10 Best Restaurants Where You Can Make The Most Tips

10 Best Restaurants Where You Can Make The Most Tips

Are you a campus student or looking for a second job? Applying for a job in the hotel industry in the U.S. might be a wise idea.

You might settle your bills with the bonuses you get from open-handed customers. The most memorable moment of working in U.S. restaurants is the incredible tips you get from customers.

Leaving tips for waiters, which serve as bonuses for outstanding service, is an ancient culture in the United States. This fascinates most individuals from other parts of the world.

Today, the minimum salary for an entry-level waiter position is $2.13 per hour, or $85.20 in a week, depending on your region.

Most of their income is based on tips. You might get tipped 15% of the pre-tax bill for average service, as well as 20% for remarkable service. Servers put in significant efforts and customer service to get useful bonuses from clients.

Various top restaurants in the U.S. offer their waiters the most effective tips. Take a look below.

1. Morton’s Steak House

You can generate a reasonable amount of money working as a server at Morton’s Steak House. The popular chain of the restaurant began its operations after its inception in Chicago in 1978.

Since then, Americans have been enjoying its unique and irresistible menus, especially their amazing steaks.

Morton’s Steak House has average pay rates ranging from $11.37 income per hour for the bartender to $43,845 annual income for the servers.

2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris is an upscale steakhouse with over 194 locations in the United States. Servers at the restaurant have salaries ranges from $3231 to $55170.

The US-based restaurant, formerly referred to as Chris Steak House, acquired its popular name, Ruth’s Chris, after a kitchen fire in 1976 destroyed it.

The owner, Ruth Fertel, had to relocate to sustain the business operation. So, she placed her name on it.

Ruth’s Chris offers the highest-quality beef. They receive supplies from beef joints that are nationally recognized in the country. The gratuities at Ruth’s Chris are not automated, unlike most regions.

3. The Palm

The Palm, an elegant dining Washington steakhouse, is a former family-owned restaurant with large celebrities’ visits. Most U.S. residents list it as one of the best restaurants to have your steak.

The Palm restaurant also serves other menus, including Italian dishes alongside rich mouth-watering sauces such as the clams sauce. Servers at the Palm receive income of $7 at an hourly rate.

4. In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a fast-paced restaurant in the United States. It hires ethical individuals who ensure the operations run smoothly.

The restaurant outshines its competitors by avoiding freezers and serving customers with smiley moods.

In-N-Out Burger, whose influential founder is Harry Synder, gained its name from the pop-in and pop-out food ordering operations. Servers at the popular restaurant acquire their tips from guests visiting the dining place.

5. TGI Friday

The TGI Friday zone initiates an amazing experience for anyone living in New York City and Texas zones. You would not want to miss it.

Founded by Ray Blanchette, TGI Friday is an enticing restaurant with an American and everyday experience that ultimately initiates an unforgettable experience. The restaurant has its headquarters in Texas in the USA.

TGI Friday place offers amazing casual meals in the presence of high-profile restaurant professionals who sum up the whole idea of enjoying and experiencing good times in restaurants.

6. Masa

The Masa restaurant is one of the best restaurants in New York City in the USA. “Masa gives you an experience.

In my opinion, you’re not just eating food. You are living it,” is a standard mantra line coming out from most of its customers. The Masa restaurant is a Japanese restaurant full of fantastic food and an exhilarating experience worth a lifetime experience.

Established in 2004 by Chef Masa Takayama, Masa restaurant is a Japanese that wholesomely delivers enticing Japanese food to the people of New York.

Find this exciting place on the fourth floor of the Time Warner building at 10 Columbus Circle at Manhattan in New York City. The business offers no menu services and just the chef-selected meals, which constitute $595 per person.

Chef Maya Takayama enjoys preparing the meals by himself. He competently and amazingly includes seasonal and exotic ingredients like truffles. Another instance of the consumed exotic products has fish that freshly come in from Japan.

The Masa restaurant’s interesting things include the fact that the restaurant has no existing menu. And that Chef Maya tends to accurately keep a record of the specific menu title and review remarks from his customers.

Maya restaurant is also one of the only two sushi restaurants in North America to have a hinoki wood sushi bar that is usually worth US$260,000.

7. Bazaar Meat

Bazaar Meat place describes a perfect ideal place for satisfying and unforgettable steak and some fine wine. The memorable steakhouse offers dinner, dessert, tasting menus, late-night and drinks meals.

It has these fantastic features like private dining, seating, parking, reservations, full bar, alcohol servings, etc. Founded by Jose Andres, the Bazaar place covers multiple geographical places like Las Vegas, the South Beach, and Beverly Hills.

The fantastic business offers an incredible experience to its customers that consistently enriches its customer retention rate.

8. Staplehouse

Based in Atlanta in Georgia, the Staplehouse is a casual American restaurant. It is a great fan of fresh ingredients. The place offers impressive meals like the grilled broccoli roasted with peanuts, ram, home-cured bacon, bechamel, etc.

Dinner comes in two ways: The option of dining the à la carte or the restaurant’s popular five-course tasting menu.

An amazing fact about Sundays is that the place gets to offer Sunday brunch between noon and 4 pm hour periods. The area does not operate on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Opened by Chef Ryan Smith, Ryan aims to artfully prepare exciting meals and initiate an unforgettable experience for his people.

9. Industry Kitchen

It is located in Manhattan in New York. The Industry Kitchen is a vibrant place for first dates and even more dates.

The area is a cozy, safer, and welcoming place with fantastic food and services. Their setup is wanting and heavenly enough to create lifetime memorable memories.

The site provides day and brunch meals, events, drinks menus, etc. Some of the popular dishes you would not want to miss their experience with include thanksgiving pizza, diablo, and the vanilla bean cheesecake.

The place also prepares modern American cuisine with seasonal market ingredients and the alternate typical meals that New York people generally love.

The industry kitchen is an indoor type of restaurant setting that caters to a more extensive range of people.

It is located just next to the Historic South Street Seaport. The Industry kitchen is a 5,000 square foot area zone. It has a great potential of accommodating almost 300 people both in outdoor and indoor seating.

It has unforgettable geographical views of the Brooklyn Skyline and the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges.

Industry Kitchen also broadly caters to events type of occasions. Event clients get to occupy either the whole dining room or just a right section of the outdoor deck. The management team is excellent and massively shares the same vision of enacting a unique and wonderful experience for everyone.

10. Serendipity

Serendipity restaurant is known for its fantastic food and exquisite dessert. It is located along 225 E 60th St. NYC in New York. It is an exciting place for artists and those seeking great inspiration.

Since its inception in the year 1954, Serendipity place targets to create a vibrant and bring their customers back to the same heaven spot. Some of the great desserts include the world-famous Frozen Hot Chocolate that has been captivating a larger group of dessert fans.

A number of the restaurant’s fantastic ice cream pints include the cookies and cream remix, the outrageous banana split, humble pie, strawberry fields sundae, forbidden Broadway sundae, etc.

The Serendipity restaurant operates to provide iconic services to keep their customers running back to the restaurant to gain unforgettable and craving taste.


Waiter tipping in restaurants is a common practice in the U.S. Under federal law, the average minimum amount for tipped waiters is at least $2.13 on an hourly basis.

Customers treat the outstanding waiters with significant generous bonuses. Most of the tipped waiters use the money to settle their bills. The standard tip is normally 15-25 percent of the total bill amount. For the well-performing waiters, they might get gratuity even more than 25 percent.

Above are some of the top restaurants in the U.S you might receive great tips as a server. Always remember the number of your tips depend on your region and the type of hotel.

Waiters in the most expensive restaurants in the country tend to get more tips from their giving customers. Upon visiting the United States’ best restaurants, leave tips as a symbol of appreciation to the hotel staff. Let the hardworking waiter keep the change.

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