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Living in the city brings its own set of odor challenges – particularly in the summer. Who amongst us hasn’t gotten that lovely whiff of a urine-trash combo while trying to enjoy the outside world these last summer days? And unfortunately, in Greenwood Heights, we do that far more times than other neighborhoods in the
Sanitation Brown Bin video De Blasios video still

Our neighborhood has been able to recycle food scraps and yard waste at the curbside for a little while now, which means locals are probably getting the hang of it. But just in case, one family decided to take some time out of their busy schedules to show everyone how it’s done in the video above.
Sanitation Clothing Donation Bin on 13th St near 7th Ave

It seems our area is a prime one for these for-profit clothing bins to be illegally placed on sidewalks. Another one was recently dropped on 13th Street off 7th Avenue, and was tagged by the Department of Sanitation for removal on July 14 — once tagged, the company has 30 days to remove it, a
Sanitation Brad Lander Organics Recycling

The expanded organic waste recycling pilot program starts in our area on Monday, May 19, on your regular garbage days. You’ll now be able to leave organic materials such as food waste, food-soiled paper, and yard waste at the curb, and the Department of Sanitation will collect them twice a week. New York City Department of Sanitation
Events old electronics

As you’re doing some spring cleaning, gather up those old electronics for a Lower East Side Ecology Center recycling event coming up on Saturday, May 10 from 10am-4pm at Holy Name of Jesus Church, 245 Prospect Park West, between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue. Here’s what they’ll accept: • Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes)
Green organics recycling

In just over a month, you’ll be able to put your separated banana peels and coffee grounds curbside to be kept out of landfills and turned into compost instead. The expanded organics collection pilot program will begin picking up in sections of South and Park Slope beginning the week of May 19. According to the map, people living south
Sanitation here here map

311 complaints rarely seem very funny when we’re making them (or dealing with the frustration that comes when they’re not efficiently responded to), but there’s something about maps with pictures or sound that just makes stuff like garbage, rats, and potholes a little more entertaining. Now online to inform residents (and maybe make some light of) the most common complaints
Sanitation clothing donation bin

These clothing donation bins remind us of rats. Once you’ve got them, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. The above Pepto-colored bin appeared over the weekend on 14th Street and 4th Avenue, in the exact same spot as one that caught fire in July of 2013. The New York City Department of Sanitation
Photos Frozen Trashsicle

The melting snow and ice are revealing all sorts of delightful treasures on the sidewalk. Snap any neighborhood photos lately? Share them with us! Add them to our Flickr group, tag them #southslope on Instagram, or email them to us at, and we’ll post them on the blog. Looking for a way to keep up with the site all week? Sign
Sanitation sidewalk trash

Now that the ice on our sidewalks is pretty much all melted, some big concerns that remain are litter and piles of dog waste. Readers on our sister site, Ditmas Park Corner, brought up the doo issue even in a discussion about ice removal, and neighbor Jo suggested petitioning for more trash cans might be one way
Politics snow sidewalk 4th ave 12th street

A proposed amendment to existing laws about sidewalk snow and ice removal could mean heftier penalties for those who don’t shovel, but clear walks for pedestrians. Councilmember David Greenfield is proposing that the city use municipal workers to clear a sidewalk they would normally ticket (fines currently start at $100 if a sidewalk isn’t cleared within four
Sanitation restaurant rat map

A few weeks back, we took a look at a map of the most rat-infested spots in the neighborhood. Now, journalist Steven Melendez has created a map specifically for restaurants–that is, restaurants cited for “evidence of mice or live mice” or “evidence of rats or live rats” by the Department of Health. The worst offending neighborhood was Queens Village (zip code
Sanitation snow covered car

If there is a bright side to 2014′s winter that time forgot, it’s the fact that we haven’t had to move our cars for alternate side parking in eons. That trend will continue this week, as alternate side parking is once again suspended through Saturday, February 22 to facilitate snow removal. More snow arrived Tuesday
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