Are Vans Considered Tennis Shoes? Here Is What You Can Do With Vans  

Are Vans Considered Tennis Shoes

Good quality tennis shoes are usually made sturdier, and they boast other features that make them a perfect fit for the sport. So, not all shoes are ideal for tennis. 

Vans shoes are specifically for skateboarding. Many skaters have heaped praises on these shoes for their vulcanized rubber construction, as they offer superior support and grip while on the board. 

So vans are a must-have for skaters, but many believe they’ll make perfect tennis shoes. However, if you’re thinking of buying Vans to serve as your tennis shoes, don’t make that move until you have read this post. 

Now, let’s dive in. 

Are vans considered tennis shoes?

Yes, but before concluding, hear us out. Vans may be called “tennis shoes” in the corporate environment. But that doesn’t mean they’re a wise choice to play tennis professionally. 

We don’t recommend using these shoes to play tennis professionally. You may consider using them when playing tennis recreationally, though getting a tennis shoe would be a better idea.   

You have to understand that Vans shoes are ideal for skateboarding. Most people also fancy wearing them to the office. 

What Qualities Should Good Tennis Shoes Have?

If you understand the qualities or features a tennis shoe is expected to have, you’ll see why Vans aren’t a wise choice for tennis. 

So what are the features expected of a good tennis shoe? Below are the things to consider. 

Tennis shoes must be flexible and comfortable:

While playing tennis, players may move around the court in different directions. That’s how intense the sport can be. When playing tennis, you may have to sprint, bend, stretch, and move your body in various directions. 

Now, how comfortable you’ll feel when playing tennis is a function of the shoe you’re wearing. If you decide to use Vans, which are quite stiff, you may end up having blisters on your feet. 

Vans’ flat-heel design pattern makes them less suitable for tennis playing. In addition, you’ll feel uncomfortable in Vans when playing tennis. 

So, in a nutshell, what you require for tennis is a flexible and breathable shoe. With flexibility, you won’t have blisters even after running around the court. In addition, breathable shoes will ensure your feet stay dry throughout games. 

Good tennis shoes must be sturdy: 

It is important to splash the cash on a good-quality tennis shoe if you’re serious about playing the sport professionally. 

Wearing a poor-quality shoe can discourage you from making those quick runs and turns that gives you an edge in games. Why? Your tennis shoe may rip itself apart when pushed to the limit.

So, choose a good-quality tennis shoe that can withstand the game’s physical demands. A quality or sturdy tennis shoe will also protect your feet from getting exposed and injured while in action.

Tennis shoes should offer great ankle support: 

Ankle injuries are serious injuries. Besides the constant pain, ankle injuries may take longer time to heal compared to other injuries.

Your feet and ankle do a lot of movements when playing tennis. So you require shoes designed to offer great ankle support and stability. 

Tennis shoes come in diverse styles. You’ll find low, mid, and high-top shoes on the market. But, again, it’s a matter of preference. For instance, some players may prefer mid-top shoes, while others may prefer low-top shoes. 

Tennis shoes should have great traction: 

Traction is a crucial feature to consider when deciding on the tennis shoe to acquire. Remember that tennis requires quick movements.

Players have to think quickly and make lightning-fast turns in different directions. So a good shoe should ensure every turn you make is smooth and easy. You shouldn’t lose your balance when you turn swiftly or run. 

Now, let’s be honest. Vans shoes have great traction. They may be designed for skateboarding but have one of the best grips of all the shoes in their category. 

So, if you find tennis players wearing Vans, don’t be surprised. Vans shoes have great traction, needed for the game. However, Vans are stiff. Thus, you may feel uncomfortable when playing tennis in this shoe. 

Can You Use Vans Shoes For Tennis?

Yes, you can. You can use Vans if you’re playing tennis recreationally. But, if you’re playing professionally, Vans shoes may not be a wise choice for you. 

Vans may have great traction, but they lack other features that tennis shoes have. 

Are Vans Considered Good Running Shoes?

You may have seen that the market is awash with quality running shoes from big brands. But did you know Vans also makes impressive running shoes? Yes, they do. 

Most people only consider visiting Vans when seeking quality skateboarding shoes. But it would interest you to know that the brand boasts a wide range of shoes that serves other purposes. 

Below are some of Vans’ top-rated running shoes and the features that set them apart. 

1. Vans Mesh Iso 1.5:

At a glance, you may fall in love with this kick. It boasts an athletic fit and remarkable heel support. 

The Mesh Iso 1.5 shoes boast UltraCush Lite outsole, making them lightweight and comfortable on your feet. 

This Vans shoe’s mesh textile upper enhances its breathability. In addition, it will keep your feet dry, so you can cover more distance without feeling uncomfortable down your feet. 

2. Vans UltraRange:

Vans consider the UltraRange a surfing shoe, but this kick has what it takes to compete with top running shoes on the market.

So, what features make the UltraRange a perfect running shoe? Firstly, you’ll notice how seamless its sock-fit bootie construction is. This shoe also features fully breathable mesh. 

With the UltraCush Lite Midsole, your feet will enjoy the comfort and cushioning you crave. 

3. Vans Runner:

You may have heard about the OG Runner produced by Vans. Well, the company also produces another brand of shoe called the Runner. 

Understand that there’s no massive difference between the Runner and OG Runner. You just have to choose based on personal preference. 

So, is the Vans Runner good for running? Many users have expressed mixed feelings about the Runner’s suitability for running. Many users have claimed it is too stiff for running and, therefore, don’t recommend it. 

But then, even if the Runner isn’t a good fit for running like most users are claiming, no one can deny that it’s a great fit for people whose jobs require standing for extended periods. 

Closing Thought

So, are Vans considered tennis shoes? Well, as said earlier, Vans are not tennis shoes. People in the corporate world may call them tennis shoes, but that doesn’t mean you can use them to play tennis professionally.

Vans boast great traction, making those quick turns and movements when playing tennis doable. But keep in mind that what Vans provides in traction, it take away in comfort and other features. 

So if you plan to play tennis professionally, buy yourself a good quality tennis shoe. But, first, you have to consider the qualities of tennis shoes discussed here and ensure the option you finally settle for ticks all the boxes.   


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