The Best 500+ Stripper Names (The Complete List)

Best 500+ Stripper Names

Are you searching for the best stripper names? Search no more! We have compiled over 500+ names for you. 

Most strippers have several names, and having a name is important. Why? Stage name plays a crucial role in a stripper’s success. Strippers face hefty competition from their peers. 

So, if you want to set yourself apart, choose a name that resonates with your fans. Use a captivating name that will make it easier for fans to cheer you up whenever you’re on the stage.

You may also be on this page to learn about stripper names, so you can avoid giving your child a tripper name. Or, it could be that you’re writing a book. Whatever the reasons are, this post contains names of strippers you should know about. 

Check them out below. 

Funny Stripper Names

Do you want your stripper name to be humorous? Check out these funny stripper names we have put together just for you.

When you use a funny name, your fans will feel elated whenever they remember your name. The reason you are stripping is to make people happy. So, a funny name will be equally complementary to the services you render.     

Check out the funny names for strippers below. 

  • Lexi – Lexi is a playful and youthful-sounding name usually given to females. It means men’s defender. If you want to be your male fans’ emotional defenders, Lexi should be your stripper stage name. Make it your mission to defend your male fans’ emotions and watch them cheer you up non-stop.   
  • Candy – Candy means sweet or make something sweet. Using a confectionery as a human name sounds funny. But when you consider the meaning, you’ll see why it is such a important name to consider. So, if you’re a sweet girl and a stripper, show your fans how lovely you are by adopting the name, “candy.”
  • Crystal – Crystal refers to something of high quality. It refers to a clear glass of high quality and makes a good stripper name. This name is perfect for strippers who consider themselves high-class strippers. You will only solidify that claim with a funny but high-value name like “Crystal.”
  • Tippee Mendenhall – Strippers make money off tips. So, the name “Tippee” shows you’re not shy about asking for tip. Tippee means someone that receives tips such as money or other items. You’re a stripper, and getting tip from spectators isn’t a bad thing. However, don’t focus too much on the tips. Instead, put on a good show, and you’ll be highly rewarded. When you check the urban dictionary, you’ll discover that Mendenhall refers to mounting someone at the back while they’re in the fetal position on the ground.     
  • Tess Tickles – The name “Tess” means to harvest. Strippers don’t plant, and stripping isn’t farming. So, what is a stripper harvesting? Possibly, they are harvesting more fans and spectators. The second part of the name, “Tickles” means to appeal to someone’s taste. So, if you know you appeal to people’s tastes, Tess Tickles should be a perfect name for you. 
  • Porsha – Porsha is a funny and cute name for a stripper. It is a gender-neutral name of German origin. Porsha means “offering.” As a stripper, you’re transferring positive energy to your spectators, performing emotional cleansing as they gaze at you while dancing. You’re offering a unique service via your passionate dance moves.  
  • Mercedes – Everybody knows Mercedes. They are a popular car brand, with a solid international and local reputation. Mercedes are expensive because they are built differently. So, are you an expensive stripper? Are you worth the hype? If yes, you can answer the name “Mercedes.”  
  • Virginia Burns 
  • Penelope Pumpkins – The name “Penelope” is of Greek origin. It is a female name and mean “Weaver.” In the Greek Mythology, Penelope was a good wife. She was faithful. If you’re a stripper, and committed in what you do, Penelope should be your choice name.  
  • Purdy Drupe – Purdy is a slang way of saying the word “pretty.” It makes you sound like a cowboy. Drupe, on the other hand, is a fleshy fruit. So, if you’re a pretty exotic dancer with pretty skin, Purdy Drupe might be the best name for you. 
  • Bosco Forest – This name is packed with different meanings. You can give a meaning to each of the alphabets. For instance, the letter “B” represents “Busy.” You’re never idle in life. Letter “O” and “S” represent outlook and strength, respectively. You look good and have the strength of a lion, a combination that strippers need when they get on stage.   
  • Happy Player – A happy person translates the same energy to others. Are you a happy stripper? Do you like what you do? If yes, be happy and watch how your fans and spectators catch the vibe.   
  • Camel Delight – Camels are strong and resilient. They can adapt to wind-blow dessert. As a stripper, understand that being strong and resilient are two traits that can take you far. So, Camel Delight is a good name if you’re a resilient exotic dancer and want to keep reminding yourself of who you are.     
  • Lola Clairmont – The name “Lola” means precious and seductive. Do you consider yourself a seductive exotic dancer? If yes, Lola Clairmont will make a good name. Clairmont means bright, light, or shining. 
  • Booty Delight – If you have big booty and not afraid to flaunt it, delight your fans with what your mama gave you.   
  • Curvy Priscilla – Here is a perfect name for curvy strippers. Your fans will remember you with ease and pleasure.  
  • Georgian Peace
  • Alice the Goons 
  • Slizzy Booty
  • Sodomous Sally
  • Crackpipe Corina 
  • Tits McGee
  • Firesnatch Serena 
  • Dee Cupz
  • Dr. Lizy Cuddy
  • Stripper Presidente 

Other Funny Stripper Names

MistyMirabelleBig Red FruitJourney
Sari+CamillaDame Dali 
LenoraGenesis Camarilla Carmela
Panda BouncingRich Ditto CocoPolly Rumble
TyraTrisha Trist Eliza
Selene ArielMorella Pollard 
ShashaSpeedy CockyTempeh Man
Hero Cairo Champaign Ringer 
Zandra Flying Panda Bellman Coloma 
Skyla BlazeCharis Capon 
Caslon MoniqueHot PeperBelle Winter
GigiLidia Persia Cleo
Biggie Cayenne Town Boss Pippa 
Linda PandaTierraWinnie Quinn 
Smellier Wet Sea Mellissa Sedona 
CobraScubas HoneyMocha 
Comoro  Kayla Michal Padres 
Kale Kaleen RummerTeton 
Sexy Mama  Kaplan JezebelDicey
Josie Jibes Darcy Serra 
Alabama VivianKaolinPuny 
Romberg TatumSelena Darley 
AloraMichele JibePorsha 
Jawbone Jabber Chester Elektra
Kiss Mamore Vesta Giovanna Jabot 

Good Stripper Names

Plenty of good stripper names that will make you appear as a true professional exotic dancer exist. These names will make you look appealing and endear you to your fans. 

And if you’re a good dancer, finding the perfect name is the next thing to do to succeed as a stripper. So, we have carefully handpicked these names for committed exotic dancers. 

Check out good stripper names that will make you stand out.      

  • Destiny
  • Devon
  • Darien
  • Adrian
  • Adrienne 
  • Indiana 
  • Amelia
  • Emilia  
  • Alicia
  • Kitty
  • Raven
  • Jade 
  • Jayden 
  • Janet 
  • Skyli 
  • Skylar 
  • Sky
  • Moonie 
  • Josie 
  • Shay
  • Maia 
  • Calisher
  • Mariah 
  • Nina 

Other Good Stripper Names

Other Good Stripper Names.

100+ Stripper Stage Names

Are you an exotic dancer? If you are, then you must have already adopted a stage name. But if you haven’t chosen a stage name, don’t panic. We have compiled a list of stripper stage names you can choose from. 

If you must succeed amidst the hefty competition from your fellow strippers, you must have a captivating stage name. Most of your fans may not know or remember you facially, but they can remember your stage name. So, choose a name people can easily remember. Check out the options below. 

  1. Icey Nightmare 
  2. Stanky Legs 
  3. Fuzzy Fur
  4. Dance Factory 
  5. Barrel 
  6. Hex
  7. Brave Buble
  8. Crazy Stripper  
  9. Berry Boo
  10. Britney Spunky 
  11. Room Shakers 
  12. Emperor of The Dancefloor 
  13. Show Stripper  
  14. Butte Shaker 
  15. Dance Pros 
  16. Glaze Bee
  17. Wild Stripper 
  18. Wavy Wild
  19. Magic Reek 
  20. Rowdy Rainbow
  21. On Point Dancer
  22. Mangy Banging  
  23. Bottom Movers
  24. Crazy Dancer
  25. Honey Bigguns 
  26. Spirit Dancer
  27. Galactic Garment 
  28. Gunslinger
  29. Party Shaker 
  30. Twinkle Treat 
  31. Ageless Allie 
  32. Party Rain Maker
  33. The Ballerina 
  34. Earth Shakers
  35. Destinee
  36. Rainday Rainbow
  37. Dancing Foxxx
  38. Dance For Fun
  39. Dancer On Pointe 
  40. Cool Sliders
  41. Jessica X
  42. Naughty Robin  
  43. Belly Dancer
  44. Cream Stripper
  45. Katy Witherspoon 
  46. Naughty Tomato
  47. Crazy Legs 
  48. Sweetmess 
  49. Hot Shakers
  50. No-Intro Dancer
  51. Crazy Hot Shakers
  52. Sabrina Kane 
  53. Power Shakers
  54. Hook Droppers
  55. Entice 
  56. Analis 
  57. Space Shade
  58. Lusty Hardcore 
  59. Tigra 
  60. Melinda 
  61. Jiggles Jack 
  62. Dark Cyclone 
  63. Alanis 
  64. Sweet Phucksalon 
  65. Jessica Diggler 
  66. Mandy Swellens
  67. Natasha 
  68. Roof Shakers 
  69. Ember Monroe 
  70. Holly Jizz 
  71. Ritzy Hump 
  72. Lusty Stroker 
  73. Lolitan Sinn
  74. Bug Bite 
  75. Havana 

Unique Stripper Names

Do you want to be a unique exotic dancer among your peers? Of course, anyone in your shoes would appreciate such. Being unique will set you apart and make you one of the spectators’ favorite strippers.

Your dance styles are unique. The same goes for your dress, look, hairdo, makeup, and how you conduct yourself while dancing. The only thing missing is your name. You haven’t found a unique stripper name to use. 

Well, if you’re in this category, you should seize to worry. Why? We have compiled a list of unique stripper names you can choose from. Check them out below.  

  1. Trampoline Sahara
  2. Tatyana Work
  3. cinnamon
  4. Lady Edwards
  5. Lady Boxy
  6. Kennedy Gunn
  7. Trioxide
  8. Monique Wild
  9. Shuga Vitter
  10. Victoria Sanchez
  11. Alexis
  12. Winnie Davis
  13. Mix Fontaine
  14. Jackie Taylor
  15. Miami
  16. Aja Oddly
  17. Wiggly La Rue
  18. Mrs. Vinnie
  19. Honey
  20. Monique Beverly
  21. Bennett Beauty
  22. Malabo 
  23. Valentine
  24. Uncork Valdo 
  25. Jackie Taylor
  26. Trampoline Miwa
  27. Jingly La Rue
  28. Lucy Juicy 
  29. Mrs. Vine
  30. Guild Stripper
  31. Lady Edwards
  32. Honey Corey
  33. Fortune Stripper
  34. Brilliant
  35. Maraca Lee
  36. Phantom Stripper
  37. Chad Coco
  38. Aware Stripper
  39. Shuga Mica 
  40. Creation Stripper
  41. Shag Wild Dew
  42. Para  Stripper
  43. Leonid Vita
  44. You Stripper
  45. Repair Stripper
  46. Anon Stripper
  47. Kumara Barry
  48. Meditation Stripper
  49. Sparrow Leon
  50. Aroma Dancer 
  51. Indigo Luna
  52. Shared Stripper
  53. Harley Pierce
  54. Tint Stripper
  55. Peaches Underlay 
  56. Central Stripper
  57. Jilin
  58. Ashore Stripper
  59. Charlie Beet
  60. BodyBuild Stripper
  61. Cecil Cunny 
  62. Luscious
  63. Birdie
  64. Bodylicious 
  65. Zeya
  66. Bootylicious 
  67. Raven
  68. Worth Stripper
  69. Renee Genee
  70. Barmy Stripper
  71. Asia
  72. Hound Stripper
  73. Riana
  74. Advisory Stripper
  75. Brooklyn
  76. Sumatra  
  77. Natasha
  78. Coco
  79. Savannah
  80. Song Stripper
  81. Arielle
  82. Brandy 
  83. Geneva
  84. Meadow Stripper
  85. Ashley Dump
  86. Delight
  87. Sydney
  88. Kitty
  89. Lacy Titan 
  90. Capri
  91. Juno
  92. Leona Bo’Nina
  93. Cluster Stripper
  94. Waren Stripper
  95. Stormy
  96. Camper
  97. Jamie
  98. Coco
  99. Ivy
  100. Aiko

Best Stripper Names

Choosing the best name as a stripper can set you apart. But how can one identify the best stripper names? We have done the hard work for you. Now, all you have left is choose your preferred name, hit the big stage, and “show them what you got.”

These top stripper names sound good. Therefore, you’ll feel nothing except positive vibes when your fans echo your name while rocking the stage and wowing the crowd. 

So, if you want the best names to kick-start your stripper career, check out the options below. 

  1. Pussy  Marie
  2. Silver  Bree
  3. Misha  Toye
  4. Silky  Night
  5. Suzie Rae  Galore
  6. Daisy  Joy
  7. Lola  O.
  8. Spring  Joy
  9. Lola  Justine
  10. Cinnamon  Fantasia
  11. Roxie  Silkk
  12. Kitty  Paris
  13. Shames  O.
  14. Windy  Kitting
  15. Silver 
  16. Darlene  Chaise
  17. Hazy  Lava
  18. Busty  Shuga
  19. Lisa Rae  Cream Puff
  20. Brandi Rae  Emerald
  21. Dominique  Sweetie
  22. Nixie  Ferry
  23. Amber Lynn Dee Marie
  24. Michelle Dee Diviner
  25. Piper Lomond Satin
  26. Julio Lee Sweet Tart
  27. Missy  Sugar
  28. Missy  Pearl
  29. Sunshine  Vinyl
  30. Roxie  Tome
  31. Mahoganie  Jolly
  32. Julia  Lynn
  33. Spring  Starr
  34. Darlene  O.
  35. Cinnamon  Pearl
  36. Kelli Ann Dee Starr
  37. Autumn 
  38. Claudette  Jade
  39. Mahoganie  Kitty
  40. Amber Lynn  Tracie
  41. Brandi Lynn  Lox
  42. Melody  Hooters
  43. Kelli Ann Dee Furr
  44. Kitty  Lacy
  45. Brandon 
  46. Lacy  Hooters
  47. Brandalina  Toye
  48. Puce  Shooter
  49. Tory Piper 
  50. Brea  Vinyl
  51. Evening Lee Marie
  52. Azure  Lacy
  53. Harmony  Paris
  54. Jull 
  55. Baby Frost
  56. Nixie Chanel
  57. Cinnamon  Domino
  58. Mahoganie Foxx
  59. Kittie 
  60. Lube Dancer 
  61. Lacy  Lapps
  62. Mish  Cream Puff
  63. Furry Firry 
  64. Ruby  Luv
  65. Kitty Cream
  66. Faro Berea  
  67. Brandi Rae  Chantelle
  68. Roxie  Frost
  69. Ritzy Jazzy
  70. Katy Quickie
  71. Missy Ann  Dominix
  72. Baby  Moon
  73. Janie Dandy
  74. Cindy Starr
  75. Breezy  Furor
  76. Ivory  Valor 
  77. Polly Dido
  78. Casey Mau
  79. Kitty  Eve
  80. Jennifer  Velvet
  81. Kate Perry 
  82. Claudette Dee Lynn
  83. Kelli Ann  Rayne
  84. Misty  Frosty
  85. Palely 
  86. Ella 
  87. Rainy  Paris
  88. Sweet Dawn
  89. Cindy Grimmer
  90. Cassie Delco
  91. Mandi  Roma
  92. Lacy  Night
  93. Commando Stripper 
  94. Chloe Hardcore
  95. Elle  Dior
  96. Autumn Lee Faberge
  97. Betty Deep
  98. Brice 
  99. Jenny  Luscious

100+ Cute Stripper Names

Are you looking for cute stripper names to adopt? Here are some options for you. Choosing a cute stripper name is the best step for any upcoming exotic dancer. You are cute. And there is no better way to express that to the world than choosing the perfect identity – a super cute name. 

So, here are top-rated cute exotic dancer names you should consider adopting. Check them out below. 

  1. Barbette Cambel
  2. Gemma 
  3. Lady Edwards
  4. Robbi
  5. Vilene Chablis
  6. Fiona 
  7. Jiggle La Rue
  8. Stable Stra
  9. Pearl Mandy 
  10. Fighter Kitty 
  11. Miz Fontaine
  12. Deal Doll
  13. Joan Moure
  14. Fresh Marie 
  15. Shuga Vita
  16. Jasmin
  17. Versa Eichelberger
  18. Buxom
  19. Pariahs Ailey 
  20. Stella 
  21. Davis Honey
  22. Love adroit 
  23. Trampoline Zahara
  24. Hex 
  25. Kendick Gunn
  26. Garrison Markey 
  27. Zoin 
  28. Tatyana Workie
  29. Bay Belle 
  30. Winnie Davis
  31. Clay Moon
  32. Monique Beverly
  33. Delilah 
  34. Coco Clair 
  35. Garnet 
  36. Monique Beverly
  37. Naughty Trigress 
  38. Winnie Davis
  39. Bright Being 
  40. Tatianna Work
  41. Jessica XXX 
  42. Parish Solemn
  43. Disco Devil 
  44. Kennedy Gunn
  45. Sharon Lady
  46. Shuga Wild
  47. Willie Mark
  48. Honey Davis
  49. Bug Biter 
  50. Parade 
  51. Jezebel 
  52. Verka Eichelberger
  53. Just Bumble 
  54. Leona Bo ‘Niña
  55.  Sheer 
  56. Joan Merman
  57. Ophelia 
  58. Pasha Queen 
  59. Morale 
  60. Pearl Mantle
  61. Melody Molly 
  62. Jackie Taylor
  63. Shy Elite 
  64. Vaginal Chablis
  65. Honey Bomb 
  66. Trampoline Miwa
  67. Heaven Bee 
  68. Barbette Carrere
  69. Aplenty 
  70. Queen Armanda 
  71. Sweet Spoon 
  72. Baby Boo
  73. Happy Hip 
  74. Mullica Sawyer 
  75. Heartless Candy 
  76. Lady Light 
  77. Fuzzy Fur 
  78. Brando 
  79. Gemma 
  80. Sonique Wild
  81. Robbie
  82. Monique World
  83. Fiona 
  84. Honey Bunch 
  85. Stable Sutra
  86. Lady Boxy
  87. Fighter Kitty 
  88. Raja Oddly
  89. Deal Doll
  90. Aja Oddly
  91. Lovely Louis 
  92. Mrs. Venally 
  93. Jasmine
  94. Chad Coco
  95. Buxom
  96. Lovely Louis 
  97. Stella 

100+ Popular Stripper Names

Are you a famous stripper, or do you want to be popular in what you do? A simple change of name can make it happen. Choosing a popular stripper name won’t hamper your popularity. On the contrary, it will make you even more popular. 

We have compiled a list of popular stripper names you can pick from. You can go through the list and make your choice right away.  

  1. Peachers
  2. Keera Lucky
  3. Dance Preacher
  4. Megan Moon
  5. Simile Stripper  
  6. Annie Peters
  7. Matt Ice  
  8. Sabrina Nanette 
  9. Buggy Man
  10. Dalian Lillie
  11. Rod Hung  
  12. Ember Mondrian
  13. Dandier 
  14. Jodie Nicole
  15. Ian Hung   
  16. Carmen Swallow
  17. Azaleas Blond
  18. Crispi Cruz
  19. Ron Deeper  
  20. Lola Rossi 
  21. Ava Bond
  22. Brenna Stark
  23. Rocco Selene  
  24. Mandy Lords
  25. Bridget Houston
  26. Wanda Moapa 
  27. Duke London  
  28. Trysting Pearl
  29. Heidi Queen
  30. Alexandra Diesel
  31. Butch Powers  
  32. Adele Heartthrob 
  33. Melanie May
  34. Mindy Sty 
  35. Rick Powerful  
  36. Velvet Rogue 
  37. Penny Lax
  38. Gina Pink
  39. Blake Luv  
  40. Olives Schwarz
  41. Tara Morgan
  42. Pinky Pure  
  43. Drake Silver  
  44. Marlene Gray
  45. Hailey Hazel
  46. Wanda Storm
  47. Miles Avarice   
  48. Jane Fyfe
  49. Megan Austin
  50. Ian Powers  
  51. Ron Bull  
  52. Silvia Western 
  53. Mia Hilton
  54. Rick Biggie   
  55. Ian Hardee   
  56. Lyle Gwynn
  57. Carline Storm
  58. Max Powers  
  59. Rod Puma  
  60. Danby Drew
  61. Natasha Houston
  62. Brad Gun  
  63. Sam Blue
  64. Uncle Shoot
  65. Buff Gun  
  66. Dickson Puma  
  67. Miley Banks
  68. Francesca Rogers
  69. Jack Bangcock  
  70. Buff Knight  
  71. Alyssa Deep
  72. Vanessa Mae
  73. Butch Fire  
  74. Drake Rush  
  75. Tabitha Wild
  76. Janet Lovely
  77. Dick London  
  78. Tony Big Ben  
  79. Rachel Ginn
  80. Annett Clay
  81. Ian Love  
  82. Tony Hottie  
  83. Karenna Goodness 
  84. Analeah Blond
  85. Tony Big Dick  
  86. Duke Silver  
  87. Gene Dancer
  88. Adorer 
  89. Max Rush  
  90. Toby Hump  
  91. Strong Kashia 
  92. Lumen Gamin 
  93. Ian Tiger  
  94. Max Strong  
  95. Paella  
  96. York Tree
  97. Drake Gun  
  98. Butch Steele  
  99. Papillae 

Black Stripper Names

Are you a black stripper and want a name that will give you a unique identity without stripping the “black” off your personality. We have compiled a long list of black stripper names you can choose from. 

You can also adopt any of the names in this category, even if you’re not a black person. So, visit the table below and choose your preferred black stripper name. 

  1. Paige 
  2. Peter Parka 
  3. Dreamland Dancer
  4. Barry White 
  5. Tommy Suave
  6. Kane Axelrod
  7. Vince Suave
  8. Dickson Manhammer
  9. Dick Jape
  10. Parco Hawk
  11. Veale
  12. Paco Brigg
  13. Brick Blackie
  14. Exton Brant 
  15. Kurt Moorhead
  16. Roman Suave
  17. Buck Moorhead
  18. Darren Atlas
  19. Tommy Long
  20. Rock Manhammer
  21. Johnnie Falcon
  22. Draney 
  23. Dirk Hawk
  24. Tommy Package
  25. Jamey Glop 
  26. Brent Taint
  27. Veal Banks
  28. Buck Leather
  29. Axel Cash
  30. General Haddon
  31. Bjorn Biggie
  32. Monty 
  33. Dirk Cox
  34. Brent Nadler
  35. Tommy Bear
  36. Kurt Stone
  37. Pierre Blackhawk
  38. Bunkie Moon
  39. Rod Flinty 
  40. Moonty
  41. Daryl Rear
  42. Kurt Bigger
  43. Dirty Dungy 
  44. Rico Dixon
  45. Titus Adele 
  46. Bromber 
  47. General Mann
  48. Kane Savage
  49. Burin 
  50. Gunnar Hawk
  51. Paso Coxy 
  52. Bounty Dancer
  53. General Hazard
  54. Bronze Bomber 
  55. Full Package
  56. Harley Banger
  57. Pico Cash
  58. Bytes of Benefits
  59. Bjorn Falconet 
  60. Tentation 
  61. Vince Wolverine 
  62. Sugaya 
  63. Darren Manly
  64. Roman Pecker
  65. Amanda Chase 
  66. Vince Packing
  67. Kitty Love
  68. Lovely Locker
  69. Little Johnny Stone
  70. Susana
  71. Julian Eskimo 
  72. Piragua 
  73. Botanic Stripper
  74. Volcano 
  75. Protect Stripper
  76. Flame Stripper
  77. Bernie 
  78. Lotus Lola
  79. Azury 
  80. Marcela 
  81. Bodice 
  82. Kitty
  83. Pros Only Stripper
  84. Bundy 
  85. Acumen 
  86. Booty Seed
  87. Brilliant
  88. Automata 
  89. Deal Doll
  90. Dark Cyclone
  91. Aware Stripper
  92. Destinee 
  93. Dally Cumby 
  94. Zeni
  95. Meadow Stripper
  96. Avalos 
  97. Flory  
  98. Kitty
  99. Pros Only Stripper
  100. Big Machina 


These stripper names are worth your attention. They range from funny, cute, unique, good, best stage names to black stripper names. Choosing the best stage name can help you become famous among your fans. You’ll also have a competitive edge over your fellow strippers. 

However, if you want to name your child but afraid that you may adopt a stripper name, use this list as a guide. You’ll find a bunch of stripper names to guide you.


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