready to Borg it and have a blast.
  67. Son of a Borg – Like father, like Son of a Borg.
  68. I See Borg People – I see Borg people… ready to party!
  69. You Had Me at Borg – You had me at Borg, it’s going to be a great night.
  70. There’s No Borg Like Home – There’s no place like home, and there’s no Borg like home!
  71. I’m the Borg of the World – Ready to conquer the world as the Borg of the World.
  72. Shut Up and Borg – No time to talk, just shut up and Borg!
  73. May the Borg Be with You – For all the sci-fi fans, may the Borg be with you.
  74. Borg Time Rush – Get ready for a rush of fun with Borg Time Rush.
  75. The Borgs Are Back in Town – The Borgs are back, and they’re taking over the town!
  76. Lean with It, Borg with It – Let’s lean with it and Borg with it!
  77. Ruth Bader Ginsborg – A tribute to the legendary Queen RBG.


The right selection of Borg names can truly elevate your college party experience and help you make a lasting impression on your guests. Who knows? The next day, you might be blowing up on social media for your creative and stand-out name. Choosing the perfect Borg names allows you to stand out from the crowd and create a unique and memorable atmosphere.  With our collection of over 250+ Borg names, you have a wide range of options. So go ahead and let your creativity shine as you choose the perfect Borg names for your next event.


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