A Starter Guide To Popular Challenge Coin Designs

A Starter Guide To Popular Challenge Coin Designs

The challenge coin has been around since the early years, and its uses began much earlier than that during Roman times. It has seen steady growth in the past two decades since new coins were designed.

The purpose of a military challenge coin is pretty easy to define. They’re used to signify rank, inside jokes, and fellowship among a group. Plus, they look sharp in a nice display case.

Chances are that you’ve heard of challenge coin designs but are still wondering if it’s for you. We’ll take a look at why you might want one for yourself or your unit below.

Enamel-Filled Coins

Enamel-Filled coins are coins that have been “filled” with a combination of metal and enamel to create an ornamental and decorative piece. These coins are most often used for commemorative coins and other types of special occasion coins. They feature bright, lush colors and details that can often bring out the character of a person or a special event.

These types of challenge coins usually cost more than standard coins, but the beauty of the design makes them worth the price. 

These coins are often used to highlight a specific emblem or logo, such as the emblem of a military unit or the insignia of a police department. Police challenge coins linked here frequently feature enamel-filled designs that symbolize unity, honor, and respect within the law enforcement community.

Dual-Plated Coins

Dual-Plated Coins are coins that are made up of two separate metals bonded together. The two metals are usually copper and nickel. It’s an efficient form of production and a cost-effective way to manufacture coins without compromising quality or durability.

This method allows the coins to have a higher level of detail due to the combination of two distinct metals. These coins are also resistant to wear and corrosion due to the dual layers of metal. This makes them better options than coins made of a single metal for long-term storage.

3D Sculpted Coins

3D Sculpted coins are unique coins that feature three-dimensional designs and custom details. The custom details of 3D sculpted coins can range from character designs to wildlife, buildings, and logos. These challenge coins are crafted using a multistep process, beginning with a highly detailed digital 3D rendering.

This 3D rendering is converted into a 3D sculpture, which is then molded and struck onto the face of the coins. This process allows for intricate designs to be imprinted onto the coins with stunning precision.

Cut-Out Coins

Each coin has a unique cut-out design which gives it a unique look and feel. They are often struck on silver, brass, or bronze and feature colorized and etching techniques to give them extra flair. Cut Out Challenge Coins are popular among collectors due to their intricate details and unique designs.

The coins also have a special meaning to the people or groups that they represent. They make excellent gifts to recognize someone’s achievements or loyalty. These coins can also serve as their work motivation.

Learn More About Challenge Coin Designs

Popular challenge coin designs are a great way to show appreciation and support. From military designs to special occasion pieces, challenge coins are a meaningful way to show gratitude and honor. Use this starter guide to explore the many design possibilities and start creating a meaningful, custom challenge coin today.

No matter the design, challenge coins convey an undeniable sense of camaraderie and pride. Reach out to an expert challenge coin manufacturer to bring your design to life!

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