200+ Best Samoan Names: Pacific Islander Names For Males And Females

Best Samoan Names

The Google search for Pacific Islander and Samoan Names is increasing every year. Why? People have started developing a genuine likeness for these names. 

Offering wonderful vacation experiences is one of many things Samoa is famous for. They also have one of the sweetest names you can think of. 

We know how hard surfing the web in search of a befitting Samoa name for your newborn can be. That’s why we were inspired to compile this list of the best Samoan names for males and females (boys and girls). 

Let’s go straight to business – I feel so excited already!

100+ Reigning Samoan Boy Names You Would Love

There are gender-neutral, and there are specific Samoan names for boys. So, this section is strictly Samoan boy names. The names are adorable, just like the Pacific Islanders. And they range from short, simple to complex names. 

The male Pacific Islanders look just as cute as the females. They boast well-built bodies like warriors and fierce fighters. Samoans have a rich cultural heritage and adorable male names. So it is a pleasure to compile this list. Check out the top-rated boy names for Samoans. 

SemisAlofa EneleNe’igalomeatiga
TalaTuala HemiFuifui
HoneArtorian SioneHirini

100+ Top Samoan Girl Names For Your Child 

Here are cute Samoan girl names. They are pretty names, just like Samoan girls. Samoan girls boast beautiful bodies and faces. They have a uniquely shaped face that makes them easy to identify.

You can quickly identify a Samoan by their facial look. What a unique race! Check out the cute names for Samoan girls below. 

Top Samoan Girl Names For Your Child

100+ Pacific Islander Names For Girls And Boys (All Gender)  

Samoan and Pacific Islander names keep dominating Google name searches back to back. People are becoming interested in these names and want their kids to have them.

We have compiled some gorgeous Pacific Island names for girls and boys. You can check them out below and choose a befitting name for your kid or adopt one yourself. Choose a pretty Pacific Islander name for yourself or your kid. 

A Handy Tip: If you feel overwhelmed by the many names in this section (and others), pick only a few you like and choose from them. 

You can also ask friends or family to help you choose a name. They are the ones that will call you or your kid by that name from time to time. So, choose a befitting name for your kids or yourself. 

  1. Fiafia
  2. Saofa’i
  3. Koa
  4. Mahana
  5. Penina
  6. Taito
  7. Tala
  8. Kawailani
  9. Maui
  10. Semis
  11. Sione
  12. Maleko
  13. Makana
  14. Hemi
  15. Keahi
  16. Kaipo
  17. Anani
  18. Tane
  19. Pio
  20. Olianna
  21. Manaia
  22. Salamasina
  23. Kenoi
  24. Akamai
  25. Ngaio
  26. Kala
  27. Marama
  28. Akamu
  29. Rangi
  30. Kalino
  31. Keola
  32. Vasa
  33. Alaula
  34. Oliana
  35. Teva
  36. Vea
  37. Oleana
  38. Aleki
  39. Teuila
  40. Rongomai Whenua
  41. Oro
  42. Malosi
  43. Nyrie
  44. Vaea
  45. Pua
  46. Tamatoa
  47. Masina
  48. Vaima
  49. Rata
  50. Tiare
  51. Uinise
  52. Olioli
  53. Iakopo
  54. Uhila
  55. Mahal
  56. Ahohako
  57. Olaga
  58. Matariki
  59. Puleleiite
  60. Alofa
  61. Tuala
  62. Tusitala
  63. Rarahu
  64. Haukea
  65. Uati
  66. Hiroiti
  67. Fiva
  68. Kinipela
  69. Atamai
  70. Lisiate
  71. Loimata
  72. Fetia
  73. Lono
  74. Valu
  75. Aleki
  76. Onosa’i
  77. Manamea
  78. Vailea
  79. Malosi
  80. Haych
  81. Kenese
  82. Elisapeta
  83. Tamatoa
  84. Lupesina
  85. Iosefa
  86. Lauaki
  87. Tiare
  88. Mataalii
  89. Kahurangi
  90. Kaula
  91. Hemi
  92. Nuanua
  93. Lanuola
  94. Makini
  95. Tane
  96. Lupelele
  97. Luni

Adorable Samoan Baby Name For Boys And Girls 

What Samoan baby name suits your child (boy or girl)? I suggest you get more from the list below, even if you already have any in mind. Choose a befitting name for your baby, and they will thank you when they grow up.

Choosing a name can be a daunting task. That’s why we compiled this list to give you plenty of options. You’ll find different categories of Samoan baby names, ranging from simple to complex names. 

Check out the names below. 

  1. Aonani
  2. Hemi
  3. Samaria
  4. Sefina
  5. Aleki
  6. Afu
  7. Talia
  8. La’ei
  9. Enele
  10. Tane
  11. Lanuola
  12. Elei
  13. Loto
  14. Iakopo
  15. Masina
  16. Lalago
  17. Iosefa
  18. Tanielu
  19. Tausa’afia
  20. Asoese
  21. Amiri
  22. Tamati
  23. Rongomaiwhenua
  24. Arihi
  25. Keola
  26. Aputi
  27. Tama
  28. Tamah
  29. Makani
  30. Alofa
  31. Solosolo
  32. Lulu
  33. Fetu
  34. Laki
  35. Teuila
  36. Tausa’afia
  37. Puleleiite
  38. Sione
  39. Samoa
  40. Natia

100+ Powerful Samoan Names And Meanings: Choose The Perfect Name

When choosing a Samoan name, or any name for that matter, knowing the meaning can help with your choices. Most parents avoid names without meaning or vague meanings because names are influential. 

In most tribes and religions, people believe names are influential. They believe names can play a crucial role in shaping one’s destiny and, therefore, are careful with the name they give to their kids. 

One thing is sure. Your kids will eventually grow up and will react to the name you give to them. So choose a befitting name for your kids. Let it be names that make you feel happy and great when mentioned. If they don’t, please pick another name. 

Check out the Samoan names and their meanings below.

Samoan Female Names

  1. Hiroiti – (Girl name). Hiroiti is a cute name you can give to a baby, especially if she boasts a rebellious and mischievous side. This name means ‘little King Hiro.’ It’s a cute name for a baby, and yes, it does sound like a Samoan name. 
  1. Manahau – (Girl name). Here is another meaningful name for a baby boy. It means ‘wise spirit or spirit of wisdom.’ Give your baby a chance to grow into a wise one with this mighty name.
  1. Teuila – This feminine name refers to a gorgeous red flower. Plus, it’s the name for the country’s most important cultural festival.
  2. Samaria – Here is a Samoan name with a biblical meaning. It means ‘good Samaritan.’ Some consider it a ‘sacred’ name. 
  3. Nanamea  – Are you seeking a classic Samoan name? If yes, Manamea, meaning ‘sweetheart,’ will make a wise choice. In the popular song called “Pele Moana” by the famous Golden Ali, the singer termed his cherished Moana his “Manamea.”
  4. Rongomaiwhenua – This name means “earth mother.” It’s a bit long and could be challenging to spell, but have a powerful meaning. You can abbreviate it to “Rongo.” A powerful name with a strong meaning.
  5. Sefina – This name is common in the Samoa region, and people like it because of the rhythm. You can give this gorgeous name to your male child too.  
  6. Wiki – This name implies “Victorious,” and it’s a cool name with tremendous meaning. It has a prophetic meaning too. Your child will be victorious in all his endeavors in life.   
  7. Manaia – If you were seeking a powerful Samoan girl name, check out Manaia. This name means “Nice” in Samoa, and it has a chic and fashionable appeal. Manaia is also a breeze to pronounce and spell too. 
  1. Natia – This is another gorgeous girl’s name with a powerful meaning. Natia means “Hidden secret or treasure.” Of course, your child is a treasure, and she should be pampered. Start the pampering with a powerful name like “Natia.”
  1. Talia – Children are a bonus in marriages. They are supposed to be the icing on the cake in a happy marriage. “Talia” means “Bonus,” a Christian Samoan name. 
  2. Ala – This Samoan name has a definite prophetic meaning. It shows you have a strong fate in your child’s dominance in life. Ala sounds good and means “Excellence” or “high rating. I also like the fact that it is so easy to spell. No stress or confusion. Just three letter words.   
  1. Amataga – This Pacific Islander name is one of the cutest you will ever encounter. It has a powerful meaning too. It means “beginning.” And as you know, children are the beginning of every union. You can name your firstborn “Amataga.” 
  1. Mataalii – A beautiful name for a female child. It depicts the rich cultural heritage of the Samoa people. 
  1. Nuanua – This name means “rainbow.” As you know, rainbows have numerous colors and look gorgeous. So this name is a perfect match for a beautiful baby. 
  2. Arihi – Parents’ wish is to have a child that will make them proud in life. You can start by giving your child a name to keep her on track. Choose the name “Arihi,” meaning noble and kind. Your female child will grow into a noble child.  
  3. Atamai – This name means “Clever.”
  4. Fiafia  – This name implies “happy.” Fiafia is a powerful name that will bestow positive vibes to your child and ensure she stays happy regardless of the trials that come her way. An excellent name for your child.    
  5. Filemu – This name means peacefulness. 
  6. Fiva – This means “fever” in Samoa. 
  7. Kenese – Here is the Samoa form of the word “Genesis.”
  8. Luni – In Samoa, the name “Luni” means “June.” 
  1. Olaga – Olaga is another cute female name. It means “life.” 
  1. Penina  – Penina means “pearl.” It’s a sweet name for a female child. This name has a straightforward pronunciation and spelling too. So, if you’re seeking a Samoan name that sounds great and it’s simple to spell, consider “Penina.”
  1. Lupesina – Here is another mighty Samoan name you can give your female child. It means “Dove and silver.”
  1. Lupelele – Dove looks gorgeous and peaceful. They represent good tidings and everything good. The Samoan name “Lupelele” means “flying dove.” It’s a magnificent name for a female child too. 
  2. Lagi – Lagi means “heaven,” which is the destination of many beliefs or the goal many believers wish to reach when they leave this world. Lagi is also simple to pronounce and spell, making it a cute name. 
  3. Loimata – This name means “tears” in Samoa. Most people may not fancy this name because of the meaning, as no parent would like to share tears over their child. But if you find it as a great name, you can adopt it.  
  1. Elisapeta – This name means “Elizabeth” in the English language. It’s a biblical name meaning, “God is my oath.” So, if you don’t want to call your child Elizabeth, you can call her “Elizapeta.” Both mean the same thing, though the latter is Samoan.   
  2. Nuanua – If you have a beautiful baby, naming her “Nuanua” will make sense. This name means “rainbow,” and as you know, rainbow signifies beauty. You can name your baby “Nuanua” to show how gorgeous she was at birth. 
  3. Onosaʻi –The meaning of this Samoan name is “Patience.” We all need patience in life. 

Women that waited long to give birth to a child may treasure this name. It will remind them of their travails and blessings. There’s nothing sweeter than being a parent. You have a child to call your own and play with.  

  1. Sina – This name means “white” or “grey” haired. It is simple and sounds great. You can name your girl child “Sina” if you don’t have an issue with the meaning. However, consider other options if you’re seeking a name with a powerful meaning.  
  2. Akeakamai – A Samoa girl’s name means yearning for wisdom, lover of knowledge, or philosophy. Akeakamia is a cute name for a female child who will be your home’s brain box. You can shorten the name to “Ake” or “Kamai” if you feel “Akeakamia” is too long and complex. 
  3. Amoe – Here is another Samoan name for girls. It means “younger sister.” Amoa is a cute name for girls. It doesn’t mean something extraordinary, but it does sound good. Plus, it’s a simple name to pronounce and spell.
  4. Amista – This name means “Loyalty.” It’s a cute name for a girl child too. If the child acts according to this name, you, the parent, will be proud to call her your daughter. We are all praying for a loyal and cool-headed female child. No parent wants to have a child that is disloyal and disrespectful. 
  5. Anuhea – This female Samoan name means “cool fragrance.” Fragrance means a great smell, so this is a cool name for a female child.   
  6. Aukai – Aukai is a female name and means “sea traveler” or “surfer.” It’s a cool name too. If you like surfing, chances are your female child would take after this trait. So there is no better way to prepare your mind and prepare her than to name her “Aukai,” the Samoan name for “traveler.”
  7. Fuifui – Here is another female Samoan name or girl Samoa name. It means “greatly loved.” Your female child will be greatly loved wherever she finds herself. That’s why the Samoans chose this name. Unless you don’t believe in superstition, then I get it. However, “Fuifui” is a cute name to call a female child.  
  8. Haunui – This name means “peaceful reign,” and it’s a cute name for a female child. It’s also simple to pronounce and sounds so sweet. Your daughter will like it when she grows up.  

Samoan Male Names

  1. Alani – This name means “orange fruit.” What are the characteristics of an orange? It is sweet. Orange tastes great, and so will your male child. His life will be as sweet as the orange fruit. 
  2. Isa  – Isa means “rainbow.” It’s a cool name for a male child. You can name your female child “Isa,” too. The rainbow has different colors, which makes it unique. So naming your child “Isa” means he’ll be unique and as special as the rainbow.  
  3. Kaiea  – This Samoan name means “rising sea.” I like the name because of the meaning, though many may misinterpret the spelling. But if you think your child’s all-around development will be unlimited, “Kaiea” will make an OK name.    
  4. Kaikea – This name means “clear sea,” As you know, a clear sea means a sea without debris or obstruction. It’s a cool name for your male child, as you believe your child will go higher in life and won’t face any obstacles.  
  5. Kaikoa – Another cool Samoan name. Kaikoa means “sea warrior.” It’s a gorgeous name both in its spelling and meaning. Your child will conquer any obstacle thrown his way.    
  6. Kaleoikaikaokalani – Here is one of the longest Samoan names you’ll ever come across. It has a prophetic meaning too. What’s its purpose? It means “the mighty voice from heaven.” You can abbreviate this name to “Kale” or “Aleo,” whichever version you like.  
  7. Kamaehu – This name means various things, such as fixedness of purpose, strength, firmness, and energy. It is a cute name for a child with apparent prophetic meaning. Whenever your child experiences challenges when he’s grown, his name will remind him of the strength he possesses.  
  8. Kanalei – Children are like beautiful flowers. They are more precious and beautiful than a flower. Kanalei means “beautiful flower,” so your son’s life will be as beautiful as the gorgeous flowers. 
  9. Kehaulani – This name means “heavenly dewdrop”. It’s a prophetic name for your child and a positive one for religious families. Heavenly dew refers to dew from God. It’s dew we all pray to receive in our lives.  
  10. Kiaria – This name means “responsible and powerful.” It’s a powerful combination and a cute name that should fit your male child. Give a child a name that he will remember and pick himself up whenever life knocks him down. 
  11. Koamalu – The meaning of “Koamalu” is “Brave strength.” It’s an excellent name for a male child.  
  12. Kula – Kula means “gold.” The name also has a cool pronunciation, as you can see. This name shows how valuable your child is to you and is an adorable name that your child would cherish too.    

Popular Samoan Warrior Names You Should Know

  1. Losi
  2. Fisaga
  3. Afa
  4. Losi
  5. Ila
  6. Atonga
  7. Moso 
  8. Atu
  9. Pulotu
  10. Nafanua 
  11. Mafuiʻe
  12. Upolu
  13. Tui Fiti
  14. Tagaloa 
  15. Tagaloa 
  16. Tiʻitiʻi
  17. Tinilau 
  18. Taema
  19. Tinilua
  20. Savaly


Choosing Samoan names won’t be an issue for you anymore. With this list, you can make a quick choice for Samoa names. The Samoan people have gorgeous names, as you can see. Plus, they look adorable too. 

You can adopt a Samoan name for your child even if you’re not from the region. Just check the meaning of each name before choosing. Choose a name that sounds appealing and has a powerful meaning. 

This list comprises names of males and females. You will find gender-neutral names for your child too.  


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