Best P250 Under $20 — P250 | Mehndi

Best P250 Under $20

Sometimes, the cheapest pistols come in very handy in CS:GO, and P250 is one of those. With 13 bullets in a single magazine and 26 bullets in reserve, it costs around $300 and makes a perfect headshot for long-distance kills.

34 CS:GO skins are currently available for the P250 pistol in different colors, rarities, prices, designs, and styles. Some skins are known to be souvenirs, while some have StatTrak™ technology for tracking kills and the pistol. Among all the tremendous P250 skins, the P250 Mehndi deserves special mention for its mesmerizing design and pattern. Through this article, you will learn more about P250 skins.

Features of P250 | Mehndi


Compared to other skins, the P250 | Mehndi can be considered average in popularity. However, considering its design and features, P250 | Mehndi is unique. The skin is of Classified quality and is available in a StatTrak™ option.


Dark brown and bright orange paint is used for the pistol’s body, along with a beige pattern. Traditional Indian patterns and styles influence this skin’s design.


The skin’s float value is restricted between 0.00 to 1.00, which makes it readily available on the market. The Factory New version of the skin has small marks on the body.

Where to Buy and Sell P250 Skins

Two options for buying and selling P250 skins are the official Steam marketplace or third-party marketplaces.

The first option is Steam. The prices on Steam are significantly higher than on third-party markets. In addition, a 15% transaction fee will be charged.

Third-party marketplaces have a wide range of P250 CS:GO skins for you, including P250 | Mehndi. It is the best option for quick buying and selling of CS:GO skins. The prices of the skins are considerably lower here than on Steam. But security becomes a serious issue in third-party transactions. However, some third-party platforms ensure that customers enjoy safe transactions of P250 skins. DMarket has obtained all the necessary registrations and licenses and has evolved as one of the most trustworthy third-party marketplaces for buying and selling any CS:GO skins.

P250 | Mehndi Price According to Wear

  • Minimal Wear — $11.87
  • Field-Tested — $10.28
  • Battle-Scarred — $8.05
  • Factory New — $17.22
  • Well-Worn — $7.97
  • StatTrak™ (Well-Worn) — $19.29
  • StatTrak™ Battle-Scarred) — $18.49

P250 Skins and Steam

P250 skins are widely popular among gamers and readily available on the Steam marketplace and third-party marketplaces. And even more P250 skin types are expected to be added in the future.


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